Chapter 28 Rainstorm

In the office, Xuan Laogua looked at the three, and then looked at the little turtle crawling leisurely on the table, and said, "I know, all did a very good job, especially Xuan Zhen would like to praise.

It was great to solve this case without a fight.

Of course, Xuan Shui and Xuan Nv also performed very well. They also get praised. It is a big credit for you to bring all the 321 missing persons back safely. Let me think carefully about what rewards should be given to you. "

"Boss, let's not talk about rewards. Now you should worry about how to solve the problem of this ancient monster. Once it falls asleep, its spiritual power will spread involuntarily and form spiritual butterflies.

With its spiritual power coverage, half of Jisong City may be shrouded by then. Xuan Zhen cannot always chat with him, he also needs work and rest! "Xuan Nv Road.


Su Yu heard Xuan Nv's words and gave her a surprised look. Is this woman concerned about him? This was an illusion, it must be an illusion. Su Yu pouted his lips.

"Rest assured, this problem is very easy to solve, as long as Island Turtle wear a piece of equipment to prevent the spreading of spiritual power, the production process is also very simple." Xuan Laogua answered.

"Island Turtle? Do you mean this ancient monster?" Su Yu asked.

Island Turtle: "Meow Meow Meow!"

Xuan Laogua nodded: "Well, it is an Island Turtle, a kind of ancient monster. It is also a very rare species in ancient monsters. It is also a very mild monster. I did not expect that this case was caused by an ancient monster.

By the way, Xuan Zhen, when it 's okay, you will be responsible for chatting with the Island Turtle. Because of its scarcity, the Island Turtle is a kind of monster that likes chatting very often. Since you bring it back, you are responsible for it! "

Island Turtle: "Meow Meow Meow!"

Su Yu: "???"

Well, did I find another task by myself?

So, from now on, Su Yu's desk was filled with a small fish tank. A strange-looking turtle lived in the fish tank, "Meow Meow Meow!" from time to time.


"It's so boring, it looks like it's going to rain, Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian ... what are we going to eat today at noon? Eating in the cafeteria, or order takeaway? Does anyone want to order takeaway? I'm placing an order now so that the food delivery brother's cloth won't be wetted by heavy rain! "Xuan Mu looked at the time and said.

Xuan Nv: "Canteen!"

Xuan Dian: "I order takeaway. Our chef seems to be in a bad mood these two days!"

Xuan Nv: "Then I also order takeaway."

Xuan Shui: "I don't care, but count me for a takeaway!"

"Xuan Zhen, would you order a takeaway?" Xuan Mu shouted, and Su Yu, who was reading a story for Island Turtle, was shocked. Yes, Su Yu was reading a story for Island Turtle, or a novel.

Listening to online novels is now the biggest hobby of Island Turtle. Fortunately, Su Yu also liked to read novels.

"I want to, I don't matter what kind of food as long as the quantity enough." Su Yu replied, and then continued to read novels for Island Turtle.

"Understand!" Xuan Mu answered, then began to order, and knew what Su Yu meant. He still had a lot of exercise in the afternoon, and he had to take good nutrition.

When there is no case, the Monsters Detective Bureau can be said to be relatively quiet and boring. This was the moment. After they ordered the takeaway, the office area is quiet again, except for Su Yu's low reading.

Huh ~ There was a strong wind outside, and the clouds were densely covered. Soon, heavy raindrops fall down and heavy rain comes.

The lights turned on to drive away from the darkness, Xuan Mu muttered, "Fuck, it's too time for the rain? The delivery brother may take a long time to arrive, I hope he doesn't fall!"

Xuan Mu came to the window and looked out through the window, only to see the heavy rain falling like a waterfall. The rain was just a while behind, and the road was already flooded.

Suddenly a flash of lightning flashed across it, as if the sword of light breaking through the darkness, shining the whole sky like snow.

"I am coming!" Xuan Mu answered a phone call, and through the window, he saw a few brothers delivering food came downstairs. Rumbling, a huge thunder sounded, and the buildings were shaking.

Xuan Mu didn't care much, trotting along all the way to get takeaway.

"Meow Meow!" when hearing the thunder sound, the Island Turtle called out a little, looked at the place where the lightning fell, and gave a curious glance, then continued to listen to the novel.

The time passed quickly, and the time for meals and noon breaks passed quickly, but the heavy rain was still falling. Although the city's drainage system has been perfected, the water still accumulated to the calf depth on the road in the face of such heavy rain.

However, everyone didn't care about it, they did what they should do after eating. As for Su Yu, he put aside the work of reading novels and came to the training room to start a new exercise, running with a weight of 300 kg, frog jumping, push-ups, etc..

Su Yu was constantly training to strengthen his physical body. Su Yu didn't want to die of a physical explosion someday, so without the urge of Xuan Nv, Su Yu has done it very seriously. After all, this was a matter of life, Su Yu had to be serious.

Su Yu exercised for nearly two hours. When Su Yu stopped exercising and was ready to rest, the rainstorm outside also stopped instantly, and the weather began to clear.

But at this moment, Xuan Dian's voice sounded in the speaker: "Xuan Nv, Xuanzhen, coming to the meeting room, we have a new case!"

When heard those words, Su Yu was speechless. It seems that every time he exercised, a new case would happen, but he has been idle for several days. When he heard of a new case, Su Yu not only did not feel the pain but felt happy.

At the moment when such emotions appeared, Su Yu was shocked, sweating, and felt that there was something wrong with him, how could such emotions appear?

Have I adapted and enjoyed this challenging life?

Su Yu was a little frightened, shook his head vigorously, and reconfirmed the idea of ​​leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Xuan Nv's voice sounded: "Xuan Zhen, what are you thinking? Hurry up, go to the conference room with me!"

"Okay, leader!" Su Yu turned back, cleaned his sweat at will, and went to the conference room.

Soon, the two came to the meeting room, and Su Yu suddenly found out that there were many people in the meeting room, and there were many unseen faces.

The two sat in their seats, and after a while, the meeting officially started.

Xuan Laogua said: "Just now during the heavy rain, a new weird case occurred. Now I will send several comrades to the scene to deal with this case.

This case is initially evaluated. The danger level is yellow level one, and the danger level is ★★ , a very dangerous case ... "