Chapter 279 Lead Away

Bonfires crackled and rows of bonfires were blazing at the entrance to the village.

The flames leaped, flashing their faces from bright to dark, and the faces of frogmen such as Machete were more ferocious under the flames.

In the middle of the village, Machete was sitting in a big chair with his hands on his chin and looked at the crowd of human beings with their faces exposed to fear. He couldn't help feeling extremely happy. What he liked most was the expression of human fear.

Machete did not know whether Suyu would come or not. He was simply waiting.

There is not much difference between Su Yu's coming and not coming.

The difference lies in killing one more person when he comes and killing one person when he does not come.

However, Machete guesses that Suyu is likely to come.

Su Yu's hateful eyes impressed him deeply. They seemed to say they would not give up their hatred of him.

Machete yawned and waved to a frogman beside him. "What time is it now?"

"general, it's already twelve o'clock in the evening!"

"hmm? Is it already so late? Let's go, let's do it and kill all the people below. It seems that the two human mice will not come! " Machete muddy don't care dumped them.

However, when the arrested Shilin citizens heard Machete's words, they turned pale one by one. Some of them cried out in horror and collapsed.

For them these days, it is like living in hell. countless toad monsters have appeared in their country and started killing them.

They hide in hiding and live a fearful life all day, but now they are caught again!

At last, they reached the limit and some collapsed.

Also, some people started to break the pot and fall, since they were already dying, they simply scolded them before they died.

Some people jumped and shouted, "Demons, monsters, you are monsters. You will not die a natural death. We are just going to take one step first. Some people will kill you monsters and avenge us."

"Noisy!" Hearing this, Machete's face sank.

"Death!" There is frogman thundered a shot, an attack toward the Shouting human boom.

Seeing that the attack was about to hit the man, a cold light surprises, smashing the attack and piercing it into the forehead of the frogman, knocking the frogman's head out of a hole directly.

With a splash, the frogman fell to the ground with a splash of dust.

"ah!" Some of the hostages could not help exclaiming at the sight.

Frog people see this is also can't help outcry nu scold.

"Damn, who dare to kill us, frogman, come out!"

"Get out or I'll kill all these people!"

Frogman is huffing, looked into the darkness, there is a figure coming towards the fire.

"hmm? you are really here! " Machete looked at the gradually coming figure and whispered, her mouth slightly lifted.

The bearer was Su Yu, who was surrounded by frogs as soon as he reached the light.

However, Su Yu did not even look at the frogmen. His goal was to have only one, Machete.

Su Yu's eyes crossed the space and fell on Machete. "Toad, I'm coming. Can people let go?"

Hearing this, Machete frowned slightly and sat up straight in his chair. "Human beings, when did General Ben say he would let them go?"

Su Yu snorted, "Sure enough, you can't believe what monster said, let it be, then I'll kill you and take people away. How dare Toad fight?"

Machete was stunned when he heard this, then burst out laughing, tears streaming down his face and said, "human, are you here to tell a joke to me? If so, your joke is still very successful. "

Speaking of which, Machete paused for a moment, his face suddenly turned ferocious and said, "Kill me? Do you have that ability?

Humans, have you forgotten what I almost killed you during the day?

If someone had not saved you, you would have become a lump of rotten meat now! "

Su Yu was not angered either. His mouth turned up and said, "Toad, you said it was daytime. Don't you know that human beings have a saying that people should look at each other for three days?

Although it is only a few hours, it is enough for me to have enough strength to kill you. "

"oh?" Machete's eyes narrowed slightly, and his tall body rose from his chair like a mountain rising slowly, bringing strong oppression: "is it? Human beings!

Haha, let it be, then let me have a look at your hours after a few hours, what powerful strength!

Don't make me feel boring! "

"give it a try!" Su Yu, with a hint of sneer at his mouth, looked around and said, "This is not spacious enough. How about not going to World War I?"

"General, beware of fraud!" As soon as Su Yu said this, frogmen said, "let's kill all these people."

"No harm!" Machete raised his hand and said, "I wish this human being could surprise me!"

At this point, Machete stepped towards Su Yu and said, "Human beings, I will fight wherever you want."

Su Yu smiled and smiled, "If you are brave enough, come with me!"

Say, Su Yu's body flashing toward the distance quickly.

With a loud explosion, the ground beneath Machete's feet was shattered. Machete's body shells generally rushed out and chased Su Yu.

At the same time, Machete's voice sounded in the same place and resounded through everyone's ears: "Go ahead, kill all these people!"

"Yes, General!" The frogs who stayed behind immediately responded loudly and looked at the human eyes with hatred.

"Dirty, damn it!" Su Yu naturally also heard Machete's words and immediately shouted angrily.

"Ha, ha, ha, human beings, do you think I don't know your tricks, don't you just want to save those humans? Want to lead me away, let a person have the opportunity to save the hostages? Is that the one who saved you? ?” Machete laughed.

"Bastard!" Su Yu heard that his face turned gloomy. Machete was smarter and more cunning than expected, and he still saw his intention.

However, since Machete followed, the plan was equivalent to success, although Machete took the bait voluntarily.

What Su Yu can do now is to take Machete as far as possible and then fight it, giving Hummingbird more time to save lives.

After hearing Machete's order, the frog people did not hesitate to shoot the hostages and attacked them one by one, trying to kill them all.

However, Hummingbird, which had long been hidden aside, also shot at this moment. All over the sky, poisonous needles were shot at the frogs and fought with all the frogs.