Chapter 278 Suffering

"Stop! Are you going alone? As for me, don't forget that Machete is talking about us! " Hummingbird shouted coldly behind Su Yu, "and who do you think I am? From ruin! "

Su Yu heard the words and even motioned with his hand. "Elder, you misunderstood me. I definitely didn't mean that.

I just feel that I am enough to go alone. The person Machete most wants to find should be me, not the elder. It is better to go alone than to go with the two of us! "

Hummingbird snorted, "Is that enough? That's just what you think. "

Speaking of which, Hummingbird sighed and said: "Forget it, it's no use arguing about this now. Xuan Zhen, I ask you, what can you do now? Are you Machete's opponent?

Do you think Machete will release those people when you go?

No, because of Machete's hatred for human beings and his style of behavior, he will not let people go.

If You do there, you will just a sacrifice for nothing! "

"Well, I know, but what can I do? Aren't you going?

Haha, of course, I can not go, but my conscience can't!

Therefore, elder, I will go anyway.

Of course, I will try my best to live, because I don't want to die yet! "Su Yu said.

Hummingbird appeared in front of Su Yu and said, "since we want to go, we'll go together, but we're not going to die. we need to discuss how to rescue the hostages and how we can get out of here."

Su Yu's eyes lit up when he heard this and said, "Do you have any idea, Senior Hummingbird?"

Hummingbird nodded and shook his head, saying: "Yes, we are. The weakest link is that we are not strong enough. Therefore, the simplest and most effective way to save people and get rid of them is to improve our strength."

"Er ..." Su Yu gave a wry smile when he heard this: "Elder, how can it be so simple to enhance strength? At least not for a short time! "

"no!" Hummingbird interrupted Su Yu and said, "I have a solution, but it is very dangerous. Do you dare to try?"

"I dare! Elder, what do you want to do? " Su Yu immediately shouted when he heard this and his eyes were bright.

"You don't even ask what you want to do, you promise?" Hummingbird looked at Su Yu with some surprise.

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders and said, "Aren't we left with no other choice?"

"Haha!" Hummingbird smiled and smiled, "Yes, you are right. We have no choice. You are more thorough than I am!"

"Elder, what can I do for you?" Su Yu asked, without continuing the conversation, his eyes gleamed with hatred and saw the opportunity for revenge.

Aware of the light in Su Yu's eyes, Hummingbird sighed secretly in his heart, knowing that the greatest possibility to support Su Yu in this way is hatred, but he did not say anything. It is better to have strong support than not.

Hummingbird restrained his mind and said, "You don't need to do anything, just take off your coat and endure the pain. Leave the rest to me!"

Su Yu nodded, then took off his coat to reveal his bandaged upper body.

Hummingbird frowned slightly, then stretched out a finger to draw, a flash of cold light flashed, bandage instantly fell off Su Yu, revealing his recovered body.

Hummingbird nodded and said: "the recovery is very good. I can use my method. Xuan Zhen, it may be very painful for a while. you must refrain from a coma and use extraordinary force. once you use extraordinary force halfway through, my method will fail!"

Su Yu took a deep breath and said, "Come on, elder, I'll hold back!"

"Well, then let's start!" Hummingbird's voice solemnly said that his body appeared in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu saw Hummingbird stretch out a finger, and a needle-like object slowly appeared at the front end of the finger.

Hummingbird said: "Although my code name is Hummingbird, my ability is related to poison bee, my method is to use poison to stimulate your body potential so that you can burst into ten or dozens of times the strength in a short period of time.

Next, I will inject nine poisonous needles into nine important acupoints in your body to stimulate your potential.

the needle piercing in your skin every time will be very painful ... "

"Elder, don't say, you say more, I dare not!" Su Yu smiled wryly and interrupted Hummingbird.

Hummingbird said with a smile: "I'm just making more psychological preparation, I'm coming!"

"Come on!" Su Yu shouted, his eyes became firm.

"Nice eye light !" Hummingbird said, the words sound just fell and Hummingbird fired like lightning. A poisonous needle Bang pierced Su Yu's body.

"Ah ~ ~ ~" Su Yu immediately a scream, all the veins stood out suddenly collapse.

Pain, too painful, although already prepared psychologically, but at this moment, Su Yu was almost knocked down by the pain.

If the pain is divided into 12 levels, then the pain caused by this needle to Su Yu is 13 levels, which exceeds the pain that ordinary people can bear. at this moment, Su Yu really wishes to pass out immediately.

"Hold on!" Hummingbird's voice sounded in Su Yu's ear, making Su Yu's somewhat chaotic consciousness wake up a lot immediately.

Then, the bee turned into an afterimage and revolved around Su Yu. poisonous needles penetrated Su Yu's body from different directions.

"Ah......” Su Yu bellow unceasingly, in the end, already can't send out any sound.

Su Yu was sweating all over and her skin was reddish, just like she had just come out of a high-temperature food steamer.

It took Su Yu a while to make his voice hoarse. "Elder, why don't you continue, isn't there another shot?"

Hummingbird looked at Su Yu at the moment, with a gleam of admiration in his eyes and said: "There is indeed another shot, but this last shot needs you to do it yourself. If the last shot goes down, your potential will be stimulated immediately.

This shot needs to be taken in person during the match with Machete. "

Hearing this, Su Yu couldn't help shaking his face. it was too cruel. it was the rhythm of his own dying hands!

Hummingbird put a poisonous needle in Su Yu's hand and said, "remember, Su Yu, the state of potential stimulation is not infinite, only three minutes, after three minutes, you will be weak and even an ordinary child can kill you!

That is to say, regardless of these three minutes, whether you can defeat Machete or not, you should retreat quickly in the state of stimulating potential for three minutes, preferably two minutes of fighting and one minute of retreat.

You are facing the enemy, and I will rescue the hostages and deal with the remaining frogmen, understand? "

"I see!" Su Yu took a deep breath and shook hands tightly with the poisoned needle.