Chapter 277 Hostages

Hearing this, Su Yu nodded his head. Hummingbird was right. Judging from the hatred towards human beings shown by frogs like Machete, the existence of frogs like Machete is a powerful threat to human beings.

To kill these frogmen is undoubtedly the best choice.

Now, these frogmen can capture the Stone Forest and bring disaster to the people of the Stone Forest.

Tomorrow may bring disaster to other Terrans of Earthstar.

Of course, this is from the perspective of race's sense of honor. It is extremely dangerous to human beings for a race full of hatred to let its existence and development continue.

However, regardless of race, from Su Yu's personal point of view, Su Yu does not want to see the existence of these frogmen like Machete.

Su Yu doesn't want so much truth now. He thinks simply that he wants to avenge Zhang Pengchao and the dead.

Su Yu said: "Elder Hummingbird, do you know the origin of these frogmen?"

"I don't know, before the Stone Forest accident, I never knew that there was such a powerful frog monster. Although there were some frogs before, the number was very small. Such a large group of frogmen had never appeared before.

This group of frogmen appeared out of thin air, and its origin is very mysterious.

I have not had any information about this for a long time. "Hummingbird said.

Su Yu hesitated for a moment when he heard this and said, "Then will they come out of some dimensional world? Is it like a place of bones or a world of spirit? "

"It should not be, if these frogmen came out of the dimensional world, there must be clues in this respect, but there is no!" Hummingbird shook his head.

Su Yu's brow wrinkled deeply, and he was extremely curious about how these frogmen Machete appeared.

Hummingbird glanced at Su Yu and asked, "Xuan Zhen, what are you going to do next?"

Crac ~ Su Yu's hands clasped Crac and creaked, looking gloomy. "Kill Machete, I'll kill Machete anyway."

"Uh ..." Hummingbird smell speech was silent for a moment, feeling Su Yu this idea is a bit unrealistic, the power gap is too big.

Su Yu said with a wry smile, Su Yu did not know the gap between himself and Machete?

However, not killing Machete is not enough to appease Su Yu's hatred!

"Xuan Zhen, you have a good rest first. I will not stop you or advise you if you want revenge. However, if you want revenge from Machete, you should take care of the injury first. I will go out and investigate, see what happens to the frogs, and then look for traces of Xuan Nv!" Hummingbird said, then got up and walked towards the outside of the house.

"All right, senior Hummingbird, you also pay attention to safety!" Su Yu replied.

"Mmm!" Hummingbird nodded his head, and as soon as he was short, he went out and disappeared into Su Yu's view.

Su Yu lay down again and began to check his condition.

Su Yu wanted revenge but was not in a hurry to do so.

At least Su Yu will not be foolish enough to seek revenge from Machete until he recovers fully.

Now to find Machete is not revenge, but to die, Su Yu want to understand.

So Su Yu waited for his body to recover while thinking about how to kill Machete.

The strength gap between the two sides is a little big, direct and direct, and they will not be Machete's rivals at all.

Therefore, it is necessary to think of an effective way to bridge the huge power gap.


The time passed several hours before you knew it. Su Yu came back to his mind when hunger came back from his stomach.

"Why hasn't Hummingbird come back yet?" Su Yu looked at the empty room and frowned, raising a little worry.

Su Yu was just about to get up when Bang knocked down the door. Hummingbird looked a little flustered and said, "Xuan Zhen, come with me. it's already exposed here. frogs are coming."

Su Yu was shocked, but there was nonsense. He got up and followed Hummingbird out of this simple wooden house.

Outside, Su Yu found that the sky was completely dark, and the time had reached more than 9 o'clock in the evening unconsciously.

"This way!" Hummingbird whispered, hurrying in one direction, Su Yu quickly followed.

However, it was not long before the two of them left here. A group of frogmen came here, went into the house and searched for them, and chased them away.

I don't know how far they have run, but Hummingbird indicated that they could stop only after they had crossed many walls.

Hummingbird sat on the ground and gasped slightly. "These hateful frogmen are really determined to find us this time!"

"What's going on, Senior Hummingbird, why did you come back so late?" Su Yu looked and asked.

"Maybe our previous actions annoyed Machete. Now the frogmen in this area are desperately searching for our trail. They have wasted some time to come back late in order not to be found." Hummingbird said.

Su Yu nodded and said: "Has the elder found any trace of my boss and Xuan Nv?"

"no!" Hummingbird shook his head and looked at Su Yu and said nothing.

"hmm?" Su Yu noticed the difference on Hummingbird's face and said, "Do you have anything to say, Senior Hummingbird?"

Hummingbird hesitated a moment and said, "There is a bad thing. Do you want to hear it?"

Su Yu frowned and said, "You just say it."

Hummingbird took a deep breath and said, "Well, Machete has deployed all his forces to find you and me, and has been aggressively searching for our tracks in his jurisdiction.

Of course, he is not only looking for traces of us but also looking for traces of all human beings in this area. "

Hearing this, Su Yu gave a sudden shock and said, "senior, how are those people now?"

Su Yu had a bad feeling.

Hummingbird shook his head and said: "A small number of people were killed, and most of them were captured and sent to Machete. Machete let out his words. If we don't show up, he will kill people until we show up."

"Damn!" Su Yu was furious when he heard this.

"Calm down, Xuan Zhen. Anger cannot solve any problem."

Hummingbird said: "You should understand that this is the trap that leads us out. Xuan Zhen, what is your choice?"

"This still uses choice? Although I am afraid of death, I am not afraid to let innocent people die for me. What if it is a trap?

Haha, originally I was still hesitating, but now I have no choice. I will go and meet Machete. If I can't kill each other, I will bite a piece of meat on Machete. "Su Yu grind cold track.

"Senior Hummingbird, Machete is still in the former village!" Su Yu looked in the direction of the village.

"Mmm!" Hummingbird nods.

"Very well, then I will go first!" Su Yu said that the move was towards the previous village.