Chapter 276 Frogman's Purpose

At this moment, the voice of the guru rang out. Hummingbird took out a lot of fruits from his arms and said, "Xuan Zhen, come and eat some fruits to supplement your nutrition. you have shed a lot of blood, and you need to supplement it well.

Haha, Xuan Zhen, let's make do with it first.

Now all I can find is fruit. I can't get anything else to eat.

I dare not light a fire at all, and the frogmen will follow the smoke to find it. I am very tired.

Xuan Zhen, you should deal with it first! "

"Okay, thank you!" Su Yu nodded and ate the fruit without being polite.

The juice Su Yu ate immediately spilled everywhere.

Su Yu is really hungry.

Although eating fruit is not as fast as eating cooked food to supplement physical strength, Su Yu still feels much better after eating some fruit, with food in his belly and a lot of steadiness in his heart.

After nearly eating, Su Yu said: "Elder Hummingbird, since you are fine, why don't you go out from the Stone Forest and send the information back?"

Before seeing Hummingbird, Su Yu thought that Hummingbird had broken off contact with the detective agency because Hummingbird was caught or dead because these reasons prevented him from contacting the detective agency.

But looking at the current state of Hummingbird, Hummingbird may not even be injured.

So, Su Yu was somewhat puzzled. Although communication was cut off, there is always some way to leave the Stone Forest if you want to leave for such a long time.

Hearing this, Hummingbird said with a wry smile: "I want to go out too, but it's easier to come in than to go out. Xu Yan, you should feel it too, right?

Now a huge Fergus is shrouded in it, or, Fergus is this huge maze.

The labyrinth created by this extraordinary ability not only cut off communication but also made me lost here. Now I can't even tell the direction!

I want to leave here for many days, but let alone leave, it is very difficult to leave this area, walking sometimes will return to the same place. "

Hearing this, Su Yu frowned. "can't we find any way out of this maze?"

"I have tried all the methods that can be used, but they are useless!" Hummingbird shook his head in a bitter way.

Then Hummingbird turned pale and said, "By the way, how many people Boss sent here this time?"

"It's just me and Xuan Nv, and the two of us are separated!" Su Yu said, looking equally bitter.

"what? Only the two of you! ?” Su Yu having not finished speaking, Hummingbird said with an incredible tone: "This is too bad, only you two are not enough! Damn, we must find a way to get out and let the Boss send more people, otherwise, the rest of the Stone Forest will be in danger! "

"Damn, damn, how to do? What should I do to get out? " Hummingbird walked back and forth on the ground, his mouth kept muttering, anxious look on his face gradually became rich, the whole people at this moment is sending out a smell of anxiety.

Su Yu frowned and drank coldly. "Hummingbird, calm down!"

Hearing Su Yu's cheers, Hummingbird's body was shaken violently, and then he vomited out a long, foul breath and said, "Thank you, Xuan Zhen. I almost lost my mind!"

"Don't mention it, I thank you for it. I came to save you, but I didn't expect you to save me!" Su Yu wry smile way.

"Then neither of us owes anyone, but then again, how did you fight with General Machete? According to your style of action, after sensing Machete's strength, shouldn't you work with Machete? Choosing to retreat is the first choice!?” Hummingbird asked.

Su Yu wry smiles to get up, Hummingbird has known something about him.

To tell the truth, Su Yu's first choice was definitely not to fight Machete when he met Machete in other situations and felt Machete's strength. it was also true at the beginning.

However, because of Zhang Pengchao, Su Yu is willing to fight for Zhang Pengchao once and for all.

Su Yu cannot forget how Machete shows to him on how to kill Zhang Pengchao.

Su Yu could not forget the picture of Zhang Pengchao exploding in Machete's hands.

In retrospect, Su Yu felt suffocated, and his hatred for Machete deepened.

Su Yu simply told the story. Hummingbird patted Su Yu on the shoulder and said he understood that if his good friend was killed, the killer was still in front of him. As long as he was not a wimp, he would choose the same choice as Su Yu.

"Don't say this!" Su Yu vomited out a long, foul breath and said, "Senior Hummingbird, can you tell me what the Stone Forest is like now? Is that Machete the culprit of the Stone Forest incident? "

"No!" Hummingbird shook his head and said with a heavy look: "Machete is only one of the ten generals of the frog race. the real culprit is the king of the frog race."

"Wang?" Su Yu frowned.

"Well, the king of frogs, a few days ago the king of frogs led ten generals and other frogmen suddenly came to the Stone Forest, killing the old king, supporting the new king to reign, and then controlling the whole Stone Forest.

The present king of the Stone Forest is just a puppet pushed by the frog king on the surface. now the whole stone forest is under the control of the frog people! "Hummingbird nods.

"monster controls a country? What is the purpose of these frogmen? " Su Yu frowned.

"Say it out and you may not believe it. Frog people want to use the Stone Forest as a base to vigorously develop the Frog people and then declare war on human beings. The ultimate goal of the Frog people is to destroy human beings." Hummingbird shrugged.

Su Yu was silent for a while when he heard this, then he said, "Senior Hummingbird, are you kidding? War on mankind? What do they take to declare war on mankind? Are these frogmen crazy? "

"You see my appearance is kidding? This is the kind of information I learned. The ultimate goal of the frog king to seize the Stone Forest is to declare war on mankind. This is something the frogs all know.

Indeed, it sounds as if some people are crazy as if frogmen are crazy. No, these frogmen are just a group of crazy people, a group of monsters who hate human beings very much.

Xuan Zhen, don't underestimate the frogman.

Although the overall strength of the frog race is very weak for human beings, it is still possible to bring about certain disasters.

And frog king is not a fool, did not immediately declare war with the Terran, but silently accumulate strength!

The frog king is waiting, waiting for the right time, to declare war on mankind.

That's why the frog king built this huge maze so that people could only enter and not leave!

Frog king and these crazy frogmen must be removed, or else a monstrous disaster will be caused sooner or later. "