Chapter 275 Hummingbird

Su Yu did not speak, but his eyes were full of anger.

Looking at Su Yu's eyes like this, Machete sneered, "Yes, that's the look, full of pain and weakness.

Clearly his companion was killed in front of him, but he was helpless.

Experience pain, weakness, and anger.

The pain and anger you feel now are only one over ten thousand of what we frogmen have experienced! "

At this point, Machete stepped on it and Su Yu set up his arms to block it.

"Wow ~" Su Yu blocked it, but still, spit out one mouthful blood. Machete's strength is too strong, his arms are broken, and the terrible pain makes Su Yu sweat.

"I killed one of your companions and you are so angry?

Haha, that you humans killed hundreds of millions of our compatriots and how to calculate?

How angry should we be?

You hateful human beings not only kill our companions but also make them into various dishes. Human beings, don't you think you are cruel?

Haha, mankind, what you have imposed on our kin, we will retaliate one by one against you human beings. "

Machete kicked Su Yu off again.

Su Yu, who was kicked off, felt that as Machete's words continued to tell, the murder on Machete's body became more and more bitter.

However, Su Yu can only feel it.

At the moment, Su Yu's mind is confused. What Machete said, Su Yu didn't listen to everything. All he knew was that Machete hated human beings very much.

Bang, Su Yu hit the wall hard, bounced back and landed on the ground, making it difficult to stand up.

In a short period of time, Su Yu's injury has made Su Yu unable to stand up.

"Die human beings, there will be more human beings going to hell after you, you human beings should go to hell!" Machete cold track, a punch according to Su Yu's head to hit, ready to give Su Yu the last blow.

"Damn!" Su Yu felt the death blow on his face, dark scolded again in his heart and then knew nothing when his eyes were black.

In the face of Machete's deadly blow, Su Yu wanted to avoid it but was unable to dodge it. before Machete's series of heavy blows and the reason for his extraordinary power to go out of control, Su Yu's spirit and body have reached a limit.

Su Yu finally fell into a coma at the moment when the terrorist fist was pressed on him.

Seeing Su Yu in a coma at the last moment, Machete immediately frowned and was somewhat upset. He preferred to kill each other when people were awake, because only then could people realize the fear of death.

Of course, Machete did not like it, but his fist did not stop.

The other frogmen saw this scene, they couldn't help breathing a sluggish, eyes are flashed a happy, human death in front of them, will let have a kind of revenge for pleasure!

However, just as they were about to cheer, the difference became steep.

Soo ~

A cold light came unexpectedly and stabbed Machete in the temple.

Machete sensed the crisis, and his smashed fist changed direction and hit the cold light.

When a crunchy, Machete is the cold light hit the fly, the cold light rotating fly out, duo, the cold light is stabbed on the trunk of a big tree.

Looking intently, the cold light was suddenly a steel needle.

Machete thundered, "Who? Get out of here! "

Other frogmen are also furious. How dare anyone sneak attack at this time?

All the frogmen were thundering, but in response, they were all over the sky with steel needles. At that time, all the frogmen panicked and stopped the steel needles that had been shot.

It took a while for the rain of steel needles to stop. However, what made the frogmen such as Machete even angrier happened and Su Yu disappeared.

At the moment, Machete and other frogmen understood what was going on. The steel needle was just baited for a diversion. The purpose of the sneak attack was to save Su Yu.

Machete was extremely angry and smiled, "Very good, very good, actually playing this game in front of me, I must let you damned human beings die a natural death.

Find, give Ben will find those hateful human beings!

I want to make this will be under the jurisdiction of the place can no longer see a human! "

"It's the general!" The frogmen responded in unison, then turned into afterimage with anger and spread out in all directions.


I don't know how long it took, Su Yu woke up and felt pain all over his body like tearing. He couldn't help grunting. However, Su Yu was overjoyed when he felt the pain, because feeling the pain meant he was still alive.

But what puzzled Su Yu was how he survived. Su Yu remembered Machete's fatal blow to him before he fell into a coma.

I looked around and couldn't see the situation outside. I could only roughly tell if this was a deserted building.

"Am I saved?" Su Yu glanced at the gauze wrapped around him and said to himself, knowing that he was saved because he was able to survive.

However, Su Yu did not understand who could save himself under the circumstances at that time.

"You woke up, Xuan Zhen, and your physical condition was indeed very good. You regained consciousness in such a short period of time. You are indeed the fastest-growing newcomer in the detective agency!" At this moment, the dilapidated door opened and a figure came in, looking at Su Yu who had regained consciousness was just a smile.

"Who are you? Did you save me? What is this place? How do you know my code name? " Su Yu asked.

"Haha, so many questions? There are a lot of questions, which means you are thinking clearly now. Well, it seems that you are recovering better than I expected. Guess who I am? " Figure laughs.

Su Yu's eyebrows slightly puckered and his mind turned to electricity. Soon he said, "Are you the elder Hummingbird?"

"Bingo, right, but the elder two words dare not bear, you call me Hummingbird.

Xuan Zhen, did Boss ask you to come to me? "Hummingbird made a ring to know.

Su Yu nodded gently and then raised his eyebrows. "But what happened to your face?"

While in the detective agency, Elder Xuan showed Su Yu a picture of Hummingbird, not the person in front of him.

"You said this face!" Hummingbird touched his cheek and said, "this face is fake. since you are sent by Boss, you will know what kind of work I am doing. being able to change my appearance is naturally our necessary skill!

Otherwise, it is not too easy to expose! "Hummingbird said.

Su Yu nodded when he heard this. He did not have many good skills. It was very difficult to be an intelligence officer. Camouflage was a skill that intelligence officers must master.

Su Yu sighed with emotion about the difficulty of being an intelligence officer.