Chapter 274 Outbreak

Su Yu decided to retreat after judging the huge gap between us and the enemy, and his body slowly retreated.

However, the next moment Su Yu stopped and fixed his eyes on Machete. Anger filled his chest again and shouted, "Put him down!"

I don't know when Zhang Pengchao appeared in machete's hand and was casually grabbed my machete's big hand.

"Haha!" Machete smiled gently: "human, are you angry? Is this human being your friend? "

"Put him down!" Su Yu repeated this sentence, his body trembling with anger.

Zhang Pengchao should not be left alone. Su Yu was very upset at this moment.

"haha! Put it down? " Machete suddenly laughed, "human, do you know who took off this man's head?

That's right, even our army is still impressed by this human being. He is the only one who dares to contradict our general.

Human, do you know how Ben would have taken his head off?

This general just gave a slight twist and his head was unscrewed by me! "

"Shut up!" Su Yu exploded with a drink. The figure appeared in front of Machete with a flash and a blow to Machete's chest.


Although he knows that the most correct choice is to stay away from Machete, Su Yu really can't do it at this moment.

Kill, kill ... Suyu growled angrily in his heart, threatening to kill Machete.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Machete watched Su Yu kill him, not surprised but delighted. His laughter was deafening and he said, "Good coming, mankind, let me have a good play!"

As he said, Machete stepped forward on the sole of his foot and clapped his hand fiercely forward.

Bang's loud noise resounded, terrorist forces exploded between Su Yu and Machete, and the earth under their feet suddenly broke apart.

At the same time, terrorist shock waves swept across all directions.

Machete's body just shook slightly and returned to normal without any movement at his feet.

However, Su Yu was rather flustered. At that moment, his body flew backward like a shell and hit in ruins before stopping.

At this moment, the gap between Su Yu and Machete was immediately highlighted.

Bang ~ Su Yu stood up from the ruins and wiped a handful of blood on the corners of his mouth. even if his heart was angry, he could not help feeling a little shocked. Machete, the frogman general, was really too strong.

However, Su Yu did not intend to stop there. Even if it did not cause any harm to Machete, he would still take Zhang Pengchao back.

Shoop ~ Su Yu turned into a flash of blue lightning and rushed to Machete.

Machete, on the other hand, was slightly disappointed: "human beings, is that all you have? If this is the case, it may be unrealistic for you to want your friend back!

Do I need to give you more stimulation? "

"Bastard, what are you doing?" Hearing this, Su Yu angrily scolded, already aware of what Machete wanted to do!

The next moment, Su Yu's slightly healed canthus collapsed again, bleeding.

Su Yu saw that Machete grabbed Zhang Pengchao's palm with a strong force, and Zhang Pengchao burst open and turned into a glittering piece of flesh and blood.

"No ~" Su Yu roared, and two extraordinary powers erupted at this moment.

Boom ~ blue light rises from Su Yu!

At this moment, Su Yu's two extraordinary powers suddenly and violently broke out again.

A series of cracks split on Su Yu's skin, and blood mist continued to gush from Su Yu's wound.

Su Yu's momentum keeps rising.

At the sight of this, Machete laughed and said, "Well, well, that's what it should be. Revenge must be crazy. Come on, fight human beings. I'll send you to reunite with that human!"

"I want you dead!" The hissing roar came from Su Yu's throat, and his body appeared in front of Machete with a flash. In an instant, he blew out hundreds of punches and enveloped Machete.

"That's right!" See this Machete drink, eyes flashed a trace of excitement, fists are constantly blown out.

Boom ... A series of explosions exploded between the two men, the earth at the foot of the two men continued to crack and sag, the hole at the foot of the two men is more and more big, after a few breaths, a giant hole with a diameter of kilometers has appeared at the foot of the two men.

The shock wave of terror spread everywhere, even those frogmen at the Earth level had to retreat for a while at this moment.

These frogmen were shocked and did not expect Su Yu to be so strong, but they were not worried at all that Machete would lose.

These frogmen have full confidence in Machete, even if Su Yu's outbreak at this moment gives them a powerful force that they feel shocking.

But these frogmen all know that Su Yu's fighting power is still far from that of Machete.

These frogmen know very well how powerful Machete is.


Sure enough, the next moment, accompanied by a loud roar, a figure was flying backward.

These frogmen saw Su Yu blown out by Machete with one blow!

"General Mighty!" The frogmen cheered loudly, and at this time they could do nothing but cheer.

In the battle of Machete, they knew that they and others were not qualified to participate!

"Wow ~" Suyu couldn't help spitting out a big mouthful of blood and staring at Machete. Thinking about how to defeat Machete!

"Damn!" After thinking for a while and finding that there was no way out, Su Yu could not help but dark scold in his heart.

At the same time also felt powerless, Machete's strength is too strong.

Su Yu felt that Machete still had reservations and did not use all his strength.

With a careless wipe of blood on his mouth, Su Yu stood up and was about to fight again when a huge shadow appeared in front of him.

Machete rushed to Su Yu first.

Bang ~ a muffled sound sounded, Su Yu felt that he had come to his head and had had unusually close contact with the earth.

Machete grabbed Su Yu's head and smashed it hard on the ground, just like Su Yu treated the frog before.

In an instant, Su Yu felt his head buzzing and countless Venus was circling around him, almost losing consciousness!

"Human, you just hurt my subordinates? I'll give it back to you now.

Your presence here means that the people I sent to kill you have already been killed by you.

Very good, very good, you have deepened my hatred of human beings!

I will let you die in pain! "Machete said, lifting Su Yu from the pit.

Then, with a loud bang, Machete slammed Su Yu to the ground again and said, "human, are you feeling very angry and painful?"