Chapter 273 General

The sharp murderous look rushed at the heavens and the earth, causing the temperature of the earth and the earth to drop a lot. At the moment, Su Yu was filled with hatred.

Only one thought is to kill, kill all these frogmen!

Su Yu's voice came from hell. It was extremely cold: "How do you want to die?"

Hearing Su Yu's cold cheers, the frogs walking towards Su Yu were all stunned and then burst out laughing. Although Su Yu broke out in a powerful force, they were awe-inspiring.

However, they did not feel the degree of fear because their strength was not lost to Su Yu and the general was still there.

These frogmans are confident that, as long as the general is here, Su Yu, a human being, can hardly cope with and lift much spray.

"Human, are you talking to us?" A strong frogman twisted his neck and his muscles swelled up. He looked down at Su Yu and said.

Suddenly, the frogman shot, and a huge slap fell down toward Su Yu's cover, setting off a strong wind that blew Su Yu's hair back.

Bang ~

A muffled sound rang out, and the frogmen's palm was covered by Su Yu, but Su Yu's raised palms collided.

"what?" At the sight of this frogman, he could not help but be surprised. He felt that his palm was built on a mountain and could not be shaken at all.

"Ah ~" Before the frogman could think about it, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in the palm of his hand, and the crack of his bones sounded. He couldn't help crying out in pain. The bones of his palm were pinched off by Su Yu.

"I ask you, how do you want to die?" Su Yu's voice sounded cold again, and this time the deterrent force directly increased several levels.

At this moment, the frogmen all realized that this human being is more terrible than they thought.


"Kill him!"

Frogs shouted and shouted, and the tacit understanding came together to attack Su Yu. Several different attacks were launched at the same time towards Su Yu. The powerful force had not yet exploded, and the ground beneath Su Yu's feet had begun to crumble and sag.

Su Yu did not move a mountain, but moved like a thunderbolt. At this moment, he also made moves.

With a Bang, Big Bang Boxing in in the air, and the air appeared ripples.

Om ~ the surging force of shock, the sound of Crac crack crack glass continues to ring, with Su Yu fist as the center of the series of cracks spread in all directions, filled between heaven and earth.

With a crack, the air broke like a mirror.

Rumble ... Roar resounded through between heaven and earth, huge cracks appeared on the earth, huge earth rocks crumbled blaster to high altitude, within a few kilometers are violent shocks, like a magnitude 8 earthquake.

At this moment, all the houses and buildings within the scope of the shock collapsed, making a series of rumblings. At the same time, smoke billowed from the earth, which could be seen clearly from a distance.

While the air broke and the earth cracked, the frogman's attack on Su Yu also broke and spread into a terrifying force, forming secondary damage.

At the same time, the frogmen were also blown out, their skin cracked and their internal organs bled by Su Yu's Big Bang Boxing.

Of course, such injuries are only minor injuries to these powerful frogmen.

Su Yu naturally knows this too, so after Big Bang Boxing shot the frogman out, Su Yu's shadow shook and came to the front of the frogman who first attacked him.

The palm of your hand directly buckled on the frogman's big face plate and pressed down fiercely.

Dong, the frogman's head was severely hit on the ground, suddenly shot the ground is a big pit.

"Go to hell!" Su Yu's voice had no emotion. One hand was pressed against the frogman's head, and the other hand was thrown at the frogman with the sound of wind and thunder.

If this blow hits the frogmen, they will surely die, and those frogmen who were blown off will be torn apart at the sight of this scene. It is too late to rescue them.

However, the expression on the faces of these frogmen changed the next moment. Looking behind Su Yu, the anger on his face was replaced by surprise.

Su Yu did not see the quick change of the frogman's expression, and his fist still fell!


However, the next moment Su Yu fiercely Zheng, falling fist was firmly caught by a powerful hand, only let out a loud sound between collisions.

"Human beings, it is you in my site nonsense? Also want to kill my subordinates? " A voice sounded in Su Yu's ear.

Su Yu fiercely turned around and looked, and saw a more magnificent frogmen who did not know when to appear behind him, easily blocking his attack.

Not good, dangerous!

In a flash, Su Yu's hair stood on end. In this newly emerged frogman, Su Yu felt a strong and incomparable threat, a death threat.

"General!" The frogmen then respectfully fanatical said.

Su Yu's pupil shrank sharply. This guy is the general in Francis' mouth?

It's really strong, Su Yu felt. Although the level has not yet reached the king level, it is already infinitely close.

Boom ~ The force on Su Yu's fist exploded, pushing the palm of Machete's hand open. Suyu took this opportunity to flash away from Machete.

"Interesting power, shaking power?" Machete shook hands and felt the slight numbness in his palm and laughed.

Su Yu saw this as a sharp contraction of the pupil. Just now, the force that burst open enough to kill the extraordinary life in the 10th rank in Earth level but he did not bring any harm to the general! ?

Strong, very strong!

From this, Su Yu knew that this frogmen general was formidable and probably stronger than expected.

Su Yu's idea at this moment is to stay away from this frogmen general, who is not what he can deal with now, and even the extreme explosion is hard to shake.

Su Yu made a very clear judgment at this moment.

As for revenge is naturally want to, want to kill all these frogman's heart has not changed.

However, Su Yu has not been carried away by hatred. At the moment, Su Yu is furious and even more rational than usual.

At the moment, he clearly felt the gap between himself and the frogmen general. Su Yu wanted to do is to stay away from the frogmen.

"hmm? Do you want to escape? Are you aware of our gap? Ha ha! " Machete's perception is really acute. Although there is not much change in Su Yu's expression, Machete found Su Yu's subtle expression, thus judging what Su Yu thinks in his heart and sending three consecutive questions to Su Yu with a smile!

Su Yu didn't speak, but the movement at his feet had already explained everything---Suyu was retreating.