Chapter 272 How Do You Want To Die

On the other side, Su Yu naturally did not know that Haiting, who had already died, was alive again because he was afraid of death and gave up his best chance to kill him.

At the moment, Su Yu just wants to find a safe place to have a good rest. The previously suppressed fire of the sun has a tendency to erupt again. Su Yu wants to find a quiet place to completely eliminate this evil.

If it is not eliminated, it will be too dangerous to go all out to fight the enemy in case of any crisis.

After a long time, Su Yu finally found a hidden cave in a small mountain forest to hide in.

It took Su Yu more than two hours to force all the sun's fire out of the body. When pushing all the sun's fire out of the body, Su Yu consumed the last trace of physical strength and extraordinary strength and fell into a coma after his mood relaxed.

The night passed quickly, and Su Yu only woke up from his lethargy when the morning sun shone on Su Yu's eyes through a crack in the cave.

The moment Su Yu woke up, he was suddenly startled. He took one look at the surrounding environment and then slowly breathed a sigh of relief. He recalled what happened yesterday and smiled bitterly. He knew that he had consumed too much yesterday and finally he couldn't carry on and passed out.

After a wry smile for a while, Su Yu went out of the cave and continued to perform the task. Although he had some regrets about agreeing to Elder Xuan's request, he had to do it. Su Yu had many shortcomings, but once he made the promise, he would definitely finish it.

Gollum ~

Su Yu's stomach rang unwillingly. It has been 24 hours since yesterday morning and there has been no food supplement. After a fierce battle, Su Yu is a little hungry.

"Need to find something to eat, otherwise the battle will be affected!" Su Yu rubbed his stomach and then looked around for something to eat.

To tell the truth, the Stone Forest is located in a tropical place, so there are still many animals and plants, and wild fruits are not difficult to find here.

However, except for common fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges, Su Yu, a fruit of other kinds, is unknown.

However, in the Stone Forest, most of the fruits Su Yu has never seen are fruits, so Su Yu also dare not eat blindly. It is better to be hungry than poisoned.

So the best way is to find somebody else and beg for a bite to eat.

Thought of here, Su Yu almost shed tears, this time out, mixed up is really too miserable, clothes have no say, even have no food to eat.

But how can it be done? as it is!


"Pass, pass!"

"Here, pass it, I'm here!"

Su Yu walked in the maze for nearly two hours and finally heard voices. Hungry and exhausted, Su Yu's eyes lit up immediately and ran towards the direction of the voice.

Around a huge wall, Su Yu finally saw a small village-like building complex.

Su Yu went there without thinking.

However, as soon as he got near there, Su Yu's forward movement stopped.

Because, the figure in the village is not human, but frogmen, large and small, there are at least a hundred or so.

Adult frogmen squatted or sat watching the excitement, watching the small frogmen kicking a ball in the field. It was a black ball with black hair, moving rapidly at the feet of the small frogmen.

Looking at this scene, Su Yu could not help but swallow saliva, quietly retreating, dark scold unceasingly in my heart, this is breaking into the frogman nest, among those big frogmen, Su Yu felt a few shares is not weaker than Sanji frogman strong breath.

Su Yu has no confidence to fight. His first thought is to retreat and stay away from here.

At that moment, an accident happened. A small frogman kicked the ball away from Su Yu, and it just fell into Su Yu's arms.

With the movement of spherical objects, the eyes of the frogs in the village all moved to Su Yu.

Suddenly, the frogs in the whole village fried the pot, and the frogs croaked, and the little frogs leaped and hid behind the big frogs at an extremely fast speed.

However, the big frogs were might who immediately burst into terror one by one, looking at Su Yu and shouting, "human beings?"

Might come in waves of terror. Su Yu couldn't help shaking his mouth and pulled out an ugly smile. "do you believe I said I didn't mean to come here?"

Frogs looked at each other when they heard this, and then their eyes gleamed with a dangerous light. More powerful frogs came towards Su Yu.

Su Yu swallowed and said: "Well, I'll give you the ball and I'll go ..."

Su Yu held the spherical object in both hands and handed it forward, but as soon as it was handed to the general Su Yu, he stopped and could not say anything.

Because at this moment Su Yu finally saw what this spherical object was.

Not a ball, but ahead.

At this moment, Su Yu was struck by lightning. Su Yu saw clearly the face of the man's head. Fire exploded in his chest, making it difficult for Su Yu to breathe. His throat gave off a low roar unlike that of a human being. The corner of his eye also burst open at this moment. Tears and blood flowed down Su Yu's cheek at this moment.

"Ah ... ah ..." Su Yu's body was shaking and holding the head. He wanted to open his mouth and talk, but he could not come out. He felt something was blocking his throat now.

Because the master of this skull is none other than his classmates, friends and friends, Zhang Pengchao, who was drinking and driving together a few days ago.

Su Yu never thought that his meeting with Zhang Pengchao would be the last time under such circumstances.

The monstrous hatred rose from Su Yu's body, his eyes were red as blood. Su Yu never hated anyone, even monster Su Yu never hated anyone.

But at this moment, Su Yu was filled with hatred for the frogmen in front of him.


Kill all the frogmen in sight!

This is Su Yu's idea at this moment.

Su Yu wept silently and looked at Zhang Pengchao and said, "Brother, I'm sorry I'm late. would you like to rest first? You see, brother, I will avenge you! "

Shoop ~ Su Yu's figure flashed and retreated from a distance. Zhang Pengchao was carefully lowered. then the figure flashed again in front of the frogmen.


A terrible might broke out from Su Yu, and blue electric arc and halo burst out on Su Yu.

Su Yu's unreserved dual capabilities exploded at this moment.


The roar resounded, the powerful force centered on Su Yu erupted, and the earth trembled at this moment.

Pieces of earth and rock rose up in the air under the action of powerful forces, surrounding Su Yu!

Su Yu's voice was as cold as hell from Jiuyou, saying, "How do you want to die?"