Chapter 271 Resurrection

The golden fireball fell, and with a roar, there was a big explosion. The harsh light bloomed on the ground. The ground looked like an extra golden scorching sun.

After a long time, the harsh light slowly dispersed.

I saw a big pit with a diameter of more than 300 meters, flowing with rolling lava, appeared on the ground.

"This time is dead! ?” Sanji stood on the edge of the big pit gasping, he could not sense the breath of Su Yu, but Sanji was not much joy.

Because, although Su Yu has been killed, their side has sacrificed two important companions.

Such a result, when they set out here to solve Su Yu and Xuan Nv, the two invaders, was how all did not think of.

Although their frogmen are cold-blooded creatures, they are hardly happy to face such results.

Sanji sat on the edge of the big pit and stood up after slowing down, ready to go back to the general for his life.

But at this time, Sanji suddenly felt the movement coming from his feet. Before Sanji could respond, a big hand broke the ground and grabbed his ankle.

"Who?" Sanji heart a surprised, thundered, extraordinary force broke out to shake open the palm grabbed his ankle, but the palm is like pliers not only did not loosen but hold more tightly!

"Want to go? Hit me and I want to run, is that possible? " Su Yu's voice came from the ground. crack cracked the ground. Su Yu emerged from the ground half a body, risking rolling hot fog. His clothes had disappeared and he could see many burn marks on his body.

"Human beings? It's you, how can you not be dead yet! ?” When he saw Su Yu's face, Sanji couldn't help being horrified.

"Well, almost, almost I was killed by you!" Su Yu cold track, in the heart, can't help wanting to die.

If it wasn't for the chance to smash through the ground and hide into the ground, Sanji's previous move might have killed Su Yu.

However, Rao is Su Yu's quick reaction and timely hiding, but he still suffered serious injuries.

After Sanji was shocked, he soon calmed down and said, "I didn't kill you just now, so I'll kill you now!"

Said Sanji is lifting his feet to Su Yu's head!

Bang gave a muffled sound. Su Yu leaned out his other hand and grabbed Sanji's foot. "it looks like you have no power to kill me!" he said.

Su Yu felt Sanji's weakness on the blow.

At the same time, the ground cracked and naked Su Yu came out of the ground. This time, the Stone Forest did not wear Combat suits. The ordinary clothes were completely turned into fly ash at the moment of the attack just now.

Su Yu lifted Sanji up, then fell to the ground with a loud crash, and a deep pit appeared on the ground.

"Damn!" Sanji wanted to fight back with a loud roar, but the previous move consumed all his extraordinary strength and physical strength. He had no power to compete with Su Yu and could only be slaughtered by Su Yu!

Su Yu showed no mercy and no hesitation. After that, he went to kill Sanji directly.

After killing Sanji, Su Yu couldn't hold on any longer. Wow, that was a big gulp of blood burning with golden flames.

In fact, Su Yu was injured many times more than he looked.

Thud let out a cry and Su Yu slumped on the ground, gasping for breath. His breath seemed to be a burning flame.

"if the only Boss were here!" Su Yu twisted with pain and said, if Xu 'an NV can at least cool him down, Su Yu is really suffering from the burning flames at the moment.

For a long time, it was almost evening before Su Yu got up from the ground and completely suppressed the sun's fire in his body.

After that, Su Yu stripped Haiting of his coat and put it on. He did not stay here for a long time. He left here to look for traces of Zhang Pengchao, Hummingbird and Xuan Nv.


Shortly after Su Yu left, Haiting, who had already been pierced but had no sound, suddenly moved, then slowly got up, and her eyes without light were slowly filled with light.

Haiting, covering his chest with some pain, scolded: "Damn it, Francis is so cruel that he can even lay his hands on his companions. Fortunately, Lao Zi's body structure is different from other frogs, or else he will really die!"

Haiting's swearing voice suddenly stopped because he saw the chaos of the battlefield and could not help but say, "OMG, what happened after I faked my death? How did this happen here? "

Then Haiting's pupil shrank sharply. Haiting saw Sanji's body, got up and walked over to Sanji's body. He looked at it and said, "This is a blow that must be killed. Did that human do it? Where's Francis? Where's that bastard, Francis? "

Haiting searched everywhere. After a long time, he finally found Francis, who had turned into coke, in the hardened pit.

"All dead? Are all killed by that human? " Haiting looked around and found no sign of Su Yu. He knew that the strangulation of the invaders was a complete defeat for one of them. Apart from the fact that he had escaped death, Francis and Sanji were both killed by Su Yu!

While Haiting secretly called for luck, he was also angry with Su Yu. Without saying anything else, Su Yu's killing Sanji was enough to make him angry.

Under the burning anger, Haiting discovered the traces left by Su Yu when she left. From the traces left by Su Yu, Haiting roughly judged that Su Yu was not badly injured.

There was a sudden surge of murder in my heart. This was an opportunity to kill Su Yu. Subconsciously, I chased Su Yu away.

However, it wasn't too far to get out. Haiting stopped suddenly, slapped himself in the mouth and said, "What the hell am I doing? How could he have survived and died? Is there something wrong with me?

Shit, no matter what, I will never fight again, never again! "

As he spoke, Haiting's body trembled uncontrollably. Death was terrible, only cold and dark. He didn't want to experience it anymore.

After shaking in place for a while, Haiting decided that if he had lived for the Frog people and their king before the fake death, then he had decided to live for himself now and later.

Only when he realized death did he realize how precious it is to live. Haiting decided to live well and then go around the world to have a look. Although he didn't have wisdom for long, he already knew through some human means that the world was bigger than he imagined.