Chapter 270 Sacrifice

Dong ~ with a sound like the beating of a heavenly drum, Su Yu and Sanji's fists collided in the time tunnel.

The two men's extraordinary force broke out at this moment, severely impact each other.

The brilliance of gold and blue colors continuously interweaves and collides in the time tunnel, and is covered by the brilliance of the two colors within a kilometer radius.

Even Xuan Nv, which is also fighting with a monster, saw this change.

Boom ~

After the collision, a thunderous sound resounded, and terrorist energy exploded between the two.

At that moment, the earth at the feet of the two people was continuously crumbling. In an instant, a huge hole with a diameter of several hundred meters appeared at the feet of the two people.

After that, both of them could not help flying backward.

"Shout ~" Su Yu opened his mouth and spit out a slightly black hot breath. He felt like there was a sun in his body at the moment and wanted to burn him up from inside to outside.

Sanji's extraordinary power of the sun is really horrible. After Sanji entered Su Yu's body, he kept burning Su Yu's body. Fortunately, Su Yu's body is strong enough. If it were ordinary, Sanji could kill it with this blow.

Su Yu felt a little bitter at this moment.

Su Yu is suffering. Sanji can no longer be described as suffering at this time. It can be said to be very painful.

Su Yu's two extraordinary forces are not what anyone can bear, especially the force of the shock, which makes Sanji suffer to death and looks ferocious and horrible.

After the shock force entered Sanji's body, Sanji felt a terrible force tearing his muscles and crushing his bones, and his internal organs were shattered by the shock.

"Wow ~" Blood gushed from Sanji's mouth uncontrollably, even the pores were oozing blood.

"Ha ~" Su Yu breathed a sigh of relief, spit out a mouthful of air with golden Mars after moving, toward Sanji kill, both sides have started the undead endlessly, Su Yu nature won't have any mercy.

"Die!" However, just when Su Yu was about to do something, Francis came up and killed him. Francis held a shield in one hand and a western sword in the other. He even showed a suit of armor in his body, which made the defense to the utmost.

Seeing that Francis was coming, Su Yu did not dare to ignore Francis. His body, which was rushing towards Sanji, stopped suddenly and greeted Francis.

The creaking and shrill sound of friction sounded. Su Yu grabbed the western sword that stabbed him in the eye. then he jerked it off, breaking the western sword into two pieces. with a Thud, Su Yu turned a western sword into the smoke to dissipate.

At the same time, Su Yu kicked out and landed on Francis' chest.

Bang's loud noise sent Francis flying backward, leaving a deep footprint on his armor.

Then Su Yu stepped on his foot and rushed to fly backward to Fran. He swung his arm and smashed it.

With a thud, Su Yu's arm hit the shield set up by Francis.

With a crack of Crac, the shield fell to pieces. Su Yu's arm fell on Francis's chest. Francis's chest suffered another blow, and immediately he couldn't help spitting blood with visceral fragments.

At the same time, Francis's body fell to the ground like a shell.

With a roar, Francis' body sank deep into the ground.

Su Yu stepped out of his feet and stepped towards the ground in an attempt to give Francis a fatal blow.

But just then, a foot with golden flame appeared at his feet.


The two paws collided and an explosion occurred immediately. During the crisis, Sanji rescued Francis in time again.

After Su Yu and Sanji wrestled with each other, their bodies retreated involuntarily.

"Damn!" After the two sides stood still, Su Yu just refrained from growling and shouted, looking at Sanji was also a little annoyed. Twice, Sanji destroyed his chance to kill Francis twice.

Bang ~ the ground exploded, Francis emerged from the ground and stood with Sanji, looking at Su Yu with a dignified expression. Francis was terrified and almost died in Su Yu's hands.

This made Francis feel a little scared of Su Yu and even wanted to kill Su Yu.

In addition, Francis has a feeling that Su Yu will not die. Sooner or later, Su Yu will bring destruction to their frogman.

Francis said, "Sanji, I'm clinging to him. You're ready to kill when you need to. You can connect me to kill when you need to!"

"hmm?" Sanji was shocked when he heard this.

Francis continued to say to Sanji, "That's it. I can't think of any other way to kill this human except this one unless the general shoots!"

When Sanji heard this, his pupil suddenly shrank and said, "Well, do as you say!"

Su Yu heard it, and his eyebrows moved, though that general is Francis and others head?

Su Yu had no time to think about it. Francis had already been killed in front of him. His weapon was not a western sword, but two tridents the size of daggers.

At this moment, Francis seemed to give up his defense, turning his arms into an afterimage and brandishing a trident to stab Su Yu in the whole body.

Although Francis was much weaker than Su Yu due to injuries and other reasons, Su Yu was still in a hurry because of his deadly play at this moment.

However, strong is strong, Su Yu soon calmed down.

Bang bang bang ...

The sound of iron-fighting resounded continuously. Su Yu fought with Francis' Trident with his solid body.

After that, Su Yu seized an opportunity to beat prance directly to the ground.


Su Yu took his fist towards Francis.

Bang !

Su Yu's fist pounded on Francis, knocking his body out of a huge hole.

However, just as Su Yu was about to withdraw his fist, Francis, who had suffered a sudden change and had not completely lost his breath of life, smiled eerily and coughed with blood. "human beings, die with me!"

"hmm? !” Hearing this, Su Yu Huo Ran was surprised and pulled back when he stepped off. However, Su Yu found that he could not move and looked down. He did not know when his feet were fixed on the ground by Francis.

"You took great pains to entangle me!" Su Yu watched Francis grind his teeth.

Francis chose to sacrifice himself at this moment, but he also wanted to entangle Su Yu, which shocked Su Yu.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Francis was coughing up blood and laughing.

"Die, mankind!" At this moment, Sanji seized the opportunity of this moment and launched his strongest attack. A fireball with a diameter of about 10 meters was hurled by Sanji towards Su Yu.

In an instant, the golden fireball fell on Su Yu in the blink of an eye ...