Chapter 27 Fighting is not the only way to solve the problem

"How? Do you agree with the conditions I said?" Xuan Nv stared at the ancient monster tightly.

"Meow-meow ... Meow-meow ......"

Su Yu: "???"

Xuan Nv: "???"

Xuan Shui: "???"

What the hell is this? The three of them surprised at its sound. How could such a huge ancient monster said so cute sound!

After a while, Xuan Nv finally accept the fact, and asked, "Xuanzhen, what does it mean? Hurry up and translate it."

Su Yu understood its meaning. Although he didn't know what the reason was, he understood. He said, "It says it can't be. Although it can solve the memory problem, it can't guarantee that similar things will never happen again.

It said that it was uncontrollable. Once it fell asleep, it would be like that, it would attract people to it, and the spiritual butterfly would appear, changing the memory of the creatures on it. "

Xuan Nv raised a brow and looked at the Ancient Beast and said, "So you don't intentionally leave people on the island ... your back? Then you say you feel bored and lonely, and you want to chat? These people are not the ones you brought to chat with you? "

Ancient beast: "Meow meow!"

Su Yu continued to translate: "It said that it did not catch anyone on it, those people came to his back by themselves. It said that he wanted to find someone to chat with, but no one can understand what it said. It's useless to grab them! "

Geez ~ Su Yu paused when translating that word, no one can understand what the ancient monster said, so how did he understand?

The three pairs of eyes of Xuan Nv and Xuan Shui, an ancient monster, are staring at Su Yu at this moment.

Su Yu almost want to cry: "I want to know also, leader!"

"Well, Let 's not discuss how did Su Yu understand the words of ancient monsters! For the time being, let's talk about how to deal with the ancient monster! ancient monsters, according to you, when you are asleep, you can't control your spiritual power from forming a spiritual power butterfly, affecting the memory of others, right? "

The ancient monster nodded gently, indicating that he agreed with Xuan Nv's statement. Although he only nodded gently, the figure was too large, so he nodded gently and still caused a powerful storm.

"Very good. In this case, I will give you two ways now. The first one that we will seal you. As long as you are sealed, this will not happen. The second way is that you do not sleep! As long as you stay awake, there will be no current situation. "Xuan Nv gave the ancient monsters two choices.

The ancient beast shook his head and said, "Meow meow ..."

Although Xuan Nv can't understand the language of the ancient monster, she can also understand the meaning of ancient monsters. Immediately, the momentum of Xuan Nv erupted suddenly and said, "Since neither way is chosen, I can only force you to be sealed! "

When hearing that, the ancient monster was angry, and the powerful momentum broke out, colliding with the momentum of Xuan Nv.

There was a thunderous sound, and the seawater overhead was divided into two under the strong momentum of the two as if the columns were split apart, and the atmosphere was suddenly tense!

"Stop! Don't fight, we can talk to find a solution!" Su Yu said hastily, and his head was full of sweat instantly.

If they were fighting, it would cause a casualty. Moreover, there were so many ordinary people on its back.

"Chat? What else do you want to say? Fighting can solve it. Pull it into the dimension space. The fluctuation of the battle will not affect the real world. If you are worried about ordinary people, it doesn't matter, I can protect them! Xuan Shui said. He was more support for fighting.

After hearing Xuan Shui's words, Su Yu was anxious and said, "Don't worry, two leaders. Don't be angry. Although fighting can solve the problem, it is not the only way to solve it. There must be other ways. Yes, we just didn't find the solution for the time being. "

"We don't have so much time to spend here. It's an ancient monster, we can not let it go. This time, hundreds of people were missing, and there may be more next time!" Xuan Nv said: "So, It 's better to seal it.”

"Stop, do not worry, let me think about it, let me talk to it again, if there is no other way, then follow your leader's will, but there are other ways, we need to try! Fighting is not a good thing, isn't it? "Su Yu persuaded patiently.

Xuan Nv thought for a moment and said, "Okay, I'll give you ten minutes to communicate with it. After ten minutes, if there is no other way, then I have to do it. Xuan Shui, you go to make preparation first, once we start fighting, your task is to protect ordinary people. "

"Okay!" Xuan Shui nodded, then turned into a light and shadow, and went to the place where Mark and others located at a very fast speed.

Su Yu didn't wanna waste time, and said to the ancient monster that was going to be furious: "ancient monster, calm down first. Now I ask you a few questions. You have to answer me honestly, ok?

OK, it looks like you know what I mean, then I ask you, do you have to sleep?"

ancient monster: "Meow meow meow meow!"

Xuan Nv: "What does it say?"

Su Yu translated: "It says it doesn't have to sleep, but it's just too boring to have to sleep. It doesn't know what it can do but sleep to pass the time!"

When Xuan Nv heard the words, her eyes brightened, "Is it just for this reason? If it is only for this reason, then it is easy to handle, Xuan Zhen, I will give you a task now."

"What?" Su Yu looked a little scared by Xuan Nv, feeling unlucky, and said, "Leader, what task do you want to give me?"

Xuan Nv: "Isn't it saying that it wants to find someone to chat with? It happens that you can communicate with it, then you can chat with it, so it will not fall asleep"

"Ah? Leader, do you mean that you will leave me alone here to chat with it, and then spend the rest of my life. Let me be accompanied by an ancient monster, and wander around the sea together with it from now on?" Su Yu said with a sad face.

"..." Xuan Nv: "What are you talking about? I just temporarily asked you to accompany it to chat and relieve its boredom. When we bring Mark and others back safely, I will find the boss to solve this matter, I think the boss can solve this very well! "

ancient monster: "Meow meow meow meow!"

"Fuck, you agree, are you happy with the decision? Brother, have you asked me if I agree? Well? What are you talking about? you can go back with me? You can't, you are so big, you can't follow us back to the bureau. Ah? You have this skill?" Su Yu looked at the ancient monster in shock.

Then Su Yu proudly looked at Xuan Nv and said: "Leader, things are perfectly solved, it said that it can be smaller and come back to the Bureau with us! Leader, I am right, fighting is not the only way to solve the problem!"

Xuan Nv  ̄へ ̄: Why is there a sudden urge to hit Su Yu, when seeing his proud expression?