Chapter 269 Internecine

"Dirty!" Looking at Su Yu waving Haiting at them, Francis and Sanji couldn't help shouting abuse.

In order not to hurt Haiting, Francis and Sanji had to abruptly withdraw their attack moves.

Sanji was fine, but Francis, who was injured, was not feeling well. He was attacked by moves and spit out another mouthful of blood, adding to the injury.

"Damn!" Francis looked at Su Yu's eyes and breathed fire. His murder of Su Yu was even more fierce.

However, Su Yu did not feel much about this. He has experienced too many cases. How many monster criminals have shown their intention to kill him?

Su Yu did not remember it long ago, or it should be said that Su Yu had already got used to it.

Sometimes, habit is really a very terrible thing.


Once again, Haiting was severely thrown to the ground by Su Yu, making a loud muffled noise.

At the moment, Haiting's heart is in his heart. The feeling of being hit is really too bad.

This is not only physical pain but also mental torture. It happened that Haiting was helpless.

Haiting's consciousness is relatively clear, but the body has long been out of control. Every time he is thrown, Haiting can hear his bone fracture.

"Ha, ha, ha, look at my frogmen meteor hammer!" Su Yu laughed and threw Haiting at Francis and Sanji again.

The two frogmen could only dodge but did not dare to fight back. The enraged Francis and Sanji exploded, swelling their whole bodies.

At that time, only Su Yu chased the two frogmen and had no chance for Francis and Sanji to fight back.

I don't know how long it took, but suddenly there was a flash of cold light in Francis' eyes, and he couldn't help but shoot again. The western sword in his hand flashed out, hitting Su Yu's heart.

At this point, Su Yu snorted coldly, and when his hand was pulled, Haiting was pulled back by Su Yu, just like holding a shield in his hand and blocking the front. To stab him, Haiting must be pierced.

Su Yu thought that Francis would withdraw his attack, but the next moment, Su Yu found himself wrong and was shocked by Francis' ruthless and decisive behavior.

Francis did not seem to have seen Haiting. The western sword he stabbed this time did not withdraw. Instead, when he hit Haiting, the speed of the stabbing was faster.

Thud snorted. Francis' western sword pierced Haiting's body.

Haiting, who was already in a coma, woke up again when his body was pierced, looked at Francis incredulously and said, "Francis, you ..."

"Haiting, you are no longer useful. You will only get in the way if you live, so please die!" Francis' voice was extremely cold.

Said, Francis is the facial expression of the western sword drawn from the body of Haiting, blood don't money generally flows from the wounds of Haiting, Haiting's breath fell rapidly, until disappear, soft collapse into a pile of rotten meat.

"damn!" Su Yu was really stunned at the moment and couldn't help uttering a dirty word.

Su Yu doesn't know how to express his emotions at the moment. Can only say that frogs are really cold-blooded animals?

Not only Su Yu was shocked, but Sanji, a frogman, was also somewhat shocked when he saw this. Some people said in disbelief, "Francis, what are you doing, you actually killed Haiting? You ... "

"If I don't kill him, he won't live long. This human will kill him sooner or later. Haiting is already hopeless. It is better to die in our own hands than in the hands of human beings. If he died earlier, we can get rid of this human constraint earlier!" Francis said with a straight face.

Sanji smell speech opened his mouth, but could not say words.

Francis didn't care what Sanji thought. Will he accept his idea and look at Su Yu's murder and awe-inspiring way: "Human, you don't have our partner as a shield this time, how can you avoid our attack?"

Before his voice fell, Francis's western sword thrust out again, becoming more ruthless and ruthless.

"..." Suyu had nothing to say. He stepped back at a little speed to avoid the stabbing of Francis, and then put Haiting's gentle body on the ground.

Since Haiting is dead, Su Yu will naturally not use it as a shield. Even if the other party is a monster, Su Yu will give more respect after the other party dies.

Su Yu said: "If there is no shield, then he only to fight with them."

Avoid your attacks?

Haha, I'm afraid it is still difficult for your attack to hurt me! "

Shoop ~ Su Yu moved, turned into a blue brilliance and passed away, appeared in front of Francis, a punch-out hard.

Bang when a loud noise resounded, Su Yu blew a punch on Francis' shield.

Crack a crunchy, shield instantaneous fracture.

At the same time, Francis's body was blown out again by Su Yu.

Francis landed on the ground, stepped into a big pit and shouted with blood: "Sanji, what are you waiting for before you shoot?"

Sanji saw Francis with a complex look when he heard this, then looked at Su Yu angrily and said, "Human beings, all the mistakes are your human's fault. You human beings are the cancer of the earth star and should be destroyed! Shout ~ kill you, kill you all! "

Sanji roars, the golden flame burning, like a small sun, hot high-temperature bloom, the air instantly becomes extremely hot, hundreds of meters of flowers and trees instantly withered by the high-temperature burning.

Goo doo ...

The earth melted and turned into lava flowing everywhere.

Then Su Yu saw the golden flame inside Sanji's body and the air became cool again.

However, Su Yu felt Sanji's terror at this moment, and his breath became introverted and terrible.

Shoop ~ the next moment Su Yu only felt the flowers at the moment, Sanji was already in front of him.

Very fast, Su Yu was surprised in his heart, and his feet fell back a little fiercely, wanting to distance himself from Sanji at this moment.

However, it failed and Sanji followed Su Yu like a maggot of tarsus.

"useless human, you will die today!" Sanji made a cold sound and then hit Su Yu with a fist: "Sun Boxing!"

Sanji's fist was shining like a golden sun, rolling towards Su Yu. time tunnel was distorted.

Su Yu saw this with a snort of cold. Since he couldn't avoid it, he just hit the front and blew it out with one punch. The double power broke out at this moment, and the two kinds of super-powerful blows were smashed by Su Yu.


The next moment, Su Yu and Sanji's fists collided in the time tunnel.

The light of gold and blue are interwoven in the time tunnel, which is enwinding each other.