Chapter 268 Stealth Frog

"I want to kill you, I want to kill you, human, I want to kill you!" Francis hated Su Yu very much at the moment and roared.

At the foot of a pedal, like to Su Yu kill, in the hands of the staff shakes, unexpectedly turned into a western sword general weapons, stab to Su Yu's heart.

Su Yu saw this with a snort of cold, not flash to avoid, fist wrapped in rich extraordinary force, boom to the sword.


Katar's intersection gave off a metallic tremolo, and the force of vibration broke out. crack gave a crunchy sound. Francis' civilization sword was broken into pieces.

Su Yu kept on moving. After smashing Francis' western sword with one blow, his back foot strode forward to close the distance with Francis and his elbow directly hit Francis on the chest.

Bang's muffled sound caused Francis to be knocked out by Su Yu, and a big gulp of blood and internal organs were spitting out of Francis's mouth.

All this seemed slow, but in fact, it was only a blink of an eye, making it too late for Sanji to try to rescue Francis.

While his illness was killing him, Su Yu had no intention of showing any mercy. As soon as he stepped on his feet, his body turned into an afterimage, and in a split second, he was chasing Francis, who was flying backward.

Immediately Su Yu swung his fist down, and the violent force distorted all in air.

However, at this moment Su Yu felt another palpitation, and the crisis came from behind. A layer of goosebumps appeared in Su Yu's back heart.

In desperation, Su Yu could only choose to protect himself and give up the chance to kill Francis. With a sharp twist of his body, Su Yu turned his body quickly and blew a punch at Francis into the air behind him.

At the same time, one leg was drawn to Francis along the turning force, and even if it could not kill Francis, it would still hit him hard-this is Su Yu's plan!

Bang's loud rumbling, Su Yu's leg was severely drawn on Francis's body, and Francis, who was still in retreat, was swept straight across and crashed into a wall before stopping.

In the ruins of the wall, Francis vomited blood from his mouth.

However, Su Yu did not pay attention to the situation of Francis. When he turned around, Su Yu's facial expression was not shocked, because there was nothing behind him and he did not see any enemies.

However, Su Yu firmly blew out the blow.


There was a huge sound of gold and iron. Su Yu felt that he was blown on top of the immortal gold and iron, and his arm felt numb.

"Get out of here!" Su Yu gave a loud roar, and with a whoosh, a vague figure was blown out by Su Yu.

Boom ~ Sneakers hit the wall to show their shape, not Sanji, but the third frogman, whose ability should be stealth.

“ Thud !” The frogman who stealthily attacked Su Yu was also punched and vomited blood by Su Yu.


At this moment, Sanji's attack hit Su Yu. Su Yu's body was dodged and appeared in another position, looking at the three frogmen with some dignity.

Su Yu did not look dignified because of the three frogmen but saw what was hidden behind the three frogmen. With the three frogmen of 10th rank on the black level, there might be other powerful frogmen.

Francis did say that he was just a handyman!

At this time, Su Yu can already conclude that these extraordinary lives that caused the change of the Stone Forest are definitely not as simple as the black level frogmen.

"Francis, Sanji, this human being is difficult to deal with. The three of us should join hands. If we fight separately, we will be defeated one by one by this human being!" Harding wiped a handful of corners of the mouth of the blood, a pair of frog eyes reveal the ferocity of breath.

"Well, let's join hands, Harding. Kill him. We'll share the credit equally among the three of us. Cough ... Damn, it's a bit heavy!" Francis said this way, talking and couldn't help coughing up blood.

"Kill!" Sanji directly roars and kills Su Yu, throwing his fist wrapped in golden flames at Su Yu.

At the moment Sanji moved, Harding and Francis also moved.

Harding's figure disappeared directly in the air, not only his body but also his breath. Harding disappeared without a trace in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu's heart is slightly cold. At the moment, Harding poses the greatest threat to Su Yu and the invisible enemy is the most difficult to deal with.

At the same time, Francis once again showed a western sword stabbing Su Yu's vital parts of his body.

Su Yu waved his arms out of the afterimage, banging Sanji's fist against it with one punch, while his other hand pricked into a knife to cut Francis's western sword. As it clanged, Su Yu took over and defused the attack of the two frogmen with one enemy and two.

However, Su Yu focused most of his attention on the vanished and carefully sensed the situation around him.

It doesn't matter if you can't sense the sea Ding, but you can judge where the sea Ding is by sensing the surrounding conditions.

Haiding can hide his body shape and breath, but he cannot hide the changes in the surrounding environment together. As long as Haiding does not disappear from the real world, Su Yu is confident that he can find each other as long as Haiding is close enough to himself.

All of a sudden, Su Yu felt a stabbing pain in his left temple, like a needle. Without thinking about it, Su Yu's body was slightly tilted back, giving up about half of his head.

Before a cold wind glided across the forehead and a wisp of hair drifted down in the wind.

Su Yu's hair was chopped off by Harding.

Su Yu could hum, arm hard, Bang Bang bang two will Francis and Sanji blow fly, and then his hands quickly withdraw, grasp to the left side of the body air.

Thud !

Su Yu immediately caught an invisible object, only feeling wet and sticky, and his heart was filled with nausea.

However, Su Yu can't control so much, so he swung his arm directly and whipped it toward the ground.

There was a loud bang and an invisible thing was smashed to the ground by Su Yu.

The ground directly sank down, a human figure appeared, and the figure of Houhaiding slowly appeared.

At this time, Su Yu also knew what he was holding in his hand. It was suddenly Haiding's tongue, and at the tip of his tongue was a sharp dagger.

The attack that Harding stabbed Su Yu just now was made by Harding's tongue.

What Harding did not expect, however, was that Su Yu had roughly identified his position at that moment and successfully grasped his tongue in his hand.

At the moment, Su Yu was not concerned about whether ding's tongue was disgusting. instead of letting go, Su Yu wrapped her hand twice to prevent it from falling off.

Then, with a sharp tug, some of the fallen Haiting flew out of the pit.

After that, Su Yu tossed it again. Haiding was like a meteor hammer that Su Yu used as a weapon to hit Francis and Sanji.