Chapter 267 Sun Frogs

Seeing Su Yu about to strike Francis with one blow, but the moment Su Yu's fist was about to hit Francis on the head, Su Yu suddenly felt a breath of palpitations coming from overhead.

Not to be outdone, Su Yu had to resort to a temporary move-to blow Francis's fist high into the air.

Bang ~

Su Yu's fist collided with a hot golden light from the blaster in the sky, and a big explosion immediately occurred. The terrorist shock wave spread out in all directions, sending Su Yu and Francis flying backwards.

Out of the scope of Su Yu's murderous look, Francis immediately resumed his action, with cold sweat on his forehead. He felt that he had been on the brink of death and was almost killed by Su Yu.

Su Yu, on the other hand, looked up at the "sun" in space and said, "are you Sanji?"

"Yeah, sure enough, I can't hide it!" Sanji's voice sounded, the sun in the sky turned up, nose eyes appeared on the "sun", thud thud, limbs also stretched out from the "sun", round body is also gradually elongated, turned into a tall frogmen body burning golden flame.

Bang, Sanji fell to the ground heavily, stepping the ground out of a big pit.

Sanji muttered, "Damn it, can't you fly without turning into the sun?"

Then Sanji looked at Francis and said, "Francis, I have revealed that this is your fault!"

When Francis heard this, he snorted, "you are going to do it sooner or later. why is it my fault? Moreover, now is not the time to say this, let's kill this human first! "

Sanji thought for a moment with his head tilted when he heard this and said, "Well, if you kill this human being, I'll figure out who is right and who is wrong!"

Voice down, Sanji recruit, no nonsense to Su Yu, its cheeks are high, golden tongue from Sanji corners of the mouth.

"Gung ~"

There was a huge frog call, Sanji opened his mouth and a golden flame shot out towards Su Yu.

The golden flame was extremely hot, and the time tunnel where it passed twisted and the ground burned.

What a big danger!

Su Yu felt another palpitation and did not dare to reserve it. The blue halo emerged in his body, and the force of shock broke out. Su Yu's breath suddenly rose to a higher level.

"Big Bang Boxing!" Su Yu gave a cold drink and a blow to the air in front of him, making a roar.

The force of shock surging, the sound of Crac crack Crac crack glass broken constantly sounded, with Su Yu's fist as the center, as the starting point, the cracks spread in all directions, and enveloped in the golden pillar of fire.

Crack ~ accompanied by a crunchy sound, the air broke apart, and the space seemed to break up, turning into fragments and shooting in all directions.

Rumble ... The next moment, the sky and the earth shook at the same time, like a big earthquake, huge cracks appeared on the earth, the earth cracked, pieces of huge earth and rock collapse to the sky.

At the same time, the golden pillar of fire burst under Su Yu's blow and burst at the same time. The golden flame shot away in all directions.

Where the golden flame falls, there will be a raging fire. Even the earth and rock will melt into lava and flow.


Terrible vibrations spread in all directions. Under the influence of Su Yu's shock force, the walls within a kilometer radius were shaking violently.

Quack quack ...

With the shaking of the wall, the sound of frogs kept ringing, and the sound of frogs came from the underground under the wall.

Su Yu's eyes lit up and he thought of a possibility that the walls could move. Is it because of the frogs or frogs hiding underground?

Too late to think about it, Francis's huge artillery barrage followed.

Su Yu gave a loud shout, forgot his conjecture, and absorbed himself in the battle. Francis was not weak, nor was Sanji weak. The danger level was all at 10th rank in black level .

Su Yu's body was on the fierce side, dodging the barrage of the ju pao. the body did not retreat back but rushed forward. Su Yu crushed the ground under his feet, leaving a row of deep footprints.

The distance between the two sides is fleeting. Su Yu has arrived in front of the two frogmen of Francis and kicked out directly.

However, Francis and Sanji easily escaped.

However, Su Yu was not upset because Su Yu's real target was Francis' cannon, which could fire several times and brought Su Yu a great sense of threat.

Although Su Yu had fired a shell before, Su Yu knew that he could fire one and could never fire all the shells. Even if he could, it would take too much effort and extraordinary force to do so.

Do more harm than good!

Instead of firing shells, the most effective and quick way is to destroy the huge guns.

Su Yu stepped fiercely in the air, his flying body immediately turned back in the air, rolled over the ju pao, and his thigh fell like a tomahawk.

"Damn, this human target is my cannon. Sanji will stop him!" When Francis saw this, he bellowed, where can he still not know Su Yu's purpose?

However, it is too late to stop Su Yu.


A loud roar sounded, Su Yu's thigh fell hard on the ju pao. As you can see, the solid ju pao collapsed directly under Su Yu's leg and turned into a puff of smoke.

Bang !

Then Su Yu's leg fell hard on the ground and roared.

Immediately, the earth under Su Yu's leg was split apart, instantly forming a huge hole hundreds of meters in diameter.

The shock wave of terror directly sent two frogmen, Francis and Sanji, flying.

"No, my big gun!" After landing, Francis looked at the huge cannon that turned into smoke and roared with grief.

Francis' ability is real, but it is not something that can be revealed at random. If you want to reveal something, you must have a certain understanding of it. If it is unreasonable, you cannot reveal it.

Weapons such as swords and shields are still easy to show, but hot weapons are hard to show.

In addition, the more powerful weapons and so on, the more difficult it is to show up.

This huge gun is already the strongest weapon he can reveal. It was he who pondered over him for several days and took a lot of painstaking efforts to make it.

It is a very time-consuming thing to be destroyed at the moment, even if one has enough experience and wants to reveal another door.

And this is not just a matter of time, what is more terrible is that it takes a lot of extraordinary power to regain its appearance. Francis' extraordinary power is no longer sufficient to bring out such powerful weapons as giant cannons!