Chapter 266 Catch Bomb With Bare Hands

Su Yu looked at what was pouring out of the magic hat and could not help but look shocked.

Because what gushed out of the magic that was ... frogs!

Magic Su Yu has seen a lot, including pigeons popping out of hats and rabbits.

However, Su Yu was the first time to see frogs emerge from the magic hat, not one, but a group of hundreds of them!

Yes, it was frogs. Frogs poured out of the magic hat like springs. In the blink of an eye, Francis was covered with frogs of different colors.

Quack quack ...

Frog sound, harsh abnormal.

"Change!" When there were no more frogs pouring out, Francis was just a loud shout, with the city staff in his hand sticking on the ground.

Voice down, those noisy frogs like blowing balloons inflation, in a twinkling have become half a person high, the breath of the body is suddenly rising, all is to 1st rank in Black Level to send out the breath.

Not only has the size changed, but also the appearance has changed, which is similar to that of human beings. At the same time, there are also sets of clothes with different colors on the body. The dress looks like a ninja in movies and TV plays.

Is this Ninja Frog? Su Yu couldn't help blinking.

"Kill him for me!" Francis gave an order and the ninja frogs moved and their afterimages run to Su Yu.

At the same time, weapons such as swords and sticks all came towards Su Yu.

Su Yu saw this slight ash, thought that they are really ninjas?

Stunned to consternation, Su Yu did not like to be beaten passively. At the moment of attack, Su Yu also moved, leaned out his hands and danced an afterimage in front of him.

Dang dang dang noise is heard all the time, when Su Yu stopped, Su Yu's hands were full of misery and shuriken.

"Break up!" The next moment, Su Yu burst into a loud drink, throwing all the weapons out. weapons turned into lightning and hit the Ninja frogs who had already reached the crowd.

Thud Thud Thud ……

Whenever a Ninja Frog is hit by weapons, the Ninja Frog will Thud and weapons will turn into a puff of smoke to dissipate.

In a twinkling, hundreds of frogs were almost wiped out by Su Yu.

At the same time, the Su Yu people also moved, their figures flickered, and they blew out with one fist. The remaining ninja frogs were blown into smoke by Su Yu.

Francis turned black at the sight of this. He did not expect that his move did not bring any trouble to Su Yu.

"It's your turn!" Su Yu looked at Francis and said, "having not finished speaking." Su Yu's foot was just like a roar and the ground cracked. Su Yu's figure had already appeared in front of Francis.

How fast!' Francis was shocked. Su Yu was horrified by the speed with which he broke out, but his reaction was not slow. His hands suddenly burst into a gleam of black light and suddenly turned into a huge shield.

Bang when there was a loud noise, Su Yu's fist was blasted on the shield.

The figure of Francis, together with the shield, immediately flew out like a shell and hit the wall hard.

"Wow!" Francis spat out a big gulp of blood.

At the same time, the shield Thud in his hand turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared like those ninja frogs.

"Huh?" Su Yu could not help but wonder at this and said, "What is your ability?"

"The ability to kill you!" Francis wiped a handful of blood from the corners of his mouth, his eyes slightly reddish.

One after another, Su Yu's men have beaten him down one after another. Whether Francis has the appearance of civilization at the moment, only annoys him.

Before Francis' voice dropped, Su Yu saw a cannon, the kind of cannon that fired solid shells in ancient times, in front of Francis.

This cannon is extremely large. The diameter of the muzzle is at least 3 meters.

"Death to die, human!" Francis roared, and a huge fire burst out from the muzzle.


The next moment, a loud noise resounded through the heavens and the earth. A huge latosolic red shell shot out from the muzzle and blasted at Su Yu.

At this moment, Su Yu felt a sense of suffocation. This shell could give him a fatal threat.

Su Yu changed color, and suddenly a blue arc broke out on him. At his feet, the ground cracked and his body shot sideways.

The latosolic red shell rubbed his body and flew away into the distance.

Before Su Yu could vent his anger, there was another loud noise and another latosolic red shell coming towards him.

"Damn, is this thing capable of repeating a series of attacks?" Su Yu couldn't help shouting in his heart and forced his body to turn away from a shell again.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, go to hell, human!" Francis laughed and shot after shot at Su Yu.

"Damn!" Su Yu was also annoyed. The blue arc leaped at top speed on his body and spread outward, crackling and hitting the ground, breaking it apart.

Boom ~ The ground at Su Yu's feet crumbled. Suyu stopped hiding and leaned out his hands to face a shell coming towards him.

Bang's muffled sound caused Su Yu and the huge shells to collide.

Immediately a terrible shock wave was born between the two. Centering on the two, the earth instantly sank down, forming a huge depression hundreds of meters in diameter.

"Stupid human, unexpectedly pick up shells with his bare hands? That's enough life! " Seeing Su Yu like this, Francis was shocked at first, and then laughed at mercilessly.

Su Yu didn't speak, his face flushed red. The shell was heavier than he thought. Although he caught it, his body was involuntarily pushed back by the shell.

"Give me up!" All of a sudden, Su Yu roars. It can be seen that Su Yu's body seems to have expanded in a circle at this moment. That is the visual effect caused by Su Yu's whole body muscles.

Having not finished speaking, Su Yu's body pushed back by the shells stopped suddenly. the earth behind him broke apart at this moment and at the same time under great force. large pieces of earth and rock shot up into the sky behind Su Yu.

At the same time, the shell also let Su Yu fly high.

"what?" Seeing this scene, whether Francis or Sanji and other frogmen hiding in the dark, their eyeballs almost flew out of their eyes.

In particular, Francis was even more incredulous. He knew better than anyone the power of a huge cannon. He could definitely use it against the Black LevelDeca and others. Even if the Black LevelNone and others were hit by him in the front, he could also ensure that the other side would not die and would be seriously injured.

However, Su Yu destroyed his confidence at this moment. Su Yu not only received his artillery directly but also forcefully fired the shells.

It happened that Su Yu's level gave him only the feeling that the black level is less than the nonyl, etc.

Francis was still in consternation. Su Yu moved. At the moment when the shells flew, Su Yu's figure turned into a flash of blue lightning and rushed to the front of Francis, throwing a fist at him!

"Death!" Su Yu let out a loud thunder, Bang let out a loud bang, and the air was blown off under Su Yu's blow, making a muffled sound.

"Not good!"

At this moment, Francis was devastated and the crisis of death enveloped him.

Su Yu's murderous look made Francis stiff.