Chapter 264 Labyrinth

Su Yu followed Xu Xuan Nv with a little shock and went in through the gap, then the eyes were bright and the misty fog that covered them disappeared in an instant.

Xuan Nv immediately said: "It seems that the fog is only effective in a certain range. It can be seen from the outside to block the view. Entering the city has no effect. It should be an extraordinary force!"

Su Yu nodded when he heard this and looked behind him. Not far behind him was covered by thick fog. He could not see the gap when he came in.

However, Su Yu's sight was soon attracted by the current scene in Fergus City. He could not see any buildings and could only see a dark and towering wall.

At regular intervals, one wall can be seen. Although there is no fog to block the view, the two still cannot see the appearance of Fergus City at this time. The towering wall becomes a new object to block the view.

The two men looked at each other and quickly moved back and forth between the walls, but soon they stopped. Xuan Nv said solemnly, "Xuan Zhen, stop, we seem to have entered the maze. if we go on like this, we will probably get lost in the maze. we must find the correct way."

Su Yu said: "Well, I feel the same way, Boss. I'll go up and have a look!"

Su Yu looked up at the top of the wall, then Bang's foot slammed on the ground and his body jumped up.

However, the next moment, with a whoosh, Su Yu rushed up and fell down at a faster speed.

A loud bang fell on the ground.

"Xuan Zhen, what's wrong with you?" Xuan Nv saw this and even asked.

Su Yu was a little confused and said after a while, "Boss, I can't jump up. when I reach a certain height, there is a strong force that will directly take me back!"

"hmm?" Xuan Nv froze when he heard this, and then rose to the sky. However, just as one person was flying high, Xuan Nv stopped. Xuan Nv said: "There is a force to ban air. We cannot jump too high nor let us fly. The higher the force to ban air, the stronger the force. It seems that some people don't want us to see the whole maze!"

Su Yu will give it a try, and sure enough, just like what Xuan Nv said, the higher the jump, the greater the force acting on the body. when it is more than 15 meters high, the force is comparable to a mountain.

Su Yu said with a smile: "The people who designed this maze should think so. Moreover, the wall is so tall and has the ability to prevent empty space. This maze is not designed for ordinary people. Ninety-nine percent of the time it is probably designed for us extraordinary people."

Su Yu's eyes narrowed and then said, "However, it seems a little difficult to trap us if you want this method. Boss, wait for me here, I'll think of some way to go up and have a look! "

Su Yu came to the front of a wall and stretched out his hand and patted the smooth wall.

This wall is very hard, giving Su Yu the feeling that it is at least much harder than steel.

However, Su Yu could not be defeated. Su Yu bent his fingers into claws and grabbed at the wall. with a snort of derision, the hard wall was scratched out by Su Yu and Su Yu climbed upward.

Soon Su Yu climbed to the top of a wall more than 20 meters high in front of him. Looking into the distance, he gasped.

"damn!" Su Yu expressed his mood at the moment in one word!

After a stop for a minute was at the top of the wall, Su Yu turned around and jumped down to fall beside Xu 'an NV, with a wry smile: "Boss, we may be in trouble!"

Xuan Nv said with a frown: "What do you see?"

"Boss you're right, here is indeed a maze, but the scale is very large, maybe the whole mist has been transformed into a maze before we came in to see those walls, is the outermost wall of the maze.

Next to us is the second-floor wall. I don't know how many floors there will be along the way to the downtown palace.

I can't see the edge at all. I can't see anything on the wall or on the ground.

Because of the height of the wall, the fog appeared again, seriously affecting the line of sight, can only see a few layers of the wall not far away.

Moreover, these walls are not regular at all, and the distance between them is random. We want to find someone in this maze, which may be an unfinished task.

Now we turn around and leave may be the most correct choice.

The further we go, the more likely we are to get lost in this huge maze. "

Su Yu said with a sigh: "First cut off communication, now it is a huge maze. It is reasonable for that intelligence personnel to disappear. Besides, there are still enemies in the dark!"

Su Yu's facial expression is very solemn at this time. After entering the maze, Su Yu felt malice in the air of the maze.

At first, this malicious perception was not too clear, but the more you stay here, the clearer Su Yu's perception of the malicious will become.

Su Yu felt that this malicious target was not one person but all.

Hearing Su Yu's words, Xuan Nv's look was dignified, saying: "can you try to destroy these walls?"

Su Yu shook his head with a wry smile. "I don't think it is possible, Boss. look, the holes I left on the wall just now have disappeared!"

Xu Xuan Nv looked at the past with his eyes slightly narrowed when he heard this and said: "The person who designed all this seems to have calculated all the situations that can be calculated, leaving no obvious flaw at all. the other party that we can think of has already thought of!"

"indeed!" Su Yu nodded and said: "Although I don't know who the other party is, it is definitely a very difficult person to deal with in the current situation. Boss, should we continue to move forward or withdraw temporarily and ask more people to come here?"

Xuan Nv hesitated for a moment and said: "Keep moving forward. It is useless for such a large maze to have tens of thousands of people come in to explore it together. It is nothing more than increasing the number of people trapped in the maze to let a small number of people come in.

If we don't contact Boss for a long time, Boss will naturally understand that we have encountered difficulties and will send reinforcements without us saying so. "

"Well, then move on!" Su Yu thoughtfully agreed for a moment.

At the same time, Su Yu also worried about the safety of Hummingbird who had been out of the league for several days. The purpose of the person who designed all this is definitely not to simply trap Hummingbird and others in the maze. There must be other routines, such as killing them.

In addition, Su Yu is also worried about the safety of Zhang Pengchao and the residents living in the city of Fergus. he has no idea what the tens of millions of people living here are like at the moment.

Su Yu has a very bad feeling.

The malice that pervades the air stimulates Su Yu's nerves all the time, making him shudder.

After saying this, Su Yu and his wife went deeper and deeper with their feelings, thinking that they must find Hummingbird and Zhang Pengchao to confirm how the residents are now.