Chapter 263 Fergus

"hmm?? ” Su Yu was stunned when he heard this, and was granted an entry permit? Didn't you drive people out earlier?

However, Su Yu responded quickly. Although he felt that there was something fishy in it, getting an entry permit was their goal.

Immediately, Su Yu said, "ok, I see, can we go now?"

"of course!" The sergeant shrugged his shoulders and said, "Come on, send two tourists through the checkpoint!"

Then Su Yu and Xuan Nv were sent by a group of soldiers away from the Stone Forest Entry and Exit Checkpoint and actually entered the Stone Forest.

In the room, a soldier looked at Su Yu and Xuan Nv from the window and said, "general, shall we just let the two men in? They are probably intelligence personnel sent to our country by other forces. "

"It's not possible, they are, where are ordinary people so calm?" The sergeant turned over his eyelids.

"That you still ..." Soldiers smell speech surprising way.

"Haha, we don't put what, we can stop them into our country? Although our border is very short, we can't do all-round control either. They always have a way in.

Since they cannot be stopped, let them in. Rather than let them sneak in, let them in gracefully.

At least, we can know their whereabouts to a certain extent.

And what do you think they can get even if they are put in?

Even if they can get something, what ability do they have to transmit the information?

Don't forget, how did our present strength come about? "Sergeant said with a smile.

Hearing this, the soldier seemed to think of something exciting and shivered. "It's still the wise general," he said.

On the other side, the team of soldiers took Su Yu and his wife to the highway leading to the city of Fergus and left.

Xuan Nv said: "That sergeant was very strange just now. First, he refused to let us in, then he let us in. What was he thinking?"

Su Yu touched his chin and hesitated for a moment. "Maybe he didn't want us to enter the country easily.

As for allowing us to enter the country, there are no more than two reasons.

The first point is to believe that we are tourists and not other identities, but this is impossible and he will not believe it easily.

The rest is the second point. The reason why he let us in is that he is confident that even if we enter the Stone Forest, we will not get anything, or even if we know something, we will not be able to transmit the information. "

"Well, the second reason is more reasonable!" Xuan Nv nods.

"Then, let me see how we go to Fogg!" Su Yu shrugged his shoulders and looked around. A strong wind came, blowing dust and fallen leaves all over the sky.

Quiet, this road can't see the shadow of any vehicles, a desolate scene.

This is similar to the scene of a few days ago when people were streaming and vehicles were moving like a boat. it was a total different picture now.

"well, it seems that there is no car to Fergus city, only my classmates can pick us up!" Su Yu said nothing, then took out the phone and prepared to call Zhang Pengchao and let Zhang Pengchao drive over.

However, Su Yu soon found that there was no signal on the mobile phone. Not only was there no signal on the mobile phone but also on the wristwatch.

"It seems that the Stone Forest has completely cut off communication with the outside world," said Xuan Nv.

Su Yu nodded with a heavy look. "Well, there's no news coming out. There's a reason to look at it. Cut off our communication with the outside world and leave their own internal communication channel. This is not clever, but it is very effective!"

"Xuan Zhen, do you know where your friend's house is?" Xuan Nv asked.

Su Yu shook his head with a wry smile and said, "I really don't know. The guy drank too much last time he didn't come and ask!"

"Then let's go, walk to Fergus and get rid of the tail behind us." Xuan Nv said so.

"Good!" Su Yu nodded, then took a casual glance behind him. Behind a rock was a figure, one of those soldiers who should have left.

Su Yu took a sneer at the corner of his mouth, then took a big step and walked along the road at a speed not much slower than the average person.

Tracking? If You can keep up.


"Day, the two men or people? I'm exhausted! " Two hours later, the soldiers behind Su Yu and Xuan Nv lay on the road like dead dogs, panting heavily to scold away.

Looking at Su Yu and Xuan Nv 's disappearing back, the soldier decided not to chase them, and they couldn't catch up either. He took out a special phone from his pocket, made a phone call, and returned to the way he came.

On the other side, Su Yu smiled and said: "Boss, the soldier has retreated. we can fly now!"

Xuan Nv gently nodded and took Su Yu into the air, flying towards the city of Fergus.

Half an hour later, the two men came to a place less than one kilometer away from the city of distance Fergus. there was a big tree next to the road, next to the road. under the big tree stood a stone tablet with the words "welcome to Fergus city!".

The last time they came, they stayed here, where we could see the city of Fergus. Standing on a big tree, we could clearly see most of the city.

But at the moment Su Yu was standing at the top of the tree and could not see the city of Fergus. He could only see the distance covered by a mist.

After looking at each other, Su Yu said: "if this has nothing to do with extraordinary life, I don't believe it!"

"Be careful, the city of Fergus now gives me a very dangerous feeling, a bit like The Spirit King Palace, where there is a strong presence." Xuan Nv looked dignified.

Hearing this, Su Yu nodded, and then the two men fell from the air and walked towards the city of Fergus.

It's also amazing. When you look at Fogg City in the sky, you can only see a piece of white fog.

However, when walking on the ground, one can see something hidden in the fog. The closer one is to Fergus City, the clearer it becomes.

Arriving near, Su Yu and Xuan Nv discovered that what they had seen in the fog was high and smooth walls like city walls.

Seeing this, Su Yu looked to the left and right, they could not help grinning and said, "shouldn't these walls surround the whole Fergus?

How much work does this require? Ordinary people can't do it in a short time!

The Stone Forest change is indeed related to the transcendent.

I just don't know whether it is human or monster. "

"Just be careful, if it's a bad person we will seal or kill it!" Xuan Nv said so and then walked towards gouges where whole pieces were missing.

Although the wall may surround the entire city of Fergus, it is not completely sealed off. A gap can be seen at every other distance as if it were reserved for people and vehicles.