Chapter 262 Entry Permit

In the evening, Su Yu and Xuan Nv came to the Stone Forest entry and exit checkpoint, because it was already evening, so Xuan Nv and Su Yu decided to apply to enter the Stone Forest early tomorrow morning.

Su Yu and Su Yu watched the Stone Forest exit-entry checkpoint from a distance.

Indeed, it was quite different from the previous few days. Although not many people applied to enter the Stone Forest in the evening, there were definitely many. According to some data, the Stone Forest entry and exit checkpoint were very busy before the change of the Stone Forest.

It's definitely not like the Stone Forest's entry-exit checkpoint is empty now, only the soldiers guarding it.

"Those soldiers are not simple!" Xuan Nv said lightly.

Su Yu nodded, also aware that the soldiers guarding the entry and exit checkpoints are not the same as those of a few days ago, not only the number has doubled at least, but also the combat effectiveness has increased several times, with real guns.

Most importantly, Su Yu felt that at this time, the Stone Forest soldiers could definitely bear the word "good soldiers and strong generals".

From a distance, you can feel great momentum in these soldiers.

However, this is also the place where Su Yu and Xuan Nv are puzzled and do not understand where the Stone Forest found these soldiers.

The Stone Forest is a small country in the letter. Although it also has its own army, its combat effectiveness is notoriously poor in the world. Apart from being better equipped, it is the lowest level in the world in all other aspects.

The reason for this is related to the policy of the old King Stone Forest, which focuses on economic development rather than the military.

The military power of the Stone Forest is not a secret in the eyes of all forces in the world. It can be described in one word, that is, it is weak.

Therefore, all parties have never regarded the Stone Forest as a threat because it is too small and weak.

However, three days ago, when the old king abdicated and the new king ascended the throne after the new army appeared in full swing, all forces were alerted. That is why all forces sent intelligence personnel to the Stone Forest to obtain intelligence and then disappeared.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv watched secretly for a while before returning to stay at a hotel on the border of the Stone Forest neighboring countries.

On the second day, the two talents applied to enter the Stone Forest.

Last night he saw from afar that it would be very difficult to apply for the entry, but I did not expect it to be so difficult.

The last time Su Yu and Xuan Nv entered the country, they just filled in a personal information form and checked their identities before they were released.

But this time, besides these, Su Yu and Xuan Nv also went through a series of procedures such as body search, interrogation, etc.

However, even so, the two did not get permission to enter the Stone Forest realm.

In one room, a sergeant-like man looked at Su Yu and Xuan Nv's personal information table and said, "why did you enter the Stone Forest? We have information here showing that the two of you came to our country five days ago and left. Why did you request to enter again in a short time? "

Su Yu has long thought over the explanation: "Last time we came to work, we will naturally return after work. This time we came to play. Last time we just had a quick meeting with a friend and had a meal. This time we had plenty of time, so we wanted to have a good play with the Stone Forest. "

The noncommissioned officer stared closely at Su Yu and said: "Then don't you know our country's policies in recent days? Why do you want to visit our country? "

"Policy?" Su Yu said with a frown, "I'm sorry for this sergeant. I usually live apart from my job. I don't care about any policy or politics. what happened in your country?"

Su Yu's expression is very sincere and there is no trace of lying.

The sergeant said, "Well, a little change has taken place. Our country is now during the reign of the new king, so our foreign policy has been adjusted. Tourists are not welcome to visit our country in the near future, so we reject your application for entry. Sorry! Please go back. "

"what?" Su Yu was angry and said, "We came all the way here, and you let us go if you refused? Is it unreasonable? "

"truth? Haha, young man, in our country, here, I am the truth, what I say, what is the truth! " The sergeant sneered.

Su Yu and Xu 'an NV looked at each other in secret. Su Yu said, "ok, ok, I'm a scholar. I can't explain why I met a soldier. ok, let's go now. I won't come to the Stone Forest to play anymore!"

He said, pulling Xuan Nv 's arm and walking towards the outside.

"Stop!" The sergeant shouted.

Hearing this, Su Yu's eyebrows jumped and he was secretly ready. if the other party dared to rough it up, he would teach these people a lesson. but on the surface, Su Yu did not change. he said, "Sergeant, do you have any problem to ask?"

The sergeant sneered, "You are very daring. I think you are not ordinary people. It is almost the same for ordinary people not to shiver under our rounds of questioning, but the two of you are too calm. Who the hell are you? "

Smell speech Su Yu immediately heart thumped, immediately understand their negligence.

To tell the truth, this cannot be blamed on Su Yu. In the past, Su Yu faced a terrible monster. Although these soldiers of the Stone Forest were also terrifying, they were nothing compared with those horrible monsters. It would be strange if Su Yu and Xuan NV were afraid.

If Su Yu had taken this into consideration last night, Su Yu and Xuan Nv might have shown fear at this moment.

But now, it is too late to express fear, so we have to continue.

Su Yu said: "Afraid? Why should we be afraid? We didn't break the law or anything. What are we afraid of?

And I don't believe you dare to do anything to us. We have a strong supporter behind us. "

The sergeant was slightly stunned and said with a smile, "backer? Haha, I'm a little curious about the backer you mentioned. What kind of backer has given you so much courage? "

"Nine Regions, the whole Nine Regions are our backer, sergeant comrade, what do you think of our backer? Why should we be afraid of this supporter? " Su Yu road.

"Nine Regions?" When the sergeant heard this, he clapped his hands gently and said, "Nine Regions is a good supporter. You really need not be afraid to have this supporter." Said the sergeant.

"Then can we go?" Su Yu road.

"No, I still have a problem to ask you. The information form says that you want to visit your friend when you enter our country. So what is your friend's name, how old and what do you do? Only if what you said is true can you leave! " Sergeant Tao.

Su Yu frowned slightly, then told Zhang Pengchao's identity again, and after half an hour of verification, the sergeant said again: "well, it has been proved that everything you said is true over there, so now you have obtained the permission to enter the country!"