Chapter 261 The Upheaval in The Stone Forest

A few days later, the weather in Songan, north of Nine Regions, became colder and colder. Most people stayed indoors to keep warm.

In the detective agency, Su Yu and others who do not have a task, for the time being, are just like those who are holed up in the house. although Su Yu and others are powerful and not afraid of fire or thunder, it is still cold.

"Hisha ~" Su Yu was drinking hot drinks while reading Monsters Around Us the island turtle, which may be the reason why the weather turned cold. The island turtle is not as active as before.

Just before noon, Elder Xuan came to the office area and said to Su Yu, "Xuan Zhen, come with me!"

Hearing this, Su Yu was slightly shocked and said, "all right, Boss!"

Su Yu got up and followed Elder Xuan to the director's office. Elder Xuan cut to the chase and asked, "Xuan Zhen, do you have classmates or friends in the Stone Forest?"

"yes Boss, is there any problem?" Su Yu wondered.

"That's good. I want you to go to the Stone Forest again to finish a task!" Elder Xuan said.

"What task?" Su Yu asked, somewhat puzzled, what does this have to do with whether he has a friend in the Stone Forest.

"I want you to go to the Stone Forest to find someone, an intelligence officer from our bureau, who disappeared in the Stone Forest and cut off all contact!" Elderxu road.

"Intelligence personnel?" Su Yu said with a frown: "how did our intelligence personnel disappear in the Stone Forest? Why send me to there? There should be many more experienced colleagues than I do? "

"Well, there are a lot of them, but they are not suitable. the Stone Forest political situation has undergone drastic changes three days ago. Lao Wang abdicated and the new king became king. the Stone Forest policy has undergone major changes and other people from all over the world have been forbidden to enter the Stone Forest.

The Stone Forest's troops have sealed off the entire border of the Stone Forest. Now, look at this information! "

Elder Xuan said, pushing a document to Su Yu.

Su Yu took a few glances and immediately frowned. "Isn't that strange? The first thing that the new king of the Stone Forest ascended to the throne was to blockade the country and announce the abolition of frog farming? This is not equal to cut off the lifeblood! Does this new king have a problem in his mind? "

"Yes, it is so strange, all forces feel there must be something wrong, so all sent professional intelligence personnel to find out the accurate news, our bureau is no exception.

However, all the intelligence personnel disappeared after entering the Stone Forest, without any contact. "Elder Xuan said.

Su Yu frowned and said, "Boss, do you have any speculation about the political changes in the Stone Forest?"

Elder Xuan rubbed his eyebrows and said: "Hummingbird is also an extraordinary person, even he has lost contact, so I think the Stone Forest coup may be related to the extraordinary person.

Even now, the new king may only be a puppet, at most a spokesman pushed by the people behind him in front of the world.

However, there is no evidence, so we cannot enter the Stone Forest as an official or detective agency. Even hummingbirds enter the Stone Forest as individuals. "

"The Boss you mean, want me to enter the Stone Forest as a person and find hummingbirds? By the way, what exactly happened to the Stone Forest? " Su Yu road.

"That's right if we can find out that the Stone Forest's change has something to do with an extraordinary life, then our bureau has a legitimate reason to intervene!

The Stone Forest has sealed off the border, but not everyone can enter or leave it. If you have friends and family members in the Stone Forest, you can enter it after getting confirmation from the people over there. Our bureau is now only you have friends in the Stone Forest. Elderxu said.

Su Yu understood that Elder Xuan wanted to reasonably enter the Stone Forest to conduct search and rescue and secret investigation on the grounds that he visited a friend.

After pondering for a long time, Su Yu said, "all right, I'll take this task!"

"I'll go too!" Su Yu's voice just fell and a cold voice sounded. Xuan Nv pushed the door and came in.

"Have you heard?" Elder Xuan gave Xuan Nv a headache look. he talked too seriously with Su Yu just now and didn't find Xuan Nv eavesdropping outside the door.

Xuan Nv gently nods: "hmm!"

Elder Xuan said: "Since you have heard it, Xuan Nv, you should know that you do not have a reasonable identity to enter the Stone Forest."

Xuan Nv calmly said: "Boss, don't forget that Xuan Zhen and I just came back from the Stone Forest a few days ago. if we go again so soon, others will feel strange, right?"

"This ..." Elder Xuan frowned, but he did not consider this.

Xu 'an NV added: "So it makes no difference if I go with Xuan Zhen and I go together. Besides, two people can also take care of each other."

"All right, then you two can go together. As to what reasonable status you should use to think about it, if possible, you can leave this afternoon!" Elder Xuan said, "A good study of the information I gave you will be helpful to your secret task."

"yes, Boss!" Su Yu replied that there was no objection to such an arrangement.

Xuan Nv nodded coldly.

"Go ahead, I'll wait for your good news!" Elder Xuan waved and said.

Subsequently, Su Yu and Xuan Nv walked out of Elder Xuan's office and came to the office area to start studying the information Elder Xuan gave about the Stone Forest.

The impression of the Stone Forest Su Yu is a frog. if it is only common, it is enough to know so much.

But because of this secret task, it is necessary to know more and more in detail.

After careful study, Su Yu discovered that the Stone Forest is really a small country, not as large as a city in Nine Regions, with only 6,000 square kilometers and a population of less than one million.

The Stone Forest has only one city, Fergus, and Fergus is also the capital of the Stone Forest. Eighty percent of the population of the Stone Forest lives in Fergus.

The remaining 20 percent also settled next to Fergus and formed various villages.

In fact, strictly speaking, these villages are also part of Fergus.

Fergus is a real urban-rural junction. There are villages in the city and even agricultural and aquaculture facilities such as farmland and forests.

Therefore, the environment in the city of Fergus is very complicated. Even the local people do not know what they will encounter while walking.

Su Yu scratched his head a little. In such an environment, it is not easy to find someone.

Of course, these are not the most important. Su Yu is even more concerned about other aspects of the information.

The intelligence personnel who disappeared in the Stone Forest did not get anything. They also passed back some useful information before they disappeared.

For example, some special environmental changes have taken place in Fergus, covered by a layer of mist, which is very thin but can block sight, signals, etc.