Chapter 260 The Stone Forest

"here comes the dried pot spicy frog, braised frog, mushroom frog ... all the dishes you ordered have been served, please help yourselves!"

Outside of Nine Regions, in an open-air restaurant called the Stone Forest, a waiter shouted loudly and set plates of delicious dishes in front of Su Yu and Zhang Pengchao.

"Mmm ~ It's really fragrant and fat. The frog is delicious and its teacher is good!" Zhang Pengchao chewed a piece of field chicken and said.

"er? Yu, why don't you eat? This field of chicken is delicious, as good as my own! " Zhang Pengchao frowned when he saw Su Yu not moving his chopsticks.

Su Yu smiled wryly and motioned with his hand, "No, I can't eat or enjoy this stuff!"

"Hey yo hey, brother Yu, you are still the same as when you were in school, this also doesn't eat that also don't eat, you have come to the Stone Forest, how can you not eat a frog? Yuge, you don't know that the Stone Forest's frog farming is famous all over the world.

If you come to the Stone Forest and don't eat a frog, it is equal to that you have not been here. Taste it, it's delicious! "Zhang Pengchao said and ate a big chopsticks leader.

"It really can't come!" Su Yu shook his head with a wry smile.

"All right, I wanted to invite you to eat the local characteristics, but you didn't eat it. I'll give you something else. Waiters, cows, sheep, pigs, and all kinds of green vegetable bunches will give me 20 bunches each and roast two big kidneys!" Zhang Pengchao shouted.

"ok, it will be ready soon!" The waiter replied.

Zhang Pengchao winked at Su Yu and said, "the kidney is baked for you. make good use of it tonight!"

Hearing this, Su Yu was slightly stunned, understood Zhang Pengchao's meaning, and said in distress: "ouch, brother Chao, don't play fun with me. She is my Boss. if she hears this, she will angry with me!"

“ Boss ? I would like to be so beautiful even if I wear shoes every day. " Zhang Pengchao exaggerated, raised his eyebrows at Su Yu and said, "Brother Yu, did you do anything?"

"Eat your toad!" Su Yu scolded.

"er!" Zhang Pengchao pointed to Su Yu and said, "Brother Yu, I think you are talking something dirty, but I have no evidence! "

Su Yu: "hmm?"

Zhang Pengchao winked and smiled, "did your Boss eat your.....?"

Su Yu's face immediately changed when he heard this and covered Zhang Pengchao's mouth directly. "bro, please shut up. do you know that you are on the verge of death?"

"meowed ..." Zhang Pengchao pulled Su Yu's hand open and said, "did you wash your hands in the toilet just now?"

"Ah ..." Su Yu was speechless when he heard this and said, "Brother Chao, you have not changed at all. You are still so coquettish."

Zhang Pengchao said with a smile: "people don't waste their youth! By the way, Yu, what is your current job and how did you come to the Stone Forest on business? "

"A civil servant!" Su Yu hesitated for a moment.

"Yo, it's still an iron job!" Zhang Pengchao took a sip of wine.

"Haha!" Su Yu smiled and smiled. "Forget about me. Why, are you not going back to Nine Regions in your whole life?"

"It's about the same. The whole family has moved here and the property has been set up here. It's hard to go back, but if you want to go back and play, I can do it at any time!" Zhang Pengchao said.

"Oh, so you are rich now!" Shouted Su Yu, the kebab has been roasted and rolled.

"Ha, ha, ha, bit by bit, you see, all around are coming to eat the frog. If you do the frog breeding, you can't lose it even if you don't earn it." Zhang Pengchao said.

Su Yu looked around, the business here is really hot, eat frog people from all over the world.

The Stone Forest is only a small country. If you want resources, you get almost nothing. At most, water resources are relatively abundant.

Although there are no big rivers and lakes, there are many small rivers and streams.

Earlier the Stone Forest was poor and could not catch up with the rural areas of Nine Regions.

But that was earlier. In order to get rid of the country's difficulties, the Stone Forest king relied on and was too rich in water resources to start farming.

He does not breed fish or other aquatic products and specializes in breeding amphibious frogs such as frog and bullfrog.

After that, Shilin frog became world-famous, and within a short span of ten years the Stone Forest became rich, and frog farming became the pillar industry of the Stone Forest.

People came to the Stone Forest to eat frog all the time. There was an endless stream.

Su Yu nodded his head and said: "Well, it looks like, it really can't be compensated!"

"That's right. Although the technology here lags behind a little bit, it is good in other respects, and most of the people are immigrants from Nine Regions. The feeling given to me is no different from when I was in Nine Regions!" Zhang Pengchao laughed: "by the way, brother Yu, when are you leaving?"

"By tomorrow at the latest, the details will depend on what my Boss means!" Su Yu road.

"That's a pity. I was thinking of letting you come home with me." Zhang Pengchao said.

"Next time, tell the uncle and aunt that I have enough time to visit them when I come back." Su Yu road.

"Well, then our family can wait for you to come! Cheers! " Zhang Pengchao said.

"Cheers!" Su Yu drank a glass of beer in one gulp, and suddenly Su Yu made a slight gesture and noticed something strange.

"hmm? What's the matter, Yu? " Zhang Pengchao asked.

"ah? Nothing, come and continue eating! " Su Yu shook his head.

After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, Su Yu's face slightly darkened after he put Zhang Pengchao, who was drunk, on the taxi home.

Just at the time of eating, Su Yu actually felt an extraordinary force fluctuation with a strong sense of murder and anger.

It's just that the fluctuation disappeared so fast that Su Yu didn't capture it. Su Yu doubted that he was wrong in perception.

Of course, Su Yu did not take it seriously. After Zhang Pengchao was put on the bus, Su Yu began to patrol nearby.

However, after searching for half a day, Su Yu did not gain anything and did not find any residual extraordinary force.

Su Yu scratched his head and said, "Is it really wrong to perceive?"

Just at this time, Xu 'an NV informed him through his wristwatch to return to Nine Regions now. In desperation, Su Yu had to give up and return to his hotel to join Xu 'an NV, then set off for the Nine Regions Investigation Bureau.

What Su Yu did not know was that the frog with scarlet and strange lines appeared near the hotel where they stayed when they had just left the front foot and the back foot was as dark as jet jade.

The frog looked at the direction in which Suyu Xu 'an NV and Suyu Xu 'an NV were leaving and said, "Danger, Human, Kill, Revenge, Strength!"

With that, the frog jumped lightly and disappeared, as if it had never appeared before!