Chapter 26: The Monster Wake Up

Xuan Shui's expression was a little embarrassing. What he had said was to a sleeping guy. This was just the same as a blind man using a candle -- a total waste.

The next moment, Xuan Shui was about to shoot out his spear to awaken the monster.

"Don't be impulsive!" Xuan Nv's voice sounded, preventing Xuan Shui's action. Although she did not felt strong super power from this ancient monster, it gave her a strong sense of oppression. The attack was likely to irritate it.

It was very dangerous to irritate such an ancient monster. Moreover, in the sea, if a large fluctuation caused by such a huge ancient monster may cause a tsunami. The current position was not far from the coastline. If a tsunami was generated, it was likely to give the coast area caused disaster.

Xuan Nv was thought about whether to open up a different dimension space enchantment and draw the ancient monster into it.

However, among the back of the ancient monster, there were 321 ordinary people, so Xuan Nv gave up this idea.

Ordinary people would not be drawn into the dimensional space. Once the ancient monsters were drawn into the dimensional space, 321 ordinary people such as Mark will be directly exposed to the deep sea.

At the current depth of the sea, ordinary people would be killed by the pressure of powerful water instantly.

Xuan Shui heard Xuan Nv's words, and although the attack stopped, the spear did not disperse, and said, "Without attacking it, how could we wake up this monster? when did it wake up? And how to solve the memory problem?"

Xuan Nv shook her head gently and said, "Attack is the last resort. Attacking it will probably irritate it. We may not get hurt, but those ordinary people are in danger. Have you considered the consequences?"

Xuan Shui groaned and dispersed the spear: "Then what good way do you have? Without waking it up, the monster would take us to an unknown place."

"Xuan Zhen, haven't you said that you can hear the sound of ancient monsters? Try to communicate with him and see if you can wake it up." Xuan Nv said.

Suddenly @, Su Yu stunned, it took a while to respond: "Ah? Leader, do you let me communicate with it? How should I communicate with it, I have not learned the foreign language of the ancient monster! Is it too late for a cram school now? "

Xuan Nv: "..."

Xuan Shui: "..."

"Hoo!" Xuan Nv sighed softly, and said, "Teach? Which tutor teaches the monster language? Stop joking, hurry up, and try to communicate until you wake up the monster. "

Su Yu opened her mouth, and saw Xuan Nv's cold eyes, and immediately shifted her eyes to the monster's head.

Communicate? How to communicate? He has no idea at all, what can he do? Shout!

Taking a deep breath, Su Yu just opened his mouth and shouted: "Monster, wake up, get up, the sun is raised, your mother is calling you to go home for breakfast! Get up, your ass is on fire! "

Xuan Shui covered her face aside, feeling shameful, but no one else was nearby.

Xuan Nv also has a dull face, and regrets to ask Su Yu to wake up the monster. This person is mentally retarded except for naughty?

Just as Xuan Nv was about to stop Su Yu, there was a sudden light bloom on the dark seafloor, and there seemed to be two moons in the darkness.

Xuan Shui paused, watching the two moons indefinitely, "Oh, my boy! It worked?"

Xuan Nv was speechless, she did not expect that Su Yu can really wake up the monster.

Those two rounds of the moon were not really moons, but the eyes of ancient beasts. When its eyes opened, it was lighted like a moon.

The ancient monster had moved its neck and began to move in the dark sea. It moved toward the 'island' like a huge snake, and soon passed through the water curtain and came to the people.

"So big!" Su Yu's first impression of the monster's head was big, too big, just like a big mountain, and the two nostrils of the black hole were like two bottomless caves.

The air flowing from the nostrils, like a typhoon of class 12, instantly blows Su Yu up.

But when he was blown away, Su Yu was settled by Xuan Nv's Gravity Field. She used gravity's power to set him in place, there is no need to worry about the air blown out by the monster.

"Try to communicate with it and see if it can give the memory Mark and other back?" Xuan Nv ordered.

"Okay, leader!" Su Yu shouted, took a deep breath, calmed his shocking mood, and then had the mood to carefully look at the monster's head in front of him.

In addition to being large, the beast's head is faint as a whole. At the same time, many animal head features can be seen on its skulls, such as a dragon head and a turtlehead, and a bit of a crocodile. In the meantime, Su Yu saw the shape of more than a dozen species of animals.

Of course, its not the right time for Su Yu to observe the face of the ancient monster. Su Yu knew what he had to do, but he still asked Xuan Nv: "Leader, What do you want to do with this ancient monster? To seal ... or ..."

This question is very important to Su Yu. Xuan Nv heard the words and looked at Su Yu with surprise. "It depends on the situation, it doesn't hurt human life. If it can guarantee that the same thing will not happen again, and it can solve the memory problem, we can let it go.

Otherwise, we have to seal it or obliterate it ... "

Hum ~

Xuan Nv just finished speaking, Su Yu just felt a majestic fierce gas burst, the light was a little bit brighter, the giant monster's two huge eyes, and the pupils erected into two lines.


The three saw anger in these eyes. The three of Su Yu were startled and then reacted. The beast could understand what they said. Obviously, the word "kill" by Xuan Nv made it a little angry.

When Xuan Nv was aware of this, she was shocked at first, then was a joy, and looked at the beast and said, "Very well, you can understand my words. Then, I will speak straight. Please think carefully. If you don't agree, don't blame me for attacking you! "

As soon as Xuan Nv finished speaking, she released the Gravity Field and instantly covered the entire mysterious island!

The ancient monster noticed the action of Xuan Nv, and its head pulled back fiercely, agitating the wild wind, but the most important thing was that Su Yu saw a trace of fear in the eyes of the monster.

Su Yu is a little surprised, is Xuan Nv so scary? Did the ancient monster feel scared?

How strong was Xuan Nv?

Su Yu was very curious, and at the same time, his emotions were a little complicated. The stronger Xuan Nv was, the more difficult it was for him to leave the Monster Detective Bureau.