Chapter 259 Jarvis

"Damn, damn, why did I lose to him? This is impossible! " At the moment when Hu Lin's body was blown to ashes by Mr. Lion, a small snake suddenly shouted in a dim room in the real world.

"Haha, what is impossible? The fact is not already in front of your eyes! You are defeated. If it weren't for me, you would have died completely! " Another voice sounded, and a transparent and indistinct figure emerged beside the little snake.

Hu Lin looked at the transparent figure with awe and fear and said, "who are you and why did you save me? What exactly is your aim? Why did you conclude that I would fail? "

"Who am I, what is the purpose, it doesn't matter, save you just casually, as to why I know you will fail? That's because I can see the future. I saw your downfall today long ago! " Transparent figure light laughed.


"Haha, how, don't believe I can see the future? Whether you believe it or not depends on yourself. The important thing is that I saved you, didn't I? " Transparent figure haha a laughed.

"Hum!" Hu Lin snorted, "What if I survive? Now the snake of destruction on earth will soon be me alone, right? What's the point of living alone? My mission is to enable my family to reproduce. It is not finished now. I think I might as well die! "

"Why are you so pessimistic? Isn't their hope in living? " Transparent figure way.

"Hope? I can't see any hope of living alone on this earth star! " Hu Lin said, then lying prone on his back and said, "You go, I want to be alone now ..."


Before Hu Lin finished speaking, he saw an egg-shaped object falling in front of him.

"I hope you have seen enough of this?" Transparent figure light way.

Hu Lin looked at the egg-shaped object in front of him and became speechless. It took several seconds for Hu Lin to return to absolute being and said, "Snake species? Why do you have snakes? "

"Is that enough?" The transparent figure did not answer but continued to ask.

"Enough, enough, ha, ha, ha, absolutely enough!" Hu Lin laughed, swam with his body, wrapped his body around the snake species of the destructive snake, and then swallowed the snake species with open mouth.

"That's good!" The transparent figure said: "Then you will try your best to live and wait for the opportunity. The strength of the Earth people you see is only the tip of the iceberg. They are 100,000 times stronger than you think!"

Said, the transparent figure slowly dissipated.

Hu Lin looked at the disappearing transparent figure thoughtfully, then swung his tail and swam away from the room. He needed to find a hidden place to recover his strength while waiting for the opportunity to strengthen the ethnic group.


On the other side, Su Yu and others naturally did not know that Hu Lin, who should have died, was alive again and had a new snake species of destruction.

After Mr. Lion left, Su Yu and others returned to the real world. the tense mood finally relaxed.

Hu Lin is dead, and the third generation of snakes of destruction that can reproduce are either obliterated or sealed. except for the three who have not yet been caught, the crisis brought by the snakes of destruction to the earth's stars is equivalent to being completely relieved.

After that, Hu Simin, Peng Meijia and Kong Mingxuan were arrested without much effort.

After learning that Hu Lin was dead, the three of them did not resist.

Even Su Yu and others felt the death of them.

At this point, the snake of destruction case is over.

"Well, I should go too!" When Xuan Kong opened the door of space and the crowd was preparing to return to the detective agency, Jarvis did not choose to follow him back but said so.

Although it is known that Jarvis will not stay on earth for a long time, Su Yu and others were slightly startled by feeling's departure just after the task.

Su Yu frowned and said, "will you leave now? Not for a few more days. I'll take you to have a good taste of our planet's delicious food! "

"There is an opportunity!" Jarvis smiled, "I am very busy. I just took another task. I have to finish it. I can't earn any stars and coins when I stay!"

"All right, then we won't keep you. I wish you a safe return!" Su Yu said with a smile.

"Thank you, if there is an opportunity, you must go to the universe for a walk and have a look Xuan Zhen Orion mentions my name, I will show you the scenery of my hometown!" Jarvis said.

"Well, if you have an opportunity, you must go!" Su Yu said with a smile.

Jarvis smiled and nodded one by one with Su Yu, Xu 'an NV and others, and then gently pressed on the cheek. A light column suddenly fell from the sky, enveloping Jarvis in it.

Su Yu and others suddenly looked up, and a strange-looking spaceship of the size of a passenger plane slowly appeared over their heads.

Jarvis's body slowly rose along the light pillar. He waved to the crowd and said, "Goodbye, everyone. This cooperation is very pleasant. I hope there is an opportunity to cooperate again!"

"Goodbye!" Su Yu and others also waved.

After a flash of brilliance, Jarvis's body entered the spaceship.

Moments later, the spaceship rose in a straight line. After rising to a certain height, it emitted a violet flame and disappeared like a meteor in the time tunnel!

Su Yu and others watched in situ for a while, until they could no longer see any traces left by the spacecraft before walking towards the door of space opened by Xuan Kong.

"Let's go! Here we go! Go back and have a rest, this task is also very tiring! "

"Who wrote the task report back?"


Soon all that remained was the crowd's voice.