Chapter 258 The Death of Hu Lin

 "Oh, that's wonderful, is this the power of my perfect form? Too strong! Ha, ha, ha, Earthstar, I have to thank you. If it weren't for you, I would like to become this perfect form. I don't know how long it will take! " Hu Lin felt the surging power of the body, laughing.

"oh? Yes! Then do you want to give me some thanks? Ha ha ~ "Mr lion said with a smile.

"Of course. My thank-you gift is to give you death and become my food!" Hu Lin said that had not finished speaking, the figure had already appeared in front of Mr. Lion and a blow had hit Mr. Lion's abdomen.

Bang's loud noise, Mr. Lion's majestic figure was blown out by Hu Lin, knocking down buildings along the way.


The roar resounded continuously, buildings collapsed, and a huge trace of ruins appeared in the projected Hanwu city, just like a giant scratched a trace of terror on the earth.

"Mr. Lion!"

The crowd couldn't help exclaiming at the sight of this. it was so fast that they didn't see how Hu Lin moved. Mr. Lion was shot out.

Thud ~ Hu Lin's wings, Hu Lin's figure disappeared again, appeared at the end of the ruins, terrorist extraordinary force in Hu Lin's mouth, and then turned into a dazzling light burst out by him on the ruins.


Immediately, there was a big explosion, a huge light mass appeared on the ground, the terrorist shock wave swept in all directions, buildings within a few kilometers turned into fly ash in the explosion.

When the light gradually dissipated, Su Yu and others were all with their hair bristling. A huge pit with a diameter of thousands of meters appeared on the ground, with a depth of 100 meters. At this time, rolling smoke rolled at the bottom of the pit, making it impossible to see the situation inside.

Su Yu and others couldn't help holding their breath and looking at the pit, worried about Mr. Lion. they didn't know whether Mr. Lion would be safe and sound under Hu Lin's blow just now.


At this moment, a powerful might burst out at the bottom of the pit, directly blowing away the smoke and dust. a figure shining with golden light all over slowly flew up from the bottom of the pit. who else would it be but Mr. Lion?

At the sight of this, Su Yu and others are not relieved.

"Haha, yes, the attack just now was delicious!" Mr. Lion said with a big smile, stretched out his hand and patted his chest, there is a charred, it is just by Hu Lin attack to the ground.

Mr. Lion took two shots, and the blackened spot was taken off, revealing the golden fluff again.

Hu Lin saw the pupil was immediately a fierce contraction, Hu Lin some shocked, Mr. Lion's physical defense some beyond his imagination.

Immediately, Hu Lin's look became very dignified, and he regarded Mr lion as an absolute enemy. even if he had evolved into a perfect form now, Hu Lin did not dare to dismiss Mr lion.

Similarly, Mr lion did not dare to dismiss Hu Lin. although he seemed to have easily defended Hu Lin's blow, Mr lion had already regarded Hu Lin as an enemy who could fight him in world war I.

Boom! Boom!

The two men's mighty broke out and collided violently in the time tunnel. The electricity generated in the time tunnel crackled and the clouds above the two men's heads were dispersed at this moment.

The next moment the two men moved at the same time and rushed towards the other party. Bang's loud noise resounded through. the two men collided violently. the terrible shock wave spread around the two people. time tunnel produced ripples of distortion.

However, this is only the beginning. then, Mr. Lion and Hu Lin collided in the time tunnel, and the huge roar resounded for nine days.

The speed of the two men was so fast that Su Yu and others could only capture the afterimage of the two even if they used up their eyesight.

I can only feel the shock wave of terror caused by the continuous collision between the two.

These shock waves were like bombs that blasted Hanwu City in the Projected World with holes. In a short period of time, one-tenth of Hanwu City in the Projected World was reduced to ruins.

Soo ~

At this moment, a shadow fell from the sky and hit the earth.

With a roar, there is a huge roar, the earth capsized, the ground surge up like waves, buildings within a radius of more than ten kilometers all collapsed at this moment.

It is in the projective world if, in the real world, Su Yu doesn't know how big disaster it will cause.

"Who was beaten down?" The crowd is most concerned about this, Xuan Shui said.

"Damn, Earth people, you deserve to die!" Hu Lin's roar sounded from the ground, with a roar, the ground exploded, a ferocious snake emerged from the ground, devouring toward the sky.

At the same time, the figure of Hu Lin rose from the ground, and it was Hu Lin who fell from the sky.

The wings behind Hu Lin have become enormous at the moment, snakeheads like hills.

"Hum! It's flashy! " A cold drink resounded through. Mr. Lion appeared in a time tunnel, watching the snakeheads biting him motionless.

Mr. Lion looked a little disappointed and said: "I thought you could fight with me for a while. it looks like I was wrong. the power you mixed together at random can't hurt me at all. you just have the level. so, the fight is over!"

Mr. Lion's having not finished speaking, Su Yu and others saw that Mr. Lion swung his paw at Hu Lin in the air, the huge shadow of his paw reappeared, and the cold light in the time tunnel flashed. the ferocious snakeheads rushed at Mr. Lion were frozen instantly and then smashed into pieces all over the sky.

"No, it's impossible!" Hu Lin a loud roar loud, behind terrorist scars appeared on Hu Lin, blood sprays out like a fountain, check all uncontrollable coughing.

Later, Hu Lin has transformed again into the previous pile of minced meat, and Hu Lin was transformed into the original shape by Mr. Lion.

"Impossible? Haha, send you on the road! " Mr. Lion sneered: "lion roar bomb, roar ~"

A loud roar came from Mr lion's mouth, and a light beam shot out of Mr lion's mouth at the same time, hitting Hu Lin's pile of minced meat.

Boom ~

Immediately, there was a big explosion, and a huge light mass was completely submerged in Hu Lin. As you can see, Hu Lin became fly ash inch by inch under this attack. When the light mass dispersed, Hu Lin also disappeared.

Su Yu and others couldn't help blinking. Is this really over?

Shoop ~

In a daze, a magnificent figure landed in front of the crowd, raised his hand and threw something to the crowd, which was the seal pestle Hu Lin took from Su Yu.

"I've got the things back and Hu Lin has been disposed of by me. I'll leave the rest to you to deal with. I'll go first if I have something else to do." Mr. Lion said that his voice had not dropped yet, and the figure of Mr. Lion had gone away.

"thank you, Mr. Lion, and leave the rest to us!" Xuan Kong Xuan Shui and others came to their senses and saluted Mr. Lion respectfully in the direction of his departure.