Chapter 257 Changes

"Who are you?" Hu Lin looked at Mr. Lion coming towards him with a dignified expression.

Hu Lin felt great oppression on him, who looks like a lion.

"The man who will take your life!" Mr. Lion's cold channel, his hands into claws, claws pop out from Mr. Lion's fingers.

With a snort of cold, Hu Lin immediately launched an attack. it was better to start first. all kinds of breath poured over Mr. Lion.

"Haha!" In the face of such attacks, the lion did not hide or flash, but smiled gently.

Bang ~ the next moment, the voice of surprises.

Su Yu and others saw that the breath was torn to pieces.

Mr. Lion waved his two claws to tear apart Hu Lin's attack.

"what?" Hu Lin was immediately taken aback. although Mr lion broke his breathing before, this time Mr lion tore up his breathing so easily that he could not help but be taken aback.

"Hey, what's your surprise?" Mr. Lion's voice sounded in Hu Lin's ear, and Hu Lin's surprised expression turned to horror. Hu Lin did not find out how Mr. Lion appeared in front of him. just now they were at least hundreds of meters away.

"Damn!" Hu Lin gnashed his teeth and cursed in his heart.

At the same time, Hu Lin controlled the head of the snake to strike Mr. Lion.

Shoop ~ Mr. Lion waved his paw, cold light was crossing in the air.

In a split second, the head of the snake who crashed into Mr. Lion suddenly turned into fragments and fell to the ground like raindrops.

"ah ~" Hu Lin couldn't help a painful cry, just that moment his 12 snakeheads torn to pieces by Mr. Lion.

"Damn! You earth star are really damn! " Hu Lin roared, one by one, the crushed snakeheads recovered.

"The snake of destruction? Haha, Hu Lin, if you only have this ability, you can't walk a few moves in my hand! " Mr. Lion smiled softly. his voice was full of contempt. he felt the snake of destruction. the title of destruction is a bit too big.

While speaking, Mr. Lion's body appeared on Hu Lin in a flash.

Brush ~ a huge claw shadow appeared, a claw on Hu Lin's body.

Huge claw shadow flash and didn't, I heard Hu Lin's mouth loud roar of pain, five huge wounds appeared on Hu Lin's huge body, almost tore Hu Lin's body into pieces.

Su Yu and others saw a gasp. Mr lion's attack was too horrible. they used almost all their strength to break the body of scales defense. in front of Mr lion, the feeling was no different from the paper paste.

"Damn earth star, are you looking down on me? What if you can break my defense? I can recover instantly. How can you defeat me? " Hu Lin roars, and the wound opened by Mr. Lion recovers quickly. one breath is the same.

Su Yu's face is slightly sunken, which is the ultra-high-speed regeneration of Ma Dongdong.

"Super high-speed regeneration? If you think you can be invincible with this ability, then you are really stupid! " Mr. Lion said: "super high-speed regeneration is never an invincible ability. how fast can you regenerate? as long as the speed that causes damage to you is higher than the speed that you regenerate, although it is difficult to kill you, it is possible to defeat you!"

Bang ~ Mr. Lion's having not finished speaking, his arms suddenly expanded in a circle. at the same time, Mr. Lion's might burst and pressed against Hu Lin. the powerful might made Hu Lin's movements slightly sluggish.

It was then that Mr. Lion moved and his arms were lifted.

The next moment, the crowd felt as if the scene before them, Mr. Lion and Hu Lin, had all disappeared, feeling only the flickering cold light.

After a long time, the crowd's eyes returned to normal again. Then, the crowd could not help gasping again.

Mr. Lion still turned his back on them. Hu Lin had disappeared. no, it was actually a pile of minced meat piled up in front of Mr. Lion.

"Damn, how is that possible?" The minced meat was wriggling and Hu Lin's face appeared with a hint of panic.

Hu Lin wanted to recover using ultra-high-speed regeneration capability, but he found that he could not do it, and his flesh and blood could not be fused together to recover.

"What did you do to me?" Hu Lin roared, his face appeared and collapsed, and he could not recover at all.

"Won?" Su Yu was shocked to see this.

All this was said very slowly, but in fact, it was very fast, adding up to just a few minutes, leaving their enemies almost helpless, thus being solved?

Before Xuan Kong and others spoke, Mr. Lion's voice sounded: "It's not that easy. Don't underestimate any king. It's not that easy to defeat a king, isn't it, Hu Lin? And don't you think Hu Lin, the king, is too weak? "

Smell speech, everyone is a smoke corners of the mouth, how can they not see where Hu Lin is weak, they almost killed by Hu Lin, ok?

After hearing what Mr. Lion said, the crowd's heart was filled with a slight shock. looking at the pile of minced meat and the back channels in his heart, did Hu Lin have any other tricks?

"Hum!" Hu Lin's cold hum sounded and said: "I can't hide it from your eyes, let it be, I will beat you in my strongest state, your strength is qualified to let me beat you with my strongest strength."

Before Hu Lin's voice fell, Su Yu and others saw the pile of minced meat begin to surge up and collapse toward a place where it was like a whirlpool devouring all the minced meat.

It is very slow to say, but after a few breaths, all the hill-like minced meat disappeared, and in the original position of the minced meat appeared a one-person high egg full of strange lines.


The egg was beating, beating like a drum.

Suyu realized that at this moment his heartbeat seemed to be in line with Hu Lin's heartbeat, which was hard to say.

Crac crack, cracks appeared on the egg, blossom out from the crack.

The next moment, the eggshell broke, a human figure appeared in that position, and the horrible might bloomed at the same time.

Hu Lin's strength has been strengthened again. the level has reached C at the black level, etc.

Hu Lin's image has changed at this time, becoming younger, but only the face is the appearance of human beings, and other parts are just similar to human beings, covered with hard scales.

In particular, there are a pair of huge wings on the back. If you look closely, you will find that the pair of wings on the back of Hu Lin is composed of Hu Lin's other 48 heads, 24 on each side.

And the 48 heads are not fixed but can rotate flexibly. 48 snakeheads are staring at Mr. Lion with their eyes hissing and spitting. the eyes of pairs of snakes are sending out horrible dangerous light!