Chapter 256 Mr. Lion

"It's over, then I'll kill you with this trick!" Hu Lin thought of it and did it. He immediately gave a cold drink. In addition to the head in the center and the head that can't spit out-breath, the rest of the snakeheads all moved.

Opened a big mouth, extraordinary force constantly converge, in the mouth constantly converge into different colors of light ball.

"Damn, Hu Lin that guy to give us a malicious, what shall we do? Hide, or fight hard? If you choose to avoid now, you should be able to do it. " Xuanmu shouted at this and felt the threat of death on the ball, which was not necessarily light in color.

Su Yu and others also felt the threat of death. I didn't expect Hu Lin to suddenly make a big move at this time, and the cold sweat on his face came out.

Su Yu took one look at Xu's Xu 'an NV, who was still accumulating strength and said, "you can't hide. if you hide from Xu 'an NV, you will accumulate strength in vain. moreover, do you think Hu Lin will let us escape? We fought with him. He wants us to die. We'll let him die first. "

Boom ~ have not finished speaking, Su Yu and others are the kings.  Hu Lin might break out again, the air conditioner in an instant firmly locked them, let them have a kind of can't escape there is no escape.

Om ~

The next moment, Su Yu's extraordinary power was boiling up. Blue halo and blue lightning appeared on Su Yu at the same time, shining the blue brilliance.

Xuan Kong and others see it, the extraordinary force of the body also boiled up with it, one by one shining brilliantly.

Compared with Su Yu, they are old people. Su Yu dares to fight. Naturally, they have nothing to fear.

Moreover, Xin Huo and others are more conscious than Su Yu.

"Ha, ha, ha, since I can't hide, I will fight hard. I don't believe that so many of us are just a monster who has just entered the throne! Xuan Zhen was right. He wants us to die, so let's let him die first.

Just a monster, want to kill us?! You should practice more "

"Haha, although Xuan Shui knows you are bragging, it sounds great, comrades, fight with him!" Xuan Shui also laughed.

Hu Lin's eyes flashed a trace of contempt when he heard the words of Xin Huo and others.

In Hu Lin's view, Su Yu and others were able to talk big at this moment.


Then Hu Lin gave a loud roar, and one by one the light balls shot out toward the crowd. The earth split and the time tunnel was distorted where the light balls passed.

The smell of death threats is more intense.

Brush brush, Su Yu et al's cold sweat immediately came down.

Although Su Yu and others showed great bravery and spoke with great gusto, the crowd was still unsure in the face of such a strong attack of death.

"Kill!" At this time, the crowd can only give himself a good shout and give himself a boost to prepare for these attacks.

However, at this moment, a snort of cold hum was heard, grunting: "Hum, a king, what skill is bullying a group of people who are not kings? Come on, let your grandpa lion play with you, crazy lion!"


A roar that shook the heavens and the earth is ringing.

Immediately Su Yu was feeling when a terrible energy burst on one side. A light spot came towards this side at a very fast speed. Everything was shattered where the light spot passed.

In instant, Su Yu finally saw what the light spot was, and a huge light lion was shining.

Om ~ the next moment, the light lion collided with those energy balls.

There was no earth-shattering explosion, only endless light broke out at the moment of collision as if a sun exploded in front of us. Su Yu and Xuan Shui and others all closed their eyes at this moment, which was too harsh.

After a few seconds, Su Yu just opened his eyes and saw a figure with a magnificent body. the upper body of bare fruit stood in front of them, while the detective bureau's Combat suits were loosely tied to his waist.

This man's body is really magnificent, with a strong back and a weak waist. After visual inspection, he is at least 3 meters tall.

Su Yu was given a wild feeling, not like a human being, but more like a ferocious beast.

The man turned his back to the crowd, Su Yu could not see what he looked like, but could only see that the bare skin outside the country was covered with a layer of golden fluff and a thick head of golden hair.

In addition, there is a tail, crackling smoke air.


After seeing the image behind this man, Su Yu came up with the idea that he was a lion standing in front of him.

Su Yu did not know the bearer, but Xuan kong, Xuan Shui, and others knew him. seeing the back of the man, they cried happily, "Mr. Lion, elder! ?”

"Ha, ha, ha, little guys, long time no see!" Mr. Lion turned around with a big smile.

Su Yu was slightly shocked. This man looks like a lion. A lion standing upright and with a huge head, although he is smiling, he still gives people a strong feeling.

"Mr. Lion, why are you here?" Xuan Kong road.

"Haha, is the Boss let me come and support you, but I seem to be a little redundant, without me you seem to be able to deal with him! However, since I'm here, let me have the color of destruction! " Mr. Lion laughed and said, Mr. Lion, looked at Xuan Nv and said: "Xuan Nv girl, put away your moves. keep that move for later use!"

"Mmm!" Xuan Nv said gently, still cold, but it is dispersed just xu li.

Mr. Lion nodded, then looked at Su Yu and said, "are you Xuan Zhen, the new recruit?"

Mr. Lion's eyes are extremely intimidating. when Mr. Lion looks at them, Su Yu has a kind of frightening feeling.

"Xu Xuan Zhen, this is our senior detective agency, Mr. Lion. his ability is lion and beast, and level has reached the king!" Xuan Huo said.

"I've met Mr. Lion's predecessor, and the boy is the newcomer Xuan Zhen!" Su Yu saluted Mr. Lion.

"Well, good! You are at the black level in less than three months after awakening. It was really good!" Mr. Lion looked Su Yu up and down and nodded.

Hearing this, Su Yu smiled and scratched his head, not knowing how to reply.

It is natural that Su Yu is happy to be praised, but what makes Su Yu confused is, how does everyone seem to know him in the game?

When Xuan Shui and Xuan Guang and others first met Su Yu, they all said similar words like this Mr. Lion----are you the new guy Xuan Zhen?

It is as if Xuan Guang and others knew of his existence before they met.

Is this the tradition of the detective agency? Su Yu couldn't help thinking.

Mr. Lion didn't know what Su Yu was thinking. he looked at the crowd and said, "ok, let's talk about this first, I'll get rid of this snake of destruction!"

At this point, Mr. Lion turned and stepped forward towards Hu Lin. his long blond hair was calm and automatic, like a golden flame burning.