Chapter 255 The Gap

With a click of Kara, the air in front of Su Yu broke apart.

Rumble, the sky and the earth shook violently at this moment, the ground cracked huge cracks.


It was also at this moment that the exhalation from the snake-head of the flame blew on the split air, and the split air fragments, like a lens, refracted the exhalation of the flame in all directions.

A series of explosions occurred when the flames hit the ground, and huge holes appeared on the ground.

"Shout!" Su Yu breathed a great sigh of relief, but before he could catch his breath, the steel snakehead had already arrived.

With a clash, the giant mouth of the steel snake-head was closed and Su Yu was contained in the mouth.

However, the next moment, Su Yu spat out again, and Su Yu was holding a huge snake tooth in his hand.

At the moment of being swallowed, Su Yu directly broke a snake tooth of the steel snakehead with a big collapse fist, and Hu Lin vomited it out only after eating pain.

However, Su Yu was not delighted with this, instead, he became more and more dignified. Hu Lin was too strong. Besides breaking a snake tooth, Su Yu's attack did not bring Hu Lin any specific damage.

Hu Lin, on the other hand, grew a new snake tooth at the moment when it broke apart.

"Death!" Su Yu shouted at Hu Lin and killed him. His body was left behind in a time tunnel. A small figure appeared under the snake-head of the flame. He punched him and hit him on the chin.

Boom, mouth want to exhale huge tongue, directly by Su Yu punched closed, teeth collision screeched.

Before Su Yu could rejoice at his success, Su Yu felt a powerful force hitting him. With a whoosh, Su Yu just couldn't help spitting out one mouthful blood.

The steel snakehead unexpectedly did not know when to appear beside him and hit him fiercely.

Su Yu rolled out in the air for a long time before stopping.

"How strong!" Su Yu looked at the two huge snakeheads with a dignified look and glanced at Xu 'an NV and others from the corner of his eye. Su Yu's heart suddenly sank. everyone's situation was the same, almost all of them were beaten by Hu Lin.

The gap is too big, although the difference between the king and the ordinary rank may not be too big, the difference in strength is different.

The ordinary "Black Level" is really too difficult to defeat the king-level monster. The strength gap between the two sides cannot be made up by quantity. Facing the siege by Su Yu and others, Hu Lin can calmly deal with it by himself. This is the gap between the king and the ordinary "Black Level".

But the crowd continues to attack Hu Lin.

The time tunnel vibrated and shouted incessantly.

Su Yu and others continued to attack one after another and bombarded Hu Lin.

But all attacks were easily resolved by Hu Lin, and Hu Lin could not be injured at all!

On the contrary.

Every time Hu Lin counterattacks, Su Yu and others are hurt.

During such a conference, Su Yu and others were all covered in blood.

For a while, Su Yu and others had to shake Hu Lin's picture, and there was some feeling shaking the big tree.

Su Yu and others are more and more depressed.

Hu Lin is huge in size. Although the snakeheads are extremely flexible, it is difficult for the body to move, so Su Yu and others can basically hit Hu Lin.

However, the effect is very little. apart from causing some scale splintering damage to Hu Lin, there is no major damage.

Compared with the depression of Su Yu and others, Hu Lin is getting better and better, and the depression of these days is all out at the moment.

Looking at Su Yu and others being beaten by him constantly, Hu Lin felt not cool.

And I am more and more satisfied with my present body.

Hu Lin was able to feel that with continuous fighting, he has become more and more accustomed to his current body and his strength is constantly increasing.

"Ha, ha, ha, interstellar hunters, Earthlings, you are too weak, are you tickling me?"

Hu Lin laughed and laughed, completely lost the composure and calculation when he was a professor before, only puffed up.

"This guy is too arrogant, isn't he really invincible for himself?" At the same time, a huge stone fist appeared from the ground, smashing a snakehead that was biting towards him.

"It may be that a person suddenly has the power of a king and expands, thinking that with the power of a king, he can do whatever he wants, just like a person suddenly makes a fortune and then doesn't know what to do." Xuan Mu analysis.

"Well, I have had this kind of feeling hand. When I was in the spirit world, I had the power of a king for a short time. At that time, I felt that I could do anything, but the reality is very realistic, telling me that the power of a king cannot do anything, should I be beaten or beaten." Xuan Shui's empathy.

Think at the beginning he didn't think he has the power of the king, can kill the king spirit?

But soon he was beaten by The Spirit King, and that was when The Spirit King could not give full play to his strength.

Therefore, Xuan Shui would like to say to Hu Lin that he should be kind in life, not pretend to be forced, not rampant, or else he will be punished.

Hearing the words of Xuan Shui, Su Yu, Xuan Kong and other people who saw Xuan Shui beaten by The Spirit King couldn't help but think of the picture of the changing giant of Xuan Shui being halved by The Spirit King at that time, which was called a tragedy.

After that, Su Yu and others couldn't help laughing. They didn't pay attention at that time. Now it's interesting to think about it.

Of course, more are afraid.

The task in the spirit world was very dangerous.

If it weren't for the secret help of Ling and the Zhenhun bead as the backhand, they may not be able to come back.

Thinking of the strength of The Spirit King, Su Yu, and others suddenly felt that this Hu Lin seemed not so strong either.

"Xuan Zhen, you give me time to delay, I will give him a fatal blow!" Xuan Nv shouted coldly at this moment, attracting Su Yu and others' attention.

Although I don't know what Xuan Nv is going to do, the crowd did not hesitate to protect Xuan Nv in the rear and began to defend so as not to let Hu Lin's attack interfere with Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv began to accumulate strength, and the extraordinary force of gravity continued to converge toward the long sword that Xuan Nv was returning to its sheath.

Hu Lin saw Su Yu and others suddenly changed their ways and stopped attacking. His brow was wrinkled and he suddenly felt a little uneasy.

Hu Lin was inflated by the sudden strength, but after all, he was a wise man.

So after a little uneasiness, a little vigilance rose in my heart.

Although I don't know where this uneasiness comes from, Hu Lin doesn't intend to continue fighting with Su Yu and others. He wants to end the fighting.