Chapter 254 The Monster King

There was a buzz in the air. Su Yu and others disappeared with the monster in this world and entered the projected world.

As soon as the crowd had finished all this, the monster opened the snake eyes in size of the basketball hoop.

"Hiss ~" Forty-nine huge snakeheads roared in order at this moment. At the moment, a terrible sonic storm was formed, sweeping in all directions. Su Yu and others all stepped back involuntarily under the sonic storm.

How Strong!

This is a feeling that this monster gave to the crowd.

"Kill!" The crowd looked at each other. Xuan Huo shouted coldly. He was not prepared to wait any longer. He took the lead in attacking. A huge pillar of fire appeared and blasted at the monster.

With a roar, a pillar of fire exploded on the monster, but after seeing the effect, the crowd couldn't help but marvel, because the attack by Xuan Huo did not cause any damage to the monster at all.

Then, the crowd moved, and powerful attacks blasted off at the monster. In an instant, the monster was overwhelmed by the crowd attack. The powerful wave of destruction centered on the monster spread out in all directions, destroying circles of buildings near the stadium.

The crowd bombarded for about a minute before stopping, breathing slightly and looking at the monster covered with fire and smoke.

"Should it die?" Xuan Shui gasped.

The crowd was silent and unresponsive, watching nervously, waiting for the results. the crowd had encountered the extraordinary life of a king, but this was the first time that most people had met a king-level monster.

Even Su Yu and Xuan Shui, who had just fight with a king-level monster, they aren't confident to defeat it.

"Is that all you Earthlings have?" At this moment, a playful voice rang out from the fire and smoke, and a storm was born out of thin air, directly separating the fire and smoke, revealing the monster's huge body.

In good condition!

Having numerous attacks from the crowd, the monster did not suffer any damage.

However, this is not what the crowd cares about at the moment. It cares about the speaker. The voice Su Yu and others are familiar with. Who else would it be if it were not Hu Lin?

Su Yu and others suddenly thought of a possibility that this monster was Hu Lin, but the crowd was not sure.

The crowd's eyes were on Jarvis.

Jarvis shook his head and said, "Don't look at me, this is the first time I have encountered such a situation. I have never seen such a snake of destruction!"

Jarvis is also extremely helpless after the snake of destruction came to the earth star, many changes have taken place, and he is familiar with the snake of destruction has many different!

Well, in fact, there is no need to get the answer from Jarvis. the crowd also knows that this monster is Hu Lin, but it just doesn't understand why Hu Lin is in this state.

The crowd did not think about it, nor did it have time to think about it. After Hu Lin showed himself again, he launched an attack on the crowd.

A snake-head opened its mouth and blew out a flame and exhaled, sweeping towards the crowd.

The horrific heat has twisted the burning of the time tunnel.

"Danger!" At the sight of this, Xu 'an Hulo gave a loud roar. the crowd did not choose hard resistance. At the moment when Hu Lin's attack came, one by one, it broke out at top speed and escaped.


Exhale and spit on the distant buildings, immediately is a big explosion, you can see, those buildings immediately disappeared under the breath, was torn to pieces by the terrorist flame impact, in high temperature into fly ash.

"Ha, ha, ha, do you only know how to hide?" Hu Lin laughed and opened his head wide at the biggest moment in the middle. the crowd saw that Hu Lin showed half of his body in the snake mouth with a playful smile on his face.

This scene reminds Su Yu of Uncle Snake!

“ Hu Lin !” Xuan Huo's eyes narrowed slightly and said, "hide? Haha, have you been the one who escaped? Now I think I can beat us and dare to come out, right? "

When Hu Lin heard this, he didn't mind what Xuan Huo said. instead, he said with a smile: "well, it's not bad for you to say so. it took me a long time to get used to this way of evolution.

Now, I finally don't have to be afraid of you anymore, so you Earthlings are going to die and become my food! "

Hu Lin launched another attack on the crowd. This time, Hu Lin, with the exception of the head of the snake in the middle, all the other heads of the snake moved to bite Su Yu and others.

At the moment, Su Yu and others all had to face two or three snakeheads' attacks.

Some of these snakeheads rampaged and some vomited breath with different attributes. Actually, every head has an extraordinary force.

The crowd was horrified at this.

I don't understand how Hu Lin achieved such extraordinary power.

It should be noted that dual abilities are rare, not to mention those who possess more than two extraordinary powers at the same time!

Forty-nine kinds of abilities, think about it all feel terrible.

But soon the crowd discovered the difference.

Hu Lin has 49 extraordinary powers, but his strength did not exceed the crowd's expectation.

This is similar to the hundred evil spirits Su Yu met in Pinglong Lake. Although Su Yu can attack with different extraordinary powers, it has not changed in essence.

This was soon discovered during the fighting because it was a little relieved.

However, Su Yu did not dismiss Hu Lin.

No matter how Hu Lin mastered the 49 extraordinary powers.

Hu Lin is at a dangerous level, and he is a king-level monster.

Su Yu blew out with one blow, toward a black snakehead like black iron that bites him. Su Yu felt the fluctuation of familiar extraordinary force on this head. The extraordinary ability of this head is the steel body of the dead Niu Shuo.

Bang when a sound, Su Yu's fist severely hit the iron snake between the eyebrows, making a loud noise.

The giant steel snakehead gave a slight meal and then moved on.

Su Yu, on the other hand, was directly blown away by a huge force, like a shell flying backward into the distance.

At the same time, a towering pillar of fire erupted from the huge mouth of the snake-head of the flame and blasted at Su Yu.

"Not good!" Su Yu immediately felt the threat of death. At the same time as inverted flight, he stepped fiercely and Crac clicked his heels together. The air at Su Yu's feet was cracked by Su Yu's stepping.

Su Yu's inverted body stopped suddenly at this moment, and his double ability broke out at this moment, then he blew out with one punch-the big collapse punch!

Bang, Su Yu blew on the air in front of him.

Om ~ the surging force of the shock, the sound of crack crack crack crack crack glass continues to ring, the cracks with Su Yu fist as the center thinking about the spread in all directions.