Chapter 253 The Powerhouse

Looking at the seal pestle head-on on the lawn, the crowd couldn't help but be stunned. Is this a strike or what?

Xuan Kong couldn't help cramp on his cheek. He didn't know why this happened.

According to Xuan Kong, the seal pestle should automatically track another seal pestle by induction at this time.

Xuan Kong smiled wryly: "There may be a little problem. I'll try again ..."

"Wait a minute, Xuan Kong!" Su Yu suddenly said, "Is seal pestle automatically tracked by induction?"

"hmm?" On hearing this, Xuan Kong and others were all slightly shocked. Then they thought of something, looked at the ground under their feet, and then looked up at each other. the crowd thought of a possibility.

Seal pestle did not make a mistake, but Hu Lin was hiding under their feet at this moment.

At this moment, a breath of palpitations broke out at the foot of the crowd, and the crowd rose immediately. those who did not have the ability to fly were also carried aloft by those who were able to fly.


At the moment when the crowd rose to the sky, the ground of the stadium suddenly bulged out and exploded. At this moment, numerous rocks and stones shot into the sky.

Bang ~ Su Yu smashed a piece of earth and rock more than one person high with one blow. looking down, he immediately gasped.

The huge stadium is now in ruins and shrouded in smoke.

A great pressure emanated from the smoke, no worse than Zombie Dragon encountered in the spirit world. People in places such as Su Yu were also better. People below the ground level felt heavy and shortness of breath under this pressure. Some people with relatively weak willpower even went into a coma directly.

"Everyone below the ground level should leave, hide as far as possible, and block this place!" Xuan Nv said with her cold voice.

The crowd returned to absolute being. There was no unnecessary nonsense. The figures immediately led people away quickly. The people who left were all below the ground level. They all knew that they and others could do nothing but become encumbrances. It was better to do something they could do at the moment.

Soon, only Su Yu 、 Xuan Nv 、 Xuan Kong 、 Xuan Huo and others were left over the stadium. The team was powerful.

However, Su Yu and others did not have a relaxed look on their faces. instead, they only looked at the smoke below with some dignity.

"Fire of sun!" Xuan Huo drank lightly. A huge fireball appeared above his head. With a little finger, the fireball fell towards the rolling smoke.

"Siang ~" At this moment a loud roar sounded from the smoke and dust. The pressure was raised to another level and a qualitative change was completed. Su Yu and others couldn't help breathing a slight delay at this moment. This is the powerhouse-level might.

The fireball made by Xuan Huo was blown out by might before it fell into the smoke. Anxious expressions came into their face.

Although it was only a tentative attack by Xuan Huo, it was also extremely powerful. However, the unknow people extinguished it by his might, showing the horror of what was in the smoke.

Horrible might not only extinguished the attack by Xuan Huo but also set off a strong wind, blowing away the smoke and dust. Su Yu and others finally saw what had emerged from the stadium.

After seeing clearly, the crowd couldn't help but gasp.

Xuan Shui exclaimed, "What the hell is this?"

What appeared in front of the crowd was a huge monster with a huge body occupying less than half of the stadium. The image of the monster was similar to the legendary eight-toki serpent on the whole, but the monster had not only eight heads, but a total of 49.

Huge heads, each with a diameter of 10 meters, stand up below, like a forest.

"What a messy smell!" Su Yu looked at the monster below and said, on the monster below, Su Yu felt 49 different smells, mixed together in a very messy way.

There are several smells Su Yu is very familiar with, which is exactly the smell when Ma Dongdong, Niu Shuo and Hu Lin show their noumenon.

The crowd all nodded and felt it. I don't know why this monster has such a messy smell, but no one dared to dismiss it. Even if the monster did not move now, Su Yu could still feel the horror of the monster.

"What should I do? There seems to be something wrong with this monster! " Asked Xuan Tu.

"Mmm!" The crowd nodded softly when he heard this, and some of them were aware of it. The monster now gives them a kind of inflexible feeling. Although it emits powerful might all the time, it seems to emit it unintentionally.

And it can be seen that the monster's eyes are closed, indicating that the monster is not awake at the moment.

Su Yu and others didn't do it because they didn't want to do it in this world. The fact that the ground ranks meet in this world will cause a lot of damage to this world, especially when one side is still a king.

"Join forces to pull it into the projected world. No matter what this monster is, it is absolutely not allowed to fight with it in this world!" Xuan Nv gently shouted, saying is to activate the enchantment bead to pull the monster into the projected world.

However, the monster is too powerful because only one enchantment bead and Xuan Nv could not be pulled at all. Fortunately, Su Yu and others also activated enchantment beads and pulled the monster into the projected world under the combined force of the crowd.


At the same time when the monster broke out overwhelming might, the monster detective agency, through monitoring, Xuan Dian, Elder Xuan, and others all saw it. Although not at the scene, the crowd all judged the monster's level for the first time.

At the sight of this, Xuan Dian exclaimed, "oh no, bureau seat, the monster's extraordinary fluctuation has suddenly entered the king, level iii, etc. and is still slowly improving. Xuan Huo they are probably not the monster's opponents!

Boss, shall we send the king to reinforcement? "

Elder Xuan nodded and said: "Of course, continue to monitor, I will arrange for reinforcements!"

Said Elder Xuan is on the wristwatch, input a line of information is to send the king's information, detective bureau king only he has direct authority to mobilize and assign.

After all this, Elder Xuan continued to focus on monitoring, saying softly in his heart: "the activities of different species are indeed becoming more and more frequent. this time there are actually different kings in this world. is chaos coming?"

The sudden appearance of the king-level monster made Elder Xuan and others unexpected. If they had known that there would be a king-level enemy, he would have sent the king directly.

However, Elder Xuan is not most concerned about the threat brought by this alien king to Su Yu and others, because Elder Xuan believes that even if he does not send support, Su Yu and others will be able to solve the problem, at least not let this monster king do anything to them.

Elder Xuan is more concerned about the significance of this monster king behind the appearance of this world. When I think about it, Elder Xuan's face is heavy and his headaches.