Chapter 252 Induction

"No!" Jarvis motioned with his hand, "I am not sure I can't leave until the snake of destruction is cleaned up. my task is not only to kill the snake of destruction but also to write a report after returning.

Only when it is clear that the planet invaded by the serpent of destruction has no serpent of destruction or is completely under control, can I get the corresponding reward if I go back! "

Su Yu blinked when he heard this, but he didn't realize that the Starhunter still had such a saying: "If a snake of destruction ran away, does it mean that you basically ran away for nothing?"

Jarvis shrugged his shoulders and said: "Yes, but this kind of situation basically does not appear. Everyone knows the harmfulness of the snake of destruction. As long as you are not stupid, you will not let one go. Even if you cannot reproduce the snake of destruction, it is extremely harmful."

"This is also true!" Su Yu nodded when he heard this, then remembered another problem: "Jarvis if you hadn't met us, would you have been able to deal with the snake of destruction by yourself? What will you do if you cannot cope? "

"In terms of the situation, not all snakes of destruction will have powerful power after finding their lodging and being transformed.

Although some intelligent life can be successfully transformed, due to its potential, the spawned snake of destruction is weak.

I can basically solve this situation by myself.

If it is a little difficult, I will cooperate with the local civilization to exterminate the snake of destruction.

If there is a difficult situation, I will ask for support. There are a lot of interstellar hunters like me, and they are willing to help with a reward!

Just like this situation now, if it were not for you, I would have asked for the support! "Jarvis said.

"Xuan Zhen, if you have something to say then, let's also help. The sooner we solve the snake of destruction, the sooner we can be at ease!" Xuan Nv interrupted Su Yu and Jarvis's desire to continue talking.

"Okay, lead the way!" Su Yu responded happily and understood that it was too early to relax.

four people are going up into the sky.

With accurate intelligence and clear targets, the crowd's actions are indeed much simpler.

After several hours of fighting, the crowd found all the hidden 3rd generation snakes of destruction, killing a batch of seal and a batch of SEAL.

The crowd gathered in a stadium with a little smile on their faces, because only five snakes of destruction were needed to finish the task.

The four destructive snakes are Hu Simin, Peng Meijia, Kong Mingxuan, Hu Lin and the third-generation destructive snake rescued by Hu Lin.

Hu Simin, Peng Meijia and Kong Mingxuan are all under surveillance and want to arrest seal or kill it at any time.

The only trouble was that Hu Lin was hiding, but the crowd also had a way to find him. if Hu Lin did not take the seal pestle but hid, it would be very difficult to find Hu Lin.

But Hu Lin must have taken Su Yu seal's pestle with the third-generation seal of destruction.

After learning that Hu Lin took the seal pestle from Su Yu, Xu Xuan Huo o couldn't help laughing and patting Su Yu on the shoulder and said: "haha, Xu Xuan Zhen, good ah, if Hu Lin hadn't taken your seal pestle, it would be really not easy for us to find him, now ... hey hey!"

"what do you mean? I did my duty by mistake? " Su Yu couldn't help saying.

"That's natural!" Xuan Shui also patted Su Yu on the shoulder and said: "Our bureau's equipment is not so easy to handle. Like watches, seal pestle has positioning function, so as to retrieve it after it is lost, so as not to cause adverse effects."

Su Yu slightly will understand, I'm afraid other equipment also have similar functions, all have the function of positioning.

At first glance, Su Yu is actually a little uncomfortable. the feeling is generally monitored at any time and anywhere.

However, after thinking for a moment, Su Yu was relieved. The equipment of the heterogeneous detective agencies is not ordinary equipment. If illegal elements are allowed to get it, it may cause great consequences.

Even if it is not obtained by illegal elements, it is not a good thing for ordinary people to find it. Take seal pestle as an example, he might give himself to seal accidentally!

Besides, it's not just that the equipment on one's body has positioning function. It's all the same equipment. Naturally, everyone should have it. Su Yu thought so, and finally, his uncomfortable mood disappeared.

"Ahem!" Xuankong coughed like this: "Xuan Zhen, don't listen to Xuan Shui. what he said is not accurate. because of the special material and manufacturing method, seal pestle uses a certain special method to sense the existence of other seal pestles through seal pestles. through this, we can find out where Hu Lin is now, so it is also a good location.

Of course, this induction distance is not too far, only 50 kilometers! "

"Yes, it's still the right explanation by Xuan Kong, much more professional than me!" Xuan Shui nods.

Xuan Nv frowned and said: "Find out the location of Hu Lin now. Where do you get so many words? Xuan Kong, do it! "

"Good!" Xu Xuan Kong nodded, then took out a box and ordered, "you put all your seal pestles in this box first. this box can isolate the induction between seal pestles so as not to cause interference!"

Hearing this, the crowd put seal pestle in the box, leaving only one seal pestle in the hands of Xuan Kong.

Then there was no sound at the scene. They were all staring at Xuan Kong. the seal could sense the incident between each other. Most of the colleagues in the detective bureau knew about it, but they didn't take it seriously at ordinary times. After all, not everyone could do that special method.

Moreover, since the seal pestle was made, there has been no loss. Naturally, no one has seen how seal pestles are sensed!

Therefore, the crowd is curious about how seal pestles sense each other.

"Ahem! I started! " Xuan Kong coughed softly and then placed seal pestle across the palm of one hand.

In an instant, Xu's other hand, index finger, middle finger and pointed like a sword, struck the seal pestle like lightning. in a breathing room, Xuan Dian stabbed eighty times, hitting 81 different positions on the seal pestle. every time, Xuan Kong had an extraordinary force to penetrate into the seal pestle!

Om ~

A sound came from the seal pestle. The seal pestle changed, and mysterious lines appeared on his surface. Then the seal pestle rose up into the sky and flew over the stadium like a golden light.

At last, with a thunder, seal stood upright on the lawn of the stadium, 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground!


The crowd was stunned. This is a strike?