Chapter 251 Don't Understand

"All right!" Just when Su Yu thought he was going to be killed, Doctor Xuan's voice sounded in his ear. Su Yu immediately returned control of the feeling's body. Uncontrolled blood also restored calm and the pain disappeared.

"Am I good now?" Su Yu said with some disbelief.

Doctor Xuan turned over his eyes look when he heard this and said, "Nonsense, doesn't my reputation depend on my magical medical skills?"

"Yes, yes, Doctor Xuan has the best medical skill in the world!" Su Yu smell speech even way, but got up from the ground, the body activity, Feiling to his own body and not poisoning before, no feeling of weakness.

Su Yu couldn't help but sigh with emotion at this moment. Doctor Xuan is an excellent doctor. It is really hard to die with Doctor Xuan.

"cow force!" Su Yu couldn't help praising Doctor Xuan's medical skills in his heart.

Su Yu, who was still cursing in his heart just now, is really sweet at this moment!

Su Yu touched the body, checked the body, then suddenly exclaimed, "oh no!"

Doctor Xuan got a fright and said, "Xuan Zhen, what are you doing? what's the matter? am I not cured? It shouldn't be! "

"No!" Su Yu shook his head and said, "It's not that he hasn't been cured, but that seal pestle carrying the third generation of the snake of destruction is missing. Damn it, that guy Hu Lin must have taken it when he poisoned me!"

"what?" Hearing this, Doctor Xuan also changed his face: "My experimental body was robbed? Damn, dare to rob my things, fuck ah, go! "

Xuan Nv grabbed Su Yu's shoulder and jumped into the air.

Su Yu rolled her eyes speechless. I haven't said it was for you yet. How did it become yours?

Of course, Su Yu was only at doubted it, saying that he did not dare to say anything. he let Xuan Nv fly away in the direction of Xuan Nv.

Su Yu asked, "Doctor Xuan, when did you come? Aren't you in the bureau? "

"Bureau worried about your injury, it's not sent me to come over, just came to meet Xuan Nv they ran toward here, they found you poisoned! Xuan Zhen, please tell me again how did you get poisoned?

With your current skills, even if poison can poison you, it is not easy to poison you. ? "Doctor Xuan freely.

Hearing this, Su Yu looked dark and said with a face of displeasure: "what else can we do? we have been cheated. Hu Lin is more cunning than we thought. He came up and played tricks with me."

Su Yu recalled the poisoning process and felt that his poisoning was either accidental or inevitable, and was calculated by Hu Lin.

One second before the poisoning, Hu Lin deliberately burst into a strong breath to attract his attention, let him ignore the danger from the foot, directly let him be bitten by the little snake with poison.

Of course, Su Yu also admitted that he was poisoned, and was somewhat lax. Some underestimated the cause of the snake of destruction. The snake of destruction was more cunning than expected, especially Hu Lin, the snake of destruction.

Hearing this, Doctor Xuan frowned slightly and said, "Then let's catch up quickly. Remind Xuan Nv that they are not afraid of the enemy's strength. They are afraid of the enemy's cunning at the same time."

Doctor Xuan took Su Yu to run.

Soon, they were in a tall building and saw the figures of Xuan Nv and Jarvis. Su Yu fell beside Xuan Nv and Su Yu said, "Boss, Hu Lin has run away?"

"Mmm!" Xuan Nv gently nods: "then Hu Lin disappeared after running here. Jarvis and I have searched the building and found no trace of Hu Lin. Hu Lin seems to have no intention of fighting with us. Xuan Zhen, how are you now? "

"Poison solution, no matter, now can immediately into the battle! But what I am curious about now is, why didn't Hu Lin choose to fight and just run away? " Su Yu answered.

At the same time, Su Yu's mind was also full of doubts, and he did not understand what idea Hu Lin was playing. Why not fight them?

Knocking him down by poison.

Judging from the sudden eruption of Hu Lin before, the strength of Hu Lin is beyond doubt, even stronger than the Top Four the King's Guard of the spirit world, such as the red lotus fire, the other shore, etc. even if it is not a king, it is better than a king.

Arguably, Hu Lin has such a powerful power that it is not too difficult to defeat Xuan Nv and Jarvis head-on.

But Hu Lin did not choose to fight. instead, he was pursued and did not fight back, fleeing blindly.

Su Yu did not understand why Hu Lin did this, whether it was for another purpose or was too cautious. Su Yu did not know.

If it is only the latter, then it is fair to say that if it is the former, Su Yu feels himself and others need to pay more attention.

Both Xuan Nv and Jarvis shook their heads gently, and they could not understand why Hu Lin just ran away.

In the process of pursuit, both of them can faintly feel the strength of Hu Lin, but Hu Lin's strength is only used to frighten them and make them afraid to pursue too tightly.

Not knowing it, Su Yu gave up thinking for the time being and said, "since we don't understand it, let's leave him alone for the time being. how about the situation in other places? have those drivers been caught?"

"I don't know yet, it should still be under arrest. Jarvis and I just wiped Ye Feng out and returned to this world. We received your distress message before we could consider anything else!" Xuan Nv said.

"I have news!" At this moment Doctor Xuan interjected: "Please look at your watches. Xuan Dian has sent the latest information to them by mail!"

Su Yu immediately check-up, glanced at, Su Yu's face is can't help but full of joy.

Jarvis also leaned in, but he couldn't understand the above meaning. he asked urgently, "what's the matter? look at you, you must have caught those snakes of destruction!"

"There are more than a few, basically can catch, our bureau shortly before the successful in Ma Dongdong brain has obtained important information, find two other snakes of a destruction hiding place, Xuan Huo they have begun to capture seal of the snake of destruction! Humph, Ma Dongdong didn't say everything! " Su Yu said with a smile.

After a pause, Su Yu added, "it won't be long before the serpent of destruction on the earth star can be disposed of!"

Hearing this, Jarvis's eyes brightened. "Really? Haha, that's great. does it not mean that I will soon be able to go home and get the task payment? Gee, the reward for this task is definitely not small! "

Su Yu turned over his eyelids when he heard this and said: "In this way, it is as if we had forced you to stay. We will not stop you if you want to leave now. If you don't believe me, you can leave now. We will definitely not stop you!