Chapter 250 Poisoning

"Is that all you have?" Su Yu's voice sounded in the ear of the snake of destruction, making him feel very harsh. He felt contempt in Su Yu's words.

Su Yu did not know what the snake of destruction was thinking. if he did, Su Yu would surely have cried for being wronged.

What Su Yu said was only Su Yu's intuitive feeling. It was true that Feiling, the snake of destruction, was weak.

Su Yu thought this snake of destruction would be as powerful as Madongong and others, so he didn't attack from the front just now and chose to sneak attack from the rear.

However, at the moment when the snake of destruction was exposed, Su Yu thought that he was carrying coals to a new castle.

The snake of destruction is very weak, the level is equivalent to 1st rank in the black level, for Su Yu, this level has no threat, Su Yu has long since changed, now not into the order of extraordinary life can't bring Su Yu any threat.

In the face of the two-armed snake bitten by the bite, Su Yu directly smashed it into blood mist with two punches and lifted it.

"Damn!" The serpent of destruction roars with a roar, its broken arms grow out again and bite away at Su Yu again.

However, the snake of destruction soon found itself so weak that it could not even break Su Yu's physical defense.

Su Yu did not have time to waste with it, nor did he choose to kill the snake of destruction. He wiped it on his waist, and another seal pestle appeared in his hand, lifting it up.

This is a third-generation snake of destruction. The snake breeds in the body are still there. It is also a precious research material. Su Yu feels it is necessary to take it back.

If we can study the reproduction mechanism of the snake of destruction, perhaps we can find a way to control the reproduction of the snake of destruction.

If we are really lucky to find a way to control the reproduction of the snake of destruction, even if the snake of destruction spreads, the harm brought by the snake of destruction will be greatly limited.

Of course, Su Yu still hopes to be able to once and for all, to seal or kill all the snakes of destruction is the best choice.

Su Yu will turn around and leave when he finishes this, but at this moment Su Yu suddenly feels a sense of extreme danger coming from the dark.

In a flash Su Yu was tensed up, blue halo and blue arc appeared in the body at the same time, and the dual power broke out.

However, just as Su Yu was about to do something, Su Yu was feeling until a sharp pain spread all over his body. The extraordinary force that had just broken out died out in an instant, and his body fell to the ground with a Bang.

Psst ~ psst ~

A little latosolic red snake crawled before Su Yu's eyes, crawled towards a figure, and then merged into the figure's body.

“ Hu Lin ?” Su Yu looked at the figure and exclaimed, as soon as he said it, he couldn't help spitting out black fishy blood.

"Er? You can still talk? " Hu Lin stepped to Su Yu's eyes, crouched down and poked Su Yu's body with his fingers, "hmm? No wonder, originally your body was so strong that it resisted some toxicity? But this kind of food tastes more delicious! "

Hu Lin's voice just fell, Su Yu saw Hu Lin's shoulder is a huge bulge, a ferocious snakehead drill out, open-mouthed toward Su Yu devour.

At this time, Su Yu had no strength to speak. the toxic effects of terror had already destroyed Su Yu's muscles. Su Yu could only watch helplessly as Hu Lin tried to devour him.

But just as Hu Lin's shoulder was about to bite Su Yu's body, a cold light shot from a distance.

"hmm?" Hu Lin felt something in his heart and his body shrank at this moment when he stepped off.

Hu Lin's reaction fragments, but the cold light is obviously faster, although Hu Lin dodged the cold light, the snake on his shoulder did not escape, was the cold light through, a ferocious snake fell from the neck.

A cold light inserted on the ground in front of Su Yu let out a sound of metal crunchy.

That is a bright sword.

Su Yu is too familiar with this long sword. During training, he was not less chased and chopped by the master of this long sword.

Su Yu was greatly relieved to see this sword. Xuan Nv arrived on time. He would be eaten one second later.

It is not an accident that Xuan Nv appeared so timely, but Su Yu sent a distress signal through his wristwatch at the moment he fell to the ground.

Su Yu knew someone would come to save himself, but he just didn't know who would come.


Three figures fell in front of Su Yu, one of whom was Xuan Nv and the other two were Jarvis and Doctor Xuan.

"Ye Feng, have you solved it?" Hu Lin looked at Xuan Nv and Jarvis frowning.

"That is natural, interstellar hunter Jarvis to nature is the mistresses, Hu Lin ready? Now it's your turn! " Jarvis said that thunder war spear appeared in his hands.

"Doctor Xuan, you detoxify Su Yu, Jarvis and I will deal with Hu Lin!" Xuan Nv gave Su Yu a look of relief.

"Well, I see!" Doctor Xuan nodded.

Doctor Xuan's voice rang, Xuan Nv unfolded her hand, the sword flew back to her hands, at the same time people rushed towards Hu Lin.

At the same time, Jarvis also rushed over.

However, Hu Lin did not mean to fight with Xuan Nv. His body suddenly retreated suddenly and violently into the darkness. In a flash, Hu Lin's figure disappeared instantly.

Xuan Nv and Jarvis pursued.

Soon the three figures disappeared in Su Yu's sight.

Doctor Xuan squatted in front of Su Yu and began to check Su Yu's body. he said in a dignified voice, "it's a very strong poison. Xuan Zhen, you're so lucky you didn't die!"

Smell speech Su Yu heart greatly turned over a supercilious look, toxicity if not strong, can he poison in an instant?

As if sensing Su Yu's thoughts, Doctor Xuan smiled, "But don't worry, I'll make you jump out of your life right away. You have to endure it!"

Su Yu saw that a bright scalpel was in Doctor Xuan's hand.

In Su Yu's stunning eyes, he drew a huge wound on Su Yu's palm with a snort of scoffs, and black blood gushed directly from the wound.

At the same time, Su Yu Feiling's invisible power emanated from Doctor Xuan and entered his body. At the moment, Suyu was the uncontrolled flow of blood from Feiling into his body, rushing towards the wound of his hand.

Su Yu felt extremely uncomfortable at this moment, and his body trembled and convulsed uncontrollably.

Thud ~

Black blood spurted from the wound.

At this moment, Su Yu's heart was abuzz with abuse. Is this really to save him or to kill him? Doctor Xuan's treatment was too violent. Su Yu wanted to go into a coma.