Chapter 25 Ancient Monster

"What's the matter, Xuan Zhen ... fuck!" Xuan Shui asked when he noticed something unusual about Su Yu, then he astonished widen his eyes!

Xuan Nv didn't say anything, but there was a hint of astonishment on the cold face. She opened her small mouth slightly when looking at the distance!

Boom boom!

The roar rang and the earth shuddered. In the distant sky, the three saw a waterline with white spray.

Then a curtain of water was formed, which was getting higher and higher, and finally, the sky was connected with seawater.

"There is also seawater spreading in other directions, damn it, the seawater is going to submerge this mysterious island, we have to retreat!" Xuan Shui roared loudly, the island trembled, even more, the sound of the waves was deafening.

Water screens covering the sky appeared in more than one direction, and the entire mysterious island was surrounded by water screens.

"Well, Mark! What about them!" Su Yu shouted, "They are in danger!"

His leg already ran toward Mark's tribe, leaving phantom.

"Xuan Zhen ..." Seeing this, Xuan Shui startled. He did not expect that Su Yu cared more about others instead of himself! Among the three of them, he was the first one to consider other's safety at this time!

Xuan Nv didn't say anything, but looking at Su Yu's moving direction. She views Su Yu in a new light.

The next moment, Xuan Nv moved, her body flew out, chasing towards Su Yu.

"Xuan Zhen, stop!" After a few seconds, Xuan Nv caught up with Su Yu. She started her gravity field, setting Su Yu directly in place.

"Let me go, Xuan Nv, what are you doing? Mark is in danger!" Su Yu angered.

Although Su Yu was shouted at Xuan Nv, Xuan Nv was not angry, and her voice seemed to be softer: "Calm down, Xuan Zhen, look around. There is no danger. The sea has not flooded this mysterious island. Do you remember? It's said that the mysterious island always disappears?

Now this situation seems to be the reason why the mysterious island always disappears. "

"???" After hearing what Xuan Nv said, Su Yu calmed down and looked around again. He could see the curtain of water, looking up, and he could only see the endless water, stuttering: " Here, what's the situation, the seawater hasn't dropped? "

The entire mysterious island was surrounded by seawater at the moment, but it was blocked by an invisible force.

Although I don't know what the reason is, at least Mark and others are not in danger, and Su Yu relieved.

Xuan Shui down from the big tree and said, "Now the entire mysterious island is already below the sea surface, and it is still deepening. A strong and super power has blocked the seawater out of the surface.

The reason why the mysterious island can appear and disappear mysteriously is that it can sink into the sea and rise to the sea. "

Xuan Nv: "Do you tell where the super power came from?"

Xuan Shui reached out a guide and said, "There it is!"

Hearing that, Su Yu looked in the direction that Xuan Shui was pointing to. He was shocked and asked, "What is that? When did it appear?"

A huge black shadow appeared outside the water curtain, because the thick water curtain, it was not clear what the black shadow really looks like, but there was a huge fluctuation of vitality.

Su Yu remembered Mark's words: "Shouldn't that be the stone pillar Mark said? Is it alive?"

Xuan Shui nodded and said, "Well, it is alive. To be more precise, the entire mysterious island is alive. At that moment, I felt that this mysterious island is a living huge monster. We are now on its back!

That stone pillar is nothing else, but the neck and head of the monster! "

"What?" Su Yu said with a wide-open mouth. "Xuan Shui, aren't you kidding me? The mysterious island is alive. How big is this monster? How can there be such a big monster in the world?"

Xuan Nv answered: "Yes, Xuan Zhen, have you forgotten the Ancient Giants on the murals? This mysterious island is probably the Ancient Giant that has survived to this day."

"..." Su Yu was silent, it was really possible, and in this case, there were many places that can't be understood before, such as mysterious island can appear and disappear in the ocean.

Xuan Shui said: "If this mysterious island is an ancient monster, then the spiritual butterfly can appear across the island. This explanation can make sense.

In addition to the powerful physical body, the spiritual power of the ancient monsters are also powerful. "

Su Yu has calmed down at this moment and said, "That is to say, the disappearance of Mark and others and the memory problem were all caused by this mysterious ancient monster? Great, since this is the case, we will have a good time with this ancient monster, let it restore the memory of Mark's and others'. "

"Well, go!" Xuan Nv nodded lightly, the figure fluttered, moving towards the monster's head.

Su Yu and Xuan Shui kept up. The three were very fast speed. It took a little time for the three to get closer to the head of the monster. The sea was less than half a meter away.

When I leaned in, I barely glanced at the monster's head. On the whole, it was a giant turtle head.

The three people who have traveled almost all over the mysterious island already have an overall outline of this ancient monster. The image of this ancient monster is a huge incomparable turtle.

However, its back is not so obvious high bone but tends to be flat.

[ I'm so lonely and so boring, who can talk to me and chat? ]

When he came near the monster's head, Su Yu heard the previous voice again, more clearly. At this moment, Su Yu understood that what he heard was the voice of this ancient monster.

The three looked at each other, and Xuan Shui said, "ancient monster, please float up immediately and return to the sea to solve the memory problem of Mark and others!"


There was no response, the monster was still diving, and Xuan Shui was annoyed a little: "ancient monster, stop your action now, immediately, immediately, warn once, do not follow the requirements, and don't blame us when we attack you!"

The monster still did not respond and continued to dive. Xuan Shui was embarrassed at this moment. He uses a huge spear of water, condensed in the air. As long as Xuan Shui thought of attacking, the spear would attack towards the ancient monster.

"Wait a moment, leader. It may not hear what your words, it seems to be sleeping now!" Su Yu said.

"Asleep?" Xuan Shui said, looking at the monster's head, the monster was moving its body with their eyes closed.