Chapter 249 Chasing

“What hell is that ?” After hearing the words of the head of the logistics company, Su Yu could only express his feelings with these words.

Pointing at the head of the home and logistics company, Su Yu did not believe that he did not see the problem. Just because of the money, this guy did not see the problem as a problem.

Su Yu has been too lazy to take a reason to him, and to take a big step is to chase the refrigerated truck away.

In an empty place, jump directly into the sky and search for traces of the seven refrigerated trucks from the air.

At the same time, Su Yu got in touch with Xuan Dian through his watch.

Su Yu said directly without any nonsense: "Xuan Dian, can you connect to the monitoring network of Hanwu city? You help me find some cars, they started from home and logistics companies. The drivers of those cars have a problem. Through monitoring, they can find their appearance and names.

After finding out, you will send this information to all colleagues in Hanwu so that they can also pay attention to it.

In addition, I suspect that the three generations of serpents of destruction also went out of the city in the same way! "

Su Yu was a little anxious at this moment. These snakes of destruction could walk overland, then they could walk empty, leaving Hanwu in too many ways.

Xuan Dian: "Yes, it will be done right away. In addition, don't worry. The snake of destruction can't escape. We have already cooperated with relevant local departments to implement traffic control. They have no way out, whether in the air or on land."

Su Yu was a little relieved to hear Xuan Dian say so. think about it, too. which one of Xuan Dian and others is not richer than his experience in handling the case. what he can think of, Xuan Dian and others can naturally think of.

Su Yu hung up his watch and found a refrigerated truck speeding along the highway.

The mask was put on the face to reduce the sense of being, and then Su Yu turned into an afterimage and landed on the compartment of the refrigerated truck.

But at the moment Su Yu landed on the car, the refrigerated truck jerked its tail and accelerated, caught off guard, and Su Yu was almost thrown away.

Before, Su Yu's five fingers like five steel knives inserted into the car, to fixe his body.

Su Yu stood firm as he let the refrigerated truck shake.

Su Yu sneered: "Still quite alert!"

Then Su Yu moved quickly towards the cab, and Su Yu became more and more convinced that the driver had a problem.

If the other party is just an ordinary people, it will definitely not immediately notice him.

"Damn!" The driver in the cab could see Su Yu's actions through the reversing mirror. he couldn't help cursing and remembering what Hu Lin had said to them, the driver's eyes flashed with a malicious smile.

Then he slammed the steering wheel, broke the barrier, rushed to the other side of the road, started driving in the opposite direction, and then ran towards an oncoming tanker.

Su Yu, who had just arrived at the top of the cab, could not help but excoriate his face. Is this really to pull him to the end?

Naturally, the driver did not want to pull Su Yu to the end. At the moment when the refrigerated truck rushed toward the tanker, the driver pushed open the car door and jumped into the green belt nearby. He quickly stood up and raised a middle finger at Su Yu and said, "Die, Earthstar!"

After this, the driver fled quickly.

Su Yu saw that his face was dark and felt that he had been put together.

Su Yu can certainly choose to abandon the car and chase the driver at this moment, and Su Yu is confident that he can catch it immediately.

However, if Su Yu abandons his car, the refrigerated truck and the oil tanker will inevitably be the result of a collision. There will be a big explosion and a pileup tragedy. I do not know how many innocent people will be killed or injured.

Su Yu will naturally not watch such a thing happen.

After the driver jumped out of the car, Su Yu tore open the roof of the cab directly, drilled into it, started driving a refrigerated truck to avoid the oncoming oil tanker, narrowly avoiding it, and then walked through the oncoming traffic.

Su Yu was about to breathe a sigh of relief when he could not help but dark scold again because Su Yu found that the brake of the refrigerator car had been damaged and even the gear lever had been damaged.

This makes it difficult for Su Yu to stop the car.

Su Yu was thinking that if the guy hadn't been in a hurry to escape, the steering wheel might have been damaged.

"Very good, really good, really think this can hold me back?" Su Yu gnashed his teeth and steered the refrigerated truck toward the emergency lane with the steering wheel. Then he kicked the car door away and leaned out of the car.

Bang ~ Su Yu stamped his foot fiercely, one foot was directly inserted under the asphalt road, the brake system of the refrigerator car broke down, then he used the foot brake-the real foot brake!

Hua la.

On the asphalt road, Su Yu left a ravine more than ten meters long on one foot before stopping the refrigerator car.

Su Yu did not delay time. At the moment the refrigerated truck stopped and stalled, Su Yu's figure had turned into an afterimage and chased out.

Of course, Su Yu has lost the driver's trail at this moment.

However, Xuan Dianwas very forceful. by monitoring the tracks of the seven drivers, Xuan Dian directly sent the driver's position to his wristwatch when Su Yu was chasing in the general direction.

On the other side, the driver was also moving rapidly. I don't know when he had changed his clothes. A close look shows that a driver is a young man in his twenties with his hair dyed variegated.

With a sneer and pride on his face at the moment, he said to himself: "I thought how difficult it was, Hu Lin was really able to exaggerate, and the Earthlings were not easily dumped by me? Hum, after Hanwu, I must have a good meal. Eating raw beef every day is really full! "

During the run, he looked at the passers-by passing by, but could not help but drool. The earth star was his favorite food.

Swallowed saliva, the young man quickly dived into an alley, which was a blind area for monitoring. Once he entered it, he had plans to get rid of the tracking of monitoring.

In order to withdraw from Hanwu today, they have not prepared anything but some plans.

However, just as the young man was entering the dark alley, he couldn't help but let out a scream: "why are you here?"

Su Yu emerged from the gloom with a cold face and said, "why am I not here? You don't really think you dumped me, do you? Do you think too little of our detective agency? "

Having not finished speaking, when the young man saw Su Yu missing, he reacted and knew that this was the reason why Su Yu speed was too fast.

At this moment, the snake of destruction did not hide, immediately revealed himself, his arms suddenly turned into two serpents bite behind him, at the same time, a foot pedal, the body rushed forward.

However, he underestimated Su Yu's speed and strength. When he had just finished this set of actions, he found that his arms exploded into two drops of blood mist, and a powerful hand was directly buckled on the back of his head, lifting him directly from the ground.