Chapter 248 Logistics

"Well, I think so too. I think it is the most accurate time for us to send Ma Dongdong back to the bureau, hand him over to the bureau seat, and get information directly from Ma Dongdong's mind!" Su Yu agrees.

"Before it's too late, let's split up. Now you return to this world, give seal pestle to Xuankong, let him bring Ma Dongdong back to the bureau, and then you check it according to the place Ma Dongdong said, no matter what he said is true or false. I'll go join Jarvis and get Ye Feng out! " Xuan Nv said that the people had already vacated.

Su Yu smacked his lips, and Xuan Nv's impetuosity remained unchanged.

Also did not waste time, recalled his enchantment bead, Su Yu is returned to this world.

After contacting Xuankong via wristwatch and putting the seal of seal Ma Dongdong in Xuankong, Su Yu went to a storage and logistics company mentioned by Ma Dongdong.

"Be careful, load the last batch of goods into a refrigerated truck, and then set off. Be sure to deliver the goods on time and by the order of the hour. This is a big customer's things. Be careful not to damage them."

Officials from domestic and logistics companies shouted at a refrigerator to let workers work carefully and quickly.

His company took a big job in the first two days and gave them a lot of money, so they sent a batch of goods from this refrigerator to seven different cities with seven refrigerated trucks today.

Because the money was in place, he came to watch it himself today.

The workers at home and in the company were doing their work in silence as if they had not heard the shouting of the person in charge, what to do or how to do it.

A pair of workers carried wooden sealed cold boxes out of the refrigerator and put the wooden boxes on the refrigerator car.

A large number of seven refrigerated trucks were filled up. The person in charge gave an order and the seven refrigerated trucks started to fire and were ready to leave.

"Wait a minute!" Just then Su Yu came running from a distance and looked at the refrigerated truck that had started the fire with a loud roar.

Su Yu's loud roar directly overshadowed the sound of the car engine and startled the people in the company.

"what do you do? Why let's wait a minute, do you know, if you delay for one second, it may affect the credibility of our company! " Responsible for humanity, then impatiently waved at the drivers and said, "Go, go, don't listen to him."

Hearing this, Su Yu raised his eyebrows and showed the relevant certificates in front of him. "can you stop this time?"

"Oh, you said earlier!" Looking at Su Yu's certificate, the person in charge immediately changed his face and smiled and said: "this comrade, you have this status. I still thought you were my opponent's company to delay our time!"

Su Yu did not listen to the story of the other party and directly asked, "what is in the car?"

"This ...... seems to be chilled meat?" Head smell speech scratched his head.

Well, Su Yu knew from this that this logistics company is not a serious logistics company and sneered, "you have a lot of courage, don't you know what it is and you dare to carry it?"

The person in charge's cold sweat immediately ran down. he really didn't know what the goods were this time. he only heard that the customer said it was cold fresh meat and he took the job with more money.

Su Yu glanced at the person in charge with cold sweat on his face and shouted, "Open the car, I want to check!"

The person in charge, a tingle, immediately shouted at the workers, "what are you still doing? Didn't you hear what the comrade said? Open the carriage quickly and let this comrade have a good check! "

Said, the person in charge trotted to a refrigerator car and opened a car.

Su Yu gave him an oblique glance and left him alone. He jumped into the car and started unpacking.

It took Su Yu more than half an hour to check all the goods of the seven refrigerated trucks.

At the moment when all the inspections were completed. Su Yu looked pale, He felt he was tricked by Madongong, believing that Madongong did not tell the truth. There was no third-generation snake of destruction.

The seven refrigerated trucks were indeed loaded with qualified refrigerated fresh meat packed in vacuum.

The person in charge was greatly relieved to see this, and the smile on his face has changed a lot.

"That comrade, do you think our team can start now or not? If we don't, we may be late!" The person in charge came to Su Yu's side and said cautiously.

"What's the rush?" Su Yu drank low and said, "Who is the consignor? Where do you want to send the goods? All relevant formalities and materials are brought! "

"This ......" The person in charge mumbled something.

Su Yu's mouth twitched, knowing that there was no such information, he had no choice but to say, "Take what you have!"

"Good, good!" The person in charge smiled wryly and took out a few pieces of information from his briefcase.

Su Yu took over and flicked through it quickly. There was not much money on it. The consignee did not have it, only the place of receipt. The consignor was not Ma Dongdong, but Hu Lin.

See this Su Yu couldn't help but frown deeply, can't understand why Hu Lin wants to transport these cold fresh meat.

"The comrade, with what problem? Do you think it is possible to let the motorcade go? " The responsible person asked in a low voice.

To tell the truth, I don't want to let these refrigerated trucks go, but is there any use in staying behind, so Su Yu rubbed his eyebrows impatiently and motioned with his hand, "let's go, remember, I'll let you go this time, and I'll follow the normal procedures in the future!"

"haole, you're right, I feel right not to do such things in the future, everything will be in compliance with the law, and I will be a good citizen who abides by the law in the future!" The person in charge shouted, and then greeted the drivers, "Let's go, drive, you can go. Pay attention to safety on the road and don't rush for time!"


The refrigerated truck started again and slowly drove towards the outside of the storage area.

Su Yu, on the other hand, watched the refrigerated trucks go away with a frown. feeling himself seemed to have neglected something.

"This comrade, you have worked hard this time. Thank you for letting me off the hook. I promise to be a good law-abiding person in the future." After the seven refrigerated trucks could not see the shadow, the person in charge came to Su Yu's side again.

"People? What did you just say? " Su Yu heard what the person in charge said and a flash of light flashed through his mind. He immediately understood what he had neglected. He had been patronizing the goods and the car itself before and had forgotten the people in the car.

Su Yu grabbed the person in charge by the shoulder and said, "Who are the drivers of the seven cars?"

"Ah?" The person in charge was stunned by Su Yu's question.

Su Yu was furious at this and shouted, "Say, who are they? They are not employees in your company? "

"No, the drivers of our company didn't show up with diarrhea. They were recruited by me on a temporary basis!" The person in charge said with a sad face.


Su Yu :“What hell is that?”