Chapter 247 I Didn't Say That I Will Let You Go

Ma Dongdong's eyes moved with the movement of the supernatural source, but after hearing Su Yu's words, Ma Dongdong stopped abruptly.

Ma Dongdong looked straight at Su Yu and said, "Do you want me to betray my ethnic group?"

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders and said: "You can understand that, of course, you can choose not to say it. As for how you choose it, it is your business!"

Ma Dongdong was silent and his face changed constantly. After a long time, he sighed and said, "Well, I said, but first you must give me back my extraordinary source!"

"before ~" smell speech, Su Yu immediately can't help laughing at a track: "Ma Dongdong, do you want to fart to eat? Do you think it is possible? Promise to return the extraordinary source to you is already the limit, you know, actually, I would rather kill you! If you don't believe me, you can give it a try. "

"Well, I said, but I don't know all about it!" Ma Dongdong gnashed his teeth.

"Then you know how much and say how much!" Su Yu cold track.

"Now my family has three generations on the earth star, Professor Hu is the first generation, we are the second generation, and the third generation has 49 people. I don't know where the third generation bred by Hu Simin and others is, I only know where mine is, and they are refrigerated in the refrigerator of the home and logistics company!" Ma Dongdong said.

Su Yu listened in silence and made a comparison with his previous analysis. Now the situation of the snake of destruction is similar to the situation he analyzed with Xuan Nv and others.

"what else? What plan did you say? Don't say no, why can't you hide the third generation without breeding? " Su Yu said.

"This ..."

Crac ~ Su Yu pinched the extraordinary source out of the crack with force, Ma Dongdong was immediately a scream, the extraordinary force in the body was rioting, even the human form was unstable.

"No, don't pinch, I said, I will tell you everything I know!" Ma Dongdong said urgently, Ma Dongdong realized at that moment that his extraordinary power was passing quickly.

"Hum, don't play tricks!" Su Yu snorted.

"Professor Hu said that he would create chaos, completely contain your people, and then transport all the third generation to other cities, so that the three generations of people would spread out and spread out in a wide range.

He said that when the time comes, even if you are strong, you will be overwhelmed. The rise of our destructive snakes will become inevitable. "Ma Dongdong said.

"What a good plan!" Su Yu smell looks cold down, if really let Hu Lin do what he planned, it is really in trouble, if let 42 destructions of the snake spread to all over the world for breeding, maybe really can let the destruction of the snake ushered in a wave of the high-speed breeding period.

Madongong did not look good either. His remarks amounted to a betrayal of his ethnic group. He would not have said it if Su Yu hadn't grasped the extraordinary source. He said: "Earthlings, I have already said everything I know. Now it is your promise to travel. Give me back the extraordinary source. You won't break your promise?"

"Hum!" Su Yu snorted: "You don't need to use taunts. If you say it, I will do what I say and pick up your extraordinary source."

After all, Su Yu threw the extraordinary source at Ma Dongdong.

Seeing Su Yu really gave him the extraordinary source, Ma Dongdong paused for a moment and then laughed in his heart. Keeping promises is a good virtue, but sometimes keeping promises is a fool.

Ma Dongdong had a plan in a flash, took back the extraordinary source and ran.

Ma Dongdong is not ready to continue to fight with Su Yu. He knows he can't beat Su Yu and is still good at running.

He also does not intend to take charge of the affairs of the ethnic group. He does not know what will happen to the ethnic group in the future. Now he only wants to live well. As long as he runs away, Ma Dongdong is confident that he can live well in Blue Star with his skills.

However, Ma Dongdong's face changed at the moment he caught the extraordinary source and shouted, "Su Yu, you are cheating, damn it!"

Before his voice fell, he saw Ma Dongdong's body was covered with mysterious lines. I do not know when seal pestle was inserted on Ma Dongdong's body and seal's force spread.

The figure of Ma Dongdong was whirled by seal into the seal pestle.

With a clank, seal pestle fell to the ground, making the sound of a golden iron strike.

Su Yu stepped forward, held seal in his hand and said with a smile, "Ma Dongdong, don't blame me. I just said I would return the extraordinary source to you, but I didn't say I would let you go. I have kept my promise!

Also, do you really think that I will fully believe what you said?

What you said just now is somewhat true or false? "

Seal pestle shook violently, and an unwilling emotion burst out from seal pestle.

"Well, don't waste your energy. You can't break away from the seal. I'll turn you in. I believe more in the information from your brain!" Su Yu said with a smile, plugging seal pestle back to her waist.

Su Yu has been able to vaguely see how happy Elder Xuan and Doctor Xuan will be when they get a sample of Ma Dongdong, the snake of destruction. For Elder Xuan and Doctor Xuan, a complete sample of the snake of destruction is very important.

Su Yu sensed the direction of the battle of Xuan Nv, and when he stepped on it, the figure flew away.

Just got there, Su Yu saw the Xuan Nv's extraordinary overall gravity burst, a jade hand volley slowly virtual grip, a dark serpent is caught by Xuan Nv volley, and then under Su Yu's gaze, the serpent was grouped into a ball, and then compressed, not for a while the serpent is turned into a dark sphere less than one meter in diameter.

"What a miserable death!" Su Yu couldn't help grinning at this.

"Your side of the battle is over? Who is at war with you? " Xu 'an NV asked, although she felt Su Yu fighting with the enemy, she did not know that it was the breath of Ma Dongdong because Ma Dongdong had not been exposed before.

“ Ma Dongdong !” Su Yu said, "What are your enemies?"

Su Yu had a familiar feeling with the atmosphere.

"A serpent with Niu Shuo capability is only temporary and capable of being artificially infused! Ma Dongdong, he voluntarily exposed? " Xuan Nv said.

"Well, he took the initiative to expose it. I have sealed him now!" Su Yu nodded and said to Xuan Nv about the information he received from Ma Dongdong.

Xuan Nv hesitated for a moment when he heard this and said, "what Ma Dongdong said is probably true. Hu Lin is indeed creating chaos. hum, he originally made this idea, but Ma Dongdong should not have said all of it, and there is still something to hide!"