Chapter 246 Without An Invincible Ability

There is no invincible ability in the world and there is no existence of immortality. The reason why there is no immortality is that the right method has not been found.

This is Su Yu's firm belief, although Madongong's ultra-high-speed regeneration makes Madongong look immortal.

However, Su Yu felt that he was a little agitated and difficult, and did not think Ma Dongdong could not be killed.

As Su Yu and Ma Dongdong said, if you can't kill once, you can kill a thousand times and ten thousand times. There will always be a time to kill.

Super-high-speed regeneration can't be done out of thin air. Every super-high-speed regeneration needs extraordinary power.

Su Yu firmly believes that when Madongong's extraordinary power is exhausted, Madongong will die.

However, this method of killing Ma Dongdong is also the time most time-consuming way.

Although the extraordinary power to feeling to Ma Dongdong is being used up, it is rarely used up every time. Su Yu does not know how long it will take to grind Ma Dongdong to death.

Maybe Ma Dongdong is able to kill himself to death by endless reborn instead.

Therefore, Su Yu, that is to say, did not intend to use this method to kill Ma Dongdong.

Moreover, Su Yu did not want to waste time. Su Yu was able to feel that there were occasional outbreaks of fighting in the projection world, some of which ended soon and some of which had been fighting hard ever since they entered.

At least Su Yu has felt the smell of Jarvis and Xuan Nv fighting the enemy.

Su Yu knew that this must be a change that he did not know occurred in this world after he and Ma Dongdong broke out fighting.

So Su Yu doesn't want to waste any more time.

In addition to forcefully grinding Ma Dongdong to death, Su Yu also came up with two other ways to kill Ma Dongdong.

One of them is to use the incomparable power to turn Ma Dongdong into ashes. Ma Dongdong regenerates at an ultra-high-speed, which is also based on the basis that cells are still active.

If Ma Dongdong's whole body cells can be completely killed in an instant, Ma Dongdong's ultra-high-speed regeneration ability is not good enough for cattle.

However, this method Su Yu is just thinking about it. Without the power of the top king, it is simply impossible.

So Su Yu pinned his idea of killing Ma Dongdong on the third method.

Su Yu remembered that the old monster Xuan once said that the birth of extraordinary force is due to the extraordinary source. only when the extraordinary source is opened and extraordinary force is born can life awaken and transform into an extraordinary life.

And once the extraordinary source is destroyed, then the extraordinary ability is basically even destroyed, at least in a short period of time is unable to recover.

Without the transcendental source, transcendental life is not transcendental life.

Will become common, will become vulnerable, will become extremely vulnerable to death.

Su Yu's idea is to find the extraordinary source of Ma Dongdong and break it down, so that Ma Dongdong falls back from extraordinary life to ordinary life, thus killing Ma Dongdong.

Of course, this method is also not easy. The source of transcendence is very hidden, and it is not easy for others to perceive it except where the transcendental life itself can perceive exactly.

Therefore, the situation of transcendental life is killed, not destroyed. The source of transcendental life is destroyed.

However, although this method is also difficult, it is also the fastest and most reasonable method Su Yu can think of.

Su Yu's successive attacks on Ma Dongdong were not only aimed at killing him but also aimed at finding Ma Dongdong's extraordinary source.

After smashing Ma Dongdong hundreds of times, Su Yu has begun to gradually realize the extraordinary source of Ma Dongdong.

The source of transcendence is a very strange point, which is both physical and illusory. It is invisible to the naked eye and can only be perceived through perception.

Of course, if you have extremely professional equipment, you can also roughly find the source of the extraordinary.

For example, there is one in the detective agency, but the machine is too big to be used in combat.

"Found it!" Su Yu did not know how many times he blew Ma Dongdong off. after blowing Ma Dongdong off again, Su Yu finally' saw' Ma Dongdong's extraordinary source.

Su Yu leaned out a big hand at this moment and seized Madongong's extraordinary source in his hand before he recovered.

The original extraordinary source is invisible and illusory.

However, when Su Yu's palm wrapped in extraordinary force grasped the extraordinary source, the extraordinary source had an entity.

This is the source of extraordinary? It's beautiful. I don't know what my extraordinary source is like. "

At the moment when Ma Dongdong's extraordinary source revealed itself, Su Yu couldn't help thinking of it.

The extraordinary source is not big, only the size of glass beads, sending out a dreamy luster.

Even at this moment, Ma Dongdong recovered. after demobilization, Ma Dongdong just couldn't help laughing: "earth star, I said, you can't kill me. don't waste your energy. you have only two choices now, one is to run and the other is to be killed by me!"

"oh? Is it! " Su Yu said with a smile: "look at what this is. What beautiful things, wouldn't you say? I really don't want to destroy it! "

Su Yu held Ma Dongdong's extraordinary source and showed it to Ma Dongdong.

Ma Dongdong was stunned. looking at Su Yu's extraordinary source, he was stunned. there was a very familiar feeling. that was his most important thought. subconsciously stretched out his hands and touched him casually. then he became furious and said, "mine, that is my extraordinary source. damn, how could it be in your hands? Give me back ~ "

Ma Dongdong growled and rushed to Su Yu.

Su Yu's figure shrank at his feet and smiled, "Haha, Ma Dongdong, do you think I can kill you now?"

Saying, Su Yu squeezed the extraordinary source with a gentle force, and immediately Ma Dongdong's extraordinary force was affected, and his body fell to the ground with a jerk.

Ma Dongdong did not care about this, but quickly got up and raised his hands. "Don't pinch, don't pinch, you can kill me now, don't pinch, Earthstar you won, as long as you don't destroy my extraordinary source, let me do anything!"

"Really!" Ma Dongdong worried about Su Yu's disbelief and quickly became like Madongdong as ordinary people, harmless to human beings and animals, with a flattering smile on his face.

Su Yu marveled at this and did not know that the serpent of destruction itself was afraid of death and that the serpent of destruction transformed by the was also afraid of death. Su Yu did not see what Jarvis said, either on Niu Shuo or Ma Dongdong.

"Well, this is what you said, then say, you destroy the snake now breeding to what generation, a total of how many? Where is it now? What kind of identity is it? " Su Yu shouted, turning the extraordinary source in his hand: "As long as you say so, I can consider returning the extraordinary source to you!"