Chapter 245 Regeneration

There was a flash of icy sword light, and a huge snake with the thickness of a thigh was frozen into an ice sculpture, then it broke into ice chips and disappeared.

A graceful figure emerged from the darkness with frost on her face.

Xuan Nv has put on combat suits again. She looked at the dilapidated building in front of her and said, "Is this Hu Lin's secret base?"

Xuan Nv felt some miscalculations. Hu Lin even cultivated so many giant snakes with the smell of the snake of destruction, which she did not expect.

Hu Lin was able to slip away from the surveillance of Xuan Nv. In addition to his own book, Xuan Nv did it deliberately.

Xuan Nv's original intention was to track Hu Lin to find the three generations of destructive snakes, but he did not expect Hu Lin to cultivate a giant snake with the smell of destructive snakes in the dark.

And Hu Lin let them all go. The presence of these giant snakes in the city will undoubtedly cause great confusion and bring great trouble to the crowd.

Xuan Nv can guess Hu Lin's plan and know Hu Lin wants to take action when they are in a hurry.

Xuan Nv although feel some trouble, but also willing to see so, not afraid of Hu Lin and others, and they were afraid of Hu Lin and others without any action, as long as Hu Lin and others have action, will show a flaw.

Then, the figure of Xuan Nv flashed and entered the underground room, but reappeared a moment later.


At the moment when the figure of Xuan Nv reappeared, the dilapidated building shook violently, and a huge shadow crashed into the dilapidated building and burst out of the ground.

It is a huge black snake with the thickness of a water tank, transparent like black iron.

“ Niu Shuo?” Looking at the dark serpent, Xuan Nv avoided the building debris from the explosion. Some people were surprised. On the dark serpent, Xuan Nv felt the breath of Niu Shuo when he exposed the body.

At the moment just now, Xuan Nv thought it was Niu Shuo who was not dead, but he quickly denied it.

Niu Shuo is dead, which can be confirmed by Xuan Nv. Niu Shuo died right in front of her eyes and cannot hide from her.

Xuan Nv carefully sensed it and knew the reason why he was wrong at one time. The reason why he was wrong was that the dark serpent's ability was the same as Niu Shuo's. It was all made of steel.

In other words, the power of this dark serpent is the power of Niu Shuo.

Xuan Nv did not know how Hu Lin managed to transfer the ability of a dead person to this giant snake.

"PSST ~" A loud scream from the black serpent opened its big mouth to swallow it up towards Xuan Nv, without giving Xuan Nv time to think more.

The dark serpent not only inherited the capability of Niu Shuo, but even power was almost the same. Xuan Nv suddenly judged out, and the enchantment bead was activated by Xuan Nv. Xuan Nv entered the world with the dark serpent.

Xuan Nv got up with the dark serpent atrix.

When Xuan Nv and the dark serpent entered the world, Hu Lin, who was far away, felt the connection with the dark serpent suddenly disappear, but could not help but smile at the corners of his mouth and said, "have you suffered? Niu Shuo! Niu Shuo, although you are dead, I will also give you an opportunity for revenge! "


"Die, you Earthstar!" In the projection of the world, the battle between Su Yu and Ma Dongdong has reached a fierce stage, Ma Dongdong grinned and shouted.

With Ma Dongdong's voice falling down, Ma Dongdong's hair is soaring up like the legendary medusa, with all her hair turned into snakes.

In a flash, thousands of snakes were massacred towards Su Yu.


Su Yu saw this cold hum and did not hide or flash. Bang, a fist wrapped in a blue halo, blew on the air in front of him.

Om ~ the surging force of the shock, the sound of crack crack crack crack crack glass continues to ring, the cracks with Su Yu fist as the heavy spread in all directions.

At this moment, everything seemed to be still except Su Yu's attack, even Ma Dongdong's attack in front of Su Yu was still.

Of course, this is only an illusion. It is the illusion effect caused by the force of oscillation oscillating the air.

Kara, with a crunchy sound, the air broke apart as if everything still had returned to normal.


The sky and the earth shook violently at this moment and the sky fell apart.

At this moment, the hair snakes that attacked Su Yu's crowd broke apart and fell to the ground into pieces of rotten meat.

"It's no use, Earthstar, your attack is useless to me. In front of my ability, no matter how much damage you do to me, I can recover instantly!" Ma Dongdong cold drink.

Voice has not dropped, the broken hair snake grows out again, continues to kill Su Yu.

Regeneration at super high speed!

This is Ma Dongdong's ability!

He is strong in this ability but weak in it. Apart from recovery, he is weak in both attacks and other aspects. However, Ma Dongdong, who has super-high-speed regeneration ability, is immortal. No matter how Su Yu attacks Ma Dongdong, he can recover instantly.

It has been a while since the war with Ma Dongdong. Su Yu has already shot Ma Dongdong several times, but Ma Dongdong is still attacking him in good condition.

Although Su Yu has always had the upper hand in this battle, only Su Yu is in a mess.

Looking at the snake that was killed again, Su Yu saw the blue arc jump in his eyes, twisted his waist and punched. with a roar, the terrible fist strength broke away. the snake in the fist strength range was instantly smashed into a paste, and a blank hole appeared in the middle of the snake.

Bang ~ at this moment, Su Yu's foot stepped fiercely, his body shot out, along the empty hole, toward Ma Dongdong.

Su Yu, like a bolt of blue lightning, suddenly appeared in front of Ma Dongdong and raised his fist.

Bang !

Ma Dongdong's head fell to pieces, but the next moment Ma Dongdong's head was intact.

Ma Dongdong looked at Su Yu in front of him with a big smile: "Earthstar, you can't kill me, my ability is invincible, no one can kill me, ha, ha, ha, you don't waste your energy, let me obediently kill bad?"

At the same time, a series of hair snakes were killed towards Su Yu, some biting and some twisting and strangulation.

Su Yu's body was shaken violently, all the hair snakes wound around her body were crushed and Ma Dongdong's head was blown off again, saying: "invincible? Haha, I think you are ignorant, there is no invincible ability in this world.

If I can't kill you once and twice, then I will kill you a thousand times and ten thousand times, then I don't believe I can't kill you, and I don't believe your extraordinary power can bring you back to life indefinitely! "

Su Yu said, another blow smashed most of Ma Dongdong's body, and Ma Dongdong recovered instantly.