Chapter 244 Battle

Looking at Kong Mingxuan's performance, Ma Dongdong just smiled contemptuously. then Ma Dongdong ignored Kong Mingxuan and looked at Su Yu with burning eyes. "Su Yu, aren't you waiting for me to be exposed? Do you dare to come with me? Let's find a quiet place to separate life and death! "

Su Yu hesitated for a moment, then looked at Kong Mingxuan and said, "Are you coming too?"

"ah?" Hearing this, Kong Mingxuan seemed to be shocked by something and said, "what? What do you mean? You are crazy, I am not crazy, damn, you are crazy here, I went back to the dormitory! "

After saying this, Kong Mingxuan fled and rushed into the dormitory building.

Ma Dongdong said coldly, "what's your answer, Su Yu?"

"Good! However, there is no need to find a place. Shall we go and project World War I? " Su Yu spread out his hand and held the enchantment bead in his hand.

"Let's start then. I can't wait to kill you!" Ma Dongdong said.

Om ~ Ma Dongdong voice down, Su Yu has activated the enchantment bead, in a flash Su Yu and Ma Dongdong entered the world projection, fortunately, there is no one around the world dormitory, otherwise see two big living disappear, will certainly scare many people.

On the dormitory building, Kong Mingxuan looked at the two men who had disappeared, his face darkened. after thinking for a moment, he called Hu Lin and told Hu Lin about Ma Dongdong.

Hu Lin received the phone and was almost furious. Ma Dongdong's move undoubtedly destroyed many of his plans.

"Damn it, this guy who does more harm than good seems to have some plans ahead of schedule!" Hu Lin scolded 1, then looked at the dilapidated building and said.

Then along a staircase all the way down, came to the front of a shabby iron gate, bite your finger, with blood on the door drew a strange pattern, bloody light flashing, before, the iron gate like a valve sound automatically opened.

Hu Lin's figure went in quickly.

The space behind the iron gate is not large, only less than 50 square meters. It is very crowded and emits an unpleasant stench. Rows of transparent glass jars are placed along several walls. The glass jars are filled with turbid liquid. You can't see exactly what is inside. You can only see dark clouds.

Hu Lin came to a glass jar, stretched out his hand and touched the light words: "I was thinking of letting you grow up for a few more days, but the plan couldn't catch up with the rapid changes, and today I can only let you be born ahead of schedule!"

Say, Hu Lin stamped his foot, Bang shook the whole underground, crack crack crack, crack appeared on the glass jar, the next moment, the glass jar was broken, sending out the stench of turbid liquid immediately flowing to the whole ground, flooded Hu Boss calf.

Thud to Thud, clouds of black shadow fell into the liquid from the glass jar, making a noise.

After that, Hu Lin held out his finger and scratched on his wrist, rolling blood surging out like a burst pipe, and soon the muddy liquid on the ground was dyed red.

See about the same, Hu Lin wipe on the wound, the blood immediately stopped, and the wound healing visible to the naked eye.

Hu Lin's eyes emit red light and sing a mysterious voice in a low voice. With Hu Lin's constant singing, the liquid on the ground starts to bubble up goo doo, like boiling. There is billowing smoke coming out of the burst bubbles. Soon this underground room is filled with smoke.

Then breaking the surface's voice crashed, and pairs of bright yellow lights began to light up in the smoke.

Then the smoke slowly dispersed, and I saw giant snakes crawling in this narrow space. The lights before were the eyes of these giant snakes.

"Go, my bloodline, create chaos and distract the enemy for me." Hu Lin whispered to the serpent.

Hearing Hu Lin's words, the giant snakes all raised their huge heads, hissed and whistled, then swung their tails and swam out of the iron gate. Soon, the giant snakes packed the room ran clean.

"I hope to create some chaos. The city can't stay any longer. It's time for the next walk!" Looking at the empty room, Hu Lin said softly, and then the figure shook and disappeared.

Thud ~ A mobile phone fell from a high place and fell into the turbid liquid, splashing a splash. The lighted mobile phone screen blinked twice and went out.

And at the moment when the serpent ran out of the underground room, the detectors of people within 10 kilometers of the underground room, such as Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo, responded.

"Is it finally exposed?" Looking at the sudden reaction of detection, Xuan Hui and others could not help but be shocked by spirit. However, the next moment, the faces of Xu 'an Hui and others all flashed with consternation and shock.

Because there are so many light spots on the detector, there are hundreds of them.

However, after calculation, Xuan Huo and others all know that the number of snakes of destruction is 48 at most.

"Why are there so many?" Jarvis could not help but be appalled to see the light spots appearing on the detector, but instead of chasing the light spots, he stood on the moving tower, facing off from the figure standing on the other tower carrying a long box. Both air conditioners had locked the other party.

Both of them dare not move at the moment, even if they are far enough apart, because if there is too big a flaw, they will encounter a thunderclap from the other party.

When Jarvis glanced at the detector, Jarvis seemed to see that the other party also glanced at the mobile phone, then threw it down from the high-rise building, and seemed to whisper a word.

However, the distance between the two sides is a little far. Jarvis did not hear what Ye Feng said.

However, Jarvis was able to feel until the moment Ye Feng threw away his mobile phone, the momentum of his body was changed. In a flash, Jarvis thought he was threatened, just like a beast that looked at him, suddenly opening its big mouth full of fangs and coming towards him with an indescribable momentum.

Jarvis immediately held the palm of his hand, a long flame bow appeared in his hand, and arrows shot out like meteors and blasted at Ye Feng.

Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ……

At the same time, gunfire rang out and Ye Feng also launched an attack on Jarvis. Bullets with great force penetrated the time tunnel and headed for Jarvis.

Boom! Boom! Boom.

Bullets and arrows collided in the time tunnel, causing a series of explosions. Clouds of flames burst forth in the air, like clouds of fireworks, illuminating the night sky with some beauty.