Chapter 243 Can't Bear It

"Oh, I can't stand it!" Ma Dongdong tore at his hair with both hands and growled, looking ugly.

Although Hu Lin and others did not look like Ma Dongdong, they did not look very well. Su Yu and Xuan Nv became students and teaching directors for two days. Hu Lin and others finally found an opportunity to gather again.

Kong Mingxuan rubbed his eyebrows and said wearily, "professor, what are we going to do? This is not going to work! The damned Su Yu has been following the two of us for almost two days. He will do whatever we do.

Even go with him to the toilet, just like a pervert.

He didn't sleep at night either. He stood by our bed and looked at us straight.

I was really afraid that he would attack us while we were asleep. "

"Yes, Professor!" Hu Simin also complained: "As you can see, as soon as the class started, the guy sat next to Meijia and me and invited us to dinner as soon as the meal was served. It is not enough not to eat.

Even so, the human woman is extremely hateful. as long as we don't have classes, we almost always go to our dormitory to check our bedroom. as long as Meijia and I aren't there, we will have a phone call us and let us come back immediately.

We have no time to do anything else!

Another time, Meijia and I had a difficult time getting an opportunity, but when we were about to do something, feeling realized that there were other people watching us and we were too scared to do anything.

It doesn't matter, we can endure it, but the third generation of those guys, if we don't restrain and take care of them and bring fresh blood to them, they may not be able to bear it! "

Hu Lin long spits out a mouthful of breath: "the human woman came to monitor me, the Su Yu is responsible for monitoring the four of you, the star hunter should be to prevent Ye Feng, but also in the dark to monitor us.

Simin and Meijia were right in their judgment. Fortunately, you didn't go to find the three generations of kin, or it would have been exposed by now.

At the same time, I also sensed that Hanwu has more and more earth stars in this city. Once exposed, we will fall into a passive situation. "

"Then what shall we do? I haven't sent any food to my side for two days. If I don't, there will be riots. " Kong Mingxuan road.

"I'll take care of the food. All you have to do is to be patient and see who is more patient!" Hu Lin said this way, then he waved and said, "Let's go, time is long, the two Earthlings should have looked for it, so they can't find it!"

"Yes, professor!" Kong Mingxuan and others responded and left quickly.

Soon, Hu Lin was the only one left, and his look became extremely gloomy.

Hu Lin told Kong Mingxuan and others to endure and be more patient than Su Yu and others, but Hu Lin knew that their patience was not as good as Su Yu and others, but he could only say that to Ma Dongdong and others.

"If not, we can only choose to sacrifice some of the three generations to attract their attention!" Hu Lin finally said to himself, and then the figure disappeared in this mysterious room.

On the other side, Ma Dongdong and Kong Mingxuan had just walked to the neighborhood of the dormitory building when they saw Su Yu coming towards them.

Su Yu smiled and said, "Yo, two classmates, where have you been? Let me find it, how about going to have a meal together? Do you like raw food or cooked food? Two days without eating is not good for the body! "

"Eat, eat, eat your grandmother's leg!" Ma Dongdong scold away, he suddenly broke out, although Hu Lin told him to endure, he also agreed, but he endured enough, looking at Su Yu's hateful face, what he wants now is to smash it up and eat it.

The sudden outbreak of Ma Dongdong stunned Su Yu and Kong Mingxuan.

However, Su Yu soon smiled. Su Yu thought Ma Dongdong and others could hold out for a few days and endure him for a few days.

Pretending to be a student and approaching Ma Dongdong and others, in order to monitor Ma Dongdong and others' every move and find evidence that Ma Dongdong and others are snakes of destruction.

To put it bluntly, it is only in order to expose Ma Dongdong and others, and Ma Dongdong and others, that Su Yu and others' core purpose is to expose them.

At the moment, seeing Ma Dongdong so irascible, Su Yu saw Ma Dongdong's hope of voluntary exposure. how can Su Yu not be happy?

Although Kong Mingxuan can't stand Su Yu, his endurance and disposition are much better than Ma Dongdong's. Although he also wants to kill Su Yu, he still listens to Hu Lin and continues to endure.

Only Kong Mingxuan did not expect Ma Dongdong to be irritable at this time. hearing Ma Dongdong's scolding, he felt miserable and quickly took Ma Dongdong's arm and said, "Ma Dongdong, what's wrong with you? How can you call names casually? "

At this point, Kong Mingxuan also smiled at Su Yu: "Su Yu, don't you mind, Ma Dongdong is confused today. don't argue with him. I'll take him back to the dormitory now and let him sleep. when he wakes up, let him apologize to you!"

At the same time, Kong Mingxuan roars frantically at Ma Dongdong in the induction network of the Destroying Snakes. However, all of them are like a bull in the sea and have no response at all.

Immediately Kong Mingxuan knew that Ma Dongdong had cut off the induction between their kin and let him dark scold him. He knew Ma Dongdong was out of control!

Sure enough, the next moment, Kong Mingxuan was a great force from feeling, and he was cast off by Ma Dongdong.

Kong Mingxuan was also angry. he looked gloomy and shouted at Ma Dongdong, "Ma Dongdong, are you crazy?"

"Crazy?" Ma Dongdong laughed scornfully: "I'm more awake now than ever. I've had enough. I've had enough. You can continue to endure. I can't bear it. Shit, if you have to endure, will you continue to endure? Ha, ha, ha, I can't bear it! I don't want to be a pussy, I don't want to be the second Niu Shuo.

I want to kill and eat as my wish! You continue to endure! A group of no kind of guy. "

"Are you crazy, are you really crazy, Ma Dongdong, what are you talking about, what can't bear? Do you want to eat? What do you want to eat, I can buy it for you! Don't say something I don't understand, okay? " Kong Mingxuan shook his head and said doubtfully, slowly pulling away from Ma Dongdong at the same time.

Ma Dongdong laughed at this sarcasm: "ha, ha, ha, don't you understand? You really don't understand. The Earthlings have a saying that you will never wake up a person who pretends to sleep. Similarly, you will never let a person who pretends not to understand know what I am talking about! "

Kong Mingxuan took a puff on his cheek but did not say anything more.

Su Yu never spoke, just quietly watching, watching Ma Dongdong and Kong Mingxuan's different performance.

Is there any difference?

Su Yu thought, Su Yu is very willing to see this if the enemy is monolithic, it is not a good thing.