Chapter 242 Transfer Students

In 109 amphitheater, 203 students from three classes of 2018 biology major are attending classes, and Hu Lin is talking on the podium.

Although one Niu Shuo is missing, it has not brought any great influence to these students.

Because of Su Yu and others, the disappearance of Niu Shuo did not attract much attention. everyone, except Hu Lin, thought Niu Shuo had taken sick leave.

Asking for leave in college is a very common thing. Except that the relationship is especially good, no one cares who doesn't come to class.

"A few days ago, the biological expedition team I formed found a very rare broken snake in the dragon frame ..." Hu Lin talked about his predecessor's experience in the dragon frame, but just as he was preparing to speak, he looked out the door with a frown.

At the same time, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Hu Lin light way, looking at the figure of the door came in face slightly changed.

At the same time, all eyes in the classroom are focused on the door, most of them are surprised, only Hu Simin and others look stunned, I didn't expect to see Su Yu on this occasion.

Aware of Hu Simin and others' eyes, Su Yu just smiled at several people, and the next day will be a good time. Su Yu already figured out how to "get along well" with Ma Dongdong and others last night!

"Professor Hu, I'm sorry to disturb your class!" Led Su Yu to the dean's office director li said to Hu Lin with a smile.

"Director Li is very kind. Can I help you?" Hu Lin said, his eyes were swept to Su Yu, and one of his eyes was gone.

"Well, this Su Yu student is a transfer student from another school. He joined Class 1 of Biology 18 today. I'll bring him here to meet the students and integrate into the group as soon as possible so that he can attend class!" Director Li said.

Transfer student?

At once there was a chattering discussion in the classroom.

Peng Meijia, Hu Simin, Ma Dongdong and others all turned ugly in a flash, but quickly returned to normal.

Hu Lin was also shocked, but his face was blank with laughter. "Oh, it was a new classmate. I see, Director Li, let him have a class here!"

"haha, that's good, professor Hu, then I won't bother, leave!" Director Li said with a smile and then left the classroom.

After Mr. Li left, Hu Lin looked at Su Yu with a pale smile and said, "this classmate, please introduce yourself!"

"all right, professor Hu!" Su Yu nodded, their eyes collided as if there was a fire. Then they turned to the crowd and said, "Hello everyone, my name is Su Yu!"

"Mmm!" Hu Lin nodded and said, "Go and sit down at any desk. We will continue our class!"

"all right, professor Hu!" Su Yu nodded, his eyes scanning the classroom quickly, then he smiled and ran towards a vacant seat next to Peng Meijia.

Su Yu didn't care whether Peng Meijia was willing to share a seat with him. He sat there with a butt and grinned at Peng Meijia. "Hello, Peng Meijia, we've met again!"

Saying this, Su Yu tilted his head again and looked at Hu Simin several people and said, "Hello, everyone!"

Peng Meijia's cheek twitched and said, "Hello, Su Yu!"

"Damn!" Ma Dongdong scolded in a low voice with a gloomy look, then stopped looking at Su Yu.

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders at the sight of this, but the smile on his face could not be concealed. This attitude is really too good for Su Yu.

Su Yu's Ma Dongdong can stimulate more stimulation.

Kong Mingxuan smiled and nodded at Su Yu. He naturally looked at the blackboard and continued his lectures.

"All right, concentrate on the class, want to know the class!" Hu Lin knocked on the blackboard and continued the class.

Soon, a big class ended, and some of the students gathered around to get to know Su Yu, while others took their books and left.

Hu Simin and others belong to the kind of people who take books and go away. For Su Yu, they have no time to hide now. How can they come forward to get close?

Su Yu didn't care when looking at the back of several people who had gone away. Instead, he was dealing with enthusiastic classmates and answering various problems.


"damn it, that guy actually came to school and became our classmate. damn it, I really want to kill him!" Ma Dongdong's way of hating and hating flashed a hint of malice in his eyes.

"Bear with it, don't fall for it, he just wants to lure us to shoot!" Kong Mingxuan said, then opened the door and looked at the figure sitting on the bed in the dormitory, look immediately is stiff.

"Is that you?" Ma Dongdong looked at Su Yu and gnashed his teeth. "Su Yu, why are you doing in our dormitory?"

"Hi, how are the two classmates? We are not only classmates but also roommates in the future. We should get along well!" Su Yu said with a bright smile on his face.

The smile was so bright that Ma Dongdong and Kong Mingxuan wanted to hit people.

"you ..." Ma Dongdong was just about to shout when he was pulled by Kong Mingxuan. Kong Mingxuan smiled and said to Su Yu: "well, Su Yu, we will get along well in the future!"

Su Yu nodded, sat up from the bed, strolled around the dormitory, came to a wardrobe, opened it, looked at his mouth and said, "is this the wardrobe of Niu Shuo? Gee, it's a pity that he won't have to use it in the future. He died a bit miserably. It's all slag! "

As soon as this was said, Ma Dongdong and Kong Mingxuan's face was darkened immediately, especially Ma Dongdong's eyes looking at Su Yu were eager to eat Su Yu.

"Oh, Ma Dongdong, your eyes seem very terrible. You scared me, you know that? Ah ~ but am I wrong? You should have seen it! " Su Yu said, looking very batty.

"You ... hum, Kong Mingxuan, I'm going out, will you go out with me?" Ma Dongdong kept the book in his hand heavily on the bed, humming, fearing that he could not help hitting Su Yu if he did not leave again.

"Well, I'll go out with you too!" Kong Mingxuan put down the book and prepare to leave with Ma Dongdong.

"Go out to play? Emma, I'd like to go too. Where do you want to go, take me? " Su Yu said, coming to Kong Mingxuan and Ma Dongdong in three steps and two steps.

Ma Dongdong :“……”

Kong Mingxuan :“……”

The two confirmed that Su Yu is a shameless person.

Ma Dongdong gasped for breath and said bitterly, "Damn, I won't go, I want to sleep!"

As he said this, he rolled over and went to bed, blindfolded the victim, out of sight and out of mind.

Su Yu shrugged at this and looked at Kong Mingxuan. "Are we still going out to play, then, how about you, Kong Mingxuan?"

"No! It suddenly occurred to me that an experiment report had not been written yet. If Su Yu wants to play, go by yourself! " Kong Mingxuan said, then sitting in a chair, he really began to write the experiment report.

"ah ~ since I'm not going, I'm not going either!" Su Yu gave a speech and collapsed on the bed.

Hearing it, Ma Dongdong and Kong Mingxuan wanted to hit people even more.

When Su Yu bothered Ma Dongdong and Kong Mingxuan. Xuan Nv also met Hu Lin in the guidance office.

Hu Lin looked at a professional suit on Xuan Nv and immediately understood that Xuan Nv came to monitor him.

"Professor Hu, how about having lunch together?" Xuan Nv's voice sounded faint.

"Well, that is to eat western food. I know a western restaurant has good roast beef!" Professor Hu replied with a weak smile.

The confrontation between the two men is also the beginning.