Chapter 241 New Identity

"Have you caught the sniper? Who is the sniper? " The crowd gathered and looked at Xuan Huo and others like this and asked.

"We were careless and did not defend Hu Lin. They still have this skill!" Xuan Huo said that although it was not explicitly stated, Xuan Nv also knew its meaning.

However, although the sniper was not caught by Xuan Huo and others, Xuan Nv was not dissatisfied.

One is that he was taken by surprise by the other party. the other is that all his own troops were careless and everyone was wrong.

This time at the last minute, the enemy overturned, everyone has the responsibility.

Therefore, no one is to blame.

The most important thing is how to do it next, instead of clinging to the past.

Besides, although it was turned over in the end, it did not lose either!

Su Yu looked at Jarvis and said, "Jarvis, has the snake of destruction always been so difficult to deal with? Would you sacrifice yourself to save your companions? "

Jarvis shook his head with a dignified look. "No, I have taken part in an encirclement and suppression campaign against the snake of destruction, and I have hunted the snake of destruction many times, but this is the first time I have seen a snake of destruction willing to sacrifice himself to save his companions.

How do you say that? Well, in the words of your Earthlings, the serpent of destruction is naturally a cold-blooded and heartless race. It is indifferent to everything around it. In their eyes, basically there is no companion.

It seems that the serpent of destruction transformed by your Earthlings has undergone great changes and has become extremely complicated! "

Hearing this, Xuan Huo nodded and said, "well, people's minds are the most complicated. they have inherited everything from humans, and so have the complicated minds.

However, it doesn't matter. What matters is what we do next! "

"According to what I said, you should just like me in the universe, as long as you suspect that he is the snake of the universe, then you should be ready to fight directly, ignoring all evidence kind thing. I have done it many times and I didn't miss one!

Of course, the guest is at the discretion of the Lord. I just want to make some suggestions. It depends on you how you do it. I will follow the rules of your rule. "Jarvis said.

"Jarvis, if you don't do it, we will do it your way, but it's not urgent yet, actually speaking, Hu Lin now they are not very important, they have lost their reproductive ability, the threat has been reduced a lot.

The most important thing for us now is to find those destructive snakes that are pregnant with snake species and can reproduce. "Su Yu said.

"You're right, Xuan Zhen!" Xuanshui snapped his fingers and said, "However, in order to find those destructive snakes that can reproduce, besides waiting for them to be exposed voluntarily, the rest is to look for clues in Hu Lin and others."

Xu 'an NV said at this moment: "We will continue to carry out the operation in two ways. Xuan Zhen, Jarvis and I will still seek them in an invisible way. The three of us will stare at Hu Lin and others.

Xuan Huo and others are still operating in secret. The investigation by Xuan Dian should have been almost completed. According to the intelligence of Xuan Dian, you are conducting a secret investigation. We will do both! "

"Well, yes!" Xuan Huo hesitated a little bit.

Then the crowd separated, and Xuan Huo and others scattered to find the existence of destructive snakes that could reproduce.

The three Su Yu stayed where they were. "Boss, how are we going to stare at Hu Lin and others?" Su Yu said. They are very wary of us now, and it is too difficult to get corresponding information from Hu Lin and others! "

Xu Xuan Nv said in a heavy voice: "There is no such thing as impenetrability in the world. No matter how wary they are, they can't be right all the time. There will always be times when they will show their flaws and their feet."

Xuan Zhen, tomorrow I will arrange a new identity for you, and you will approach Ma Dongdong, Peng Jiamei, and others with a new identity.

When obtaining information, if possible, force them to take the initiative to expose, and remove one if they can. "

Hearing this, Su Yu nodded and said, "ok, I see, but how about you, Boss?"

"Of course I will also have a new identity!" Xu Xuan Nv gave Su Yu an oblique look, then looked at Jarvis and said: "Jarvis, because of the reason of language and culture, I won't give you a new identity, but I also have a task I want to give you, I wonder if you can promise!"

"You say!" Jarvis shrugged his shoulders.

"It's not a particularly difficult task, it is to want you to be responsible for keeping an eye on Ye Feng. It's really too dangerous for a sniper to wander outside. If he has any malicious plans, he will be removed directly." Xuan Nv said.

"Well, I promised!" Jarvis nodded after thoughtfully for a moment.


Soon the next day came, Su Yu looked at the textbook in his hand speechless. how could he not have thought that the new identity Xuan Nv said was students?

All right, Su Yu can understand this too, and it is undoubtedly a good way to get closer to Ma Dongong and others and become classmates of Ma Dongong and others.

However, what Su Yu did not understand was why Xuan Nv did not pretend to be students.

Su Yu took one uncomfortable look at Xuan Nv beside him.

At the moment, Xuan Nv has taken off his Combat suits and changed into an office-lady uniform suit, fully displaying her perfect figure. he has a pair of black-framed eyes on her nose bridge and a little more softness on her cold face.

"What are you looking at?" Xuan Nv gave Su Yu an oblique look at the cold track, but if you look carefully, you can find that Xuan Nv corners of the mouth at this time has a little smile.

Hearing the words of Xuan Nv, Su Yu subconsciously wanted to say so what. But was stopped when he was about to blurt them out.

Su Yu pie mouth said: "why are you a teacher, Boss? I pretend to be students? I also want to be a teacher! "

"you? Teacher? What's your ability to be a teacher? You can also be a student. Can you teach students when you are a teacher? " Xuan Nv said.

"Speak as if you could do it!" Su Yu couldn't help muttering.

Xuan Nv heard it clearly. Although Su Yu's whisper is hard to hear, it is still heard by Xuan Nv. Xuan Nv said: "of course I can be a teacher, but I don't need to teach students, because I am the director of the teaching department!"

At this point, Xuan Nv drew a black pointer out of nowhere and snapped it on Su Yu. "Which class are you from? Your hair is a bit long. Please remember to cut it after school today! "

OMG, you're getting into the show quite quickly! Su Yu couldn't help smoking the corners of his mouth.

At the same time, some shocked in his heart, the energy of Xuan Nv is really not underestimated.

Where is Hanwu university?

In the Nine Regions, it is also a famous university with high ranking. It is not a simple thing to come here to study or be a teacher.

However, in one night, Xuan Nv turned him into a student and herself into a teaching director.

Even if the identity of a student is arranged, people with a certain level of energy can be arranged.

However, it is not easy to arrange the position of teaching director, and it required a firm relationship to do it.

Of course, Su Yu thought for a moment and then left it alone. Some people are looking forward to what college life will be like again.