Chapter 240 Turning The Tide

You are tricked!

When the second bullet of the sniper flew, Su Yu realized this. The real target of the sniper was not him, but Niu Shuo, who was lying on the ground and could not move.

However, although Su Yu's response was quick, it was still a bit late. He rushed towards Niu Shuo and wanted to get Niu Shuo out of the sniper's bullet.

I can only watch, a reddish warhead changed by high-speed friction, with powerful kinetic energy, penetrated Niu Shuo's head, and Niu Shuo's head burst like a watermelon at that moment. Into small fragments.

There was no end, the third bullet followed, and shot at Niu Shuo's remaining body.

Alas ~ With a muffled sound, Niu Shuo's remaining body also burst open and scattered into pieces.

Then a fourth bullet followed, and this bullet hit the enchantment beads floating in the air, blasting the enchantment beads, everyone drew a little in front of their eyes and returned to the real world.

Alas ... At this time, everyone heard the same gunshot.

It's too fast. It seems to be a slow process.

But the sniper fired four rounds in a row in less than a second.

It sounds incredible, but it really is, because the sniper who fired was not an ordinary sniper, but an extraordinary person. Su Yu felt a powerful and extraordinary fluctuation in the four bullets.

"Who?" Xuan Nv couldn't help yelling, and he was about to rise up, chasing the guy who ran with four shots.

"Don't chase the leader, we can't catch up, we are back!" Su Yu grabbed Xuan Nv's arm and said.

Xuan Nv immediately returned to God, only to remember that they had returned to the real world.

"Hateful!" Xuan Nv stomped fiercely and looked at Hu Lin and others. Xuan Nv understood that the sniper must be from Hu Lin's side, otherwise, he would not shoot the cow when they were going to seal Niu Shuo. Great hit.


Su Yu's eyes narrowed slightly, watching Hu Lin and others, his heart cursed secretly.

Although Hu Lin and others are already high enough, Su Yu feels that he is still a bit pesky at this moment.

I did not expect that Hu Lin and others would be so ruthless to their own companions.

The identity of the sniper, Su Yu also had some guesses at the moment. No accident, Ye Feng was undoubted. When he got the inspection team list, Xuan Dian checked the relevant information of each of the above.

Ye Feng is a retired special forces sniper.

However, hindsight is no longer useful. For the first confrontation with Hu Lin and others, they have lost. At the last moment, they all lost. The harvest also eliminated a destroying snake that had no reproduction ability.

But this is not what Su Yu and others want.

"Whew!" Su Yu exhaled a sullen breath for a while, and the depressed mood was relieved a little. He walked to Hu Lin and others and said, "Very good, very good arrangement. The timing of the shot is really just right! "

Although he is an endless enemy, at this moment Su Yu is convinced of Hu Lin and others' arrangements. The last sniper arrangement is like a godsend. Just this, let Hu Lin and others come back.

Now thinking about it, the sniper should have arrived a long time ago, ambush to the building long ago, and was already ready to snip Niu Shuo.

Even Niu Shuo himself knew about this plan because Niu Shuo repeatedly mentioned the word that he died properly.

However, Niu Shuo should not want to be killed by his companions, so he finally tried to explode.

The sniper also gave Niu Shuo a chance to detonate, but Niu Shuo failed to explode, so the sniper finally shot.

There are four shots in total, which are the four shots planned by the sniper.

The first shot was to persuade Su Yu from Niu Shuo's side.

The second shot was a shot that killed Niu Shuo.

The third shot was a shot worried that Niu Shuo's death was not thorough enough to destroy other possible intelligence.

The last shot was a shot that allowed him to escape calmly and let Hu Lin and others return to the real world from the projection world.

"Huh? What do you mean by this comrade? What happened just now? Was the monster killed by you? Oh, thank goodness, thank you for killing that monster, my god, my student turned out to be one Monster! "Hu Lin heard Su Yu's words, and came back like a spirit, exaggerating.

"Oh!" Su Yu heard that sneer endlessly, looking at Hu Lin and others, cursing these guys is really able to act, if not for seeing the flirtation in Hu Lin's eyes, Su Yu would really believe it His nonsense.

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand now, there will always be time to understand!" Su Yu laughed. "Professor Hu, since the prisoner is already ambushed, we will leave first, no need to give away!"

After all, Su Yu turned and left, Xuan Nv gave a cold glance at Hu Lin and others who followed and left. At this time, he did not leave, and there was nothing else he could do.

Only Jarvis grinned unpleasantly: "Ah, the earth star is really troublesome, but also evidence, as long as there is suspicion, grab it directly and get back to death to finish it!"

Su Yu heard Jarvis's words and couldn't help but smile bitterly, and he wanted to do that too, but if there was a mistake, it would be an irreparable mistake.

Su Yu would rather be troublesome than making mistakes.

And acting in accordance with the charter is also a rule of the detective bureau. If the detective bureau does not have some rules and let Su Yu and others act wildly, the detective bureau may no longer exist.

It is because of the rules that the Monsters Detective Agency has continued from the birth of the earth planet to the present.

Watching the three of Su Yu leave, Hu Simin, Peng Jiamei, and others could not help but exhale a long breath, don't look at their previous performances, but in fact, they are also nervous to die, at any time Are preparing for battle.

Fortunately for the two, Su Yu and others did not do anything to them.

Fortunately, looking at Niu Shuo, who has become a fragment of steel all over the place, I also felt the sadness of a rabbit.

What Su Yu can think of, Hu Simin and others can also think that they don't care about Niu Shuo's life and death, but they care about how Niu Shuo died. Today Hu Lin can let Maple Leaf kill Niu Shuo, and tomorrow Maple Leaf can kill them.

"You already thought of it! Yes, I let Maple Leaf do it, Niu Shuo knows it, but I didn't tell you! We must not let the enemy get our brains, so when it is impossible, someone will shoot us.

Keeping this in mind, do what you have to do now, and those earth stars should not shoot again today! "

At this moment, Hu Lin's voice sounded ruthless in the hearts of Hu Simin and others.

Hearing that Hu Simin and others were shocked, their eyes flashed, and then they left.