Chapter 24 The Third Time

Xuan Shui smiled, and the whole body became water. A big hand composed of water grabbed Su Yu. Xuan Shui said, "I'll take you up!"

Xuan Shui turned into the water go up along the trunk and soon came to the top of the tree, standing tall. At this time, Su Yu's vision was extremely wide, and he was surprised: "Is this true? Are the butterflies were all over the island? "

Although standing at the height, it is impossible to see all the places of the mysterious islands, but you could also see a large area.

But he was shocked, thinking that the transparent glowing butterfly was only near them.

I didn't expect to see all the butterflies were spread over the island, and there were all glowing.

"This ..." Xuan Shui was stunned when he saw this scene, and said, "Is it this special thing covering the entire mysterious island, isn't it? How much spiritual power is needed? How can I find the real monster?"

Xuan Nv said: "Under this circumstance, it can't be found now. We can only wait for these spiritual butterflies to dissipate. There is no way for the monster to release spiritual butterflies all the time.

We just need to wait until the spiritual butterfly disappears and finds the real monster! "

"Leader, we'll just wait on the tree?" Su Yu asked it didn't feel good to be trapped.

"No, let's take a look at Mark's tribe. Their memory has been tampered with, most likely because of this spiritual butterfly!

In addition, we need to ask if they know any strange places on the island. Maybe they can find the location of the real monster! "Xuan Nv said, then her figure flutters, jumping on the treetops in the distance."

"Sit tight, I'm going to drive!" Xuan Shui laughed loudly, and he cuddled Su Yu like a big monkey and moved fast in the forest.

An hour later, the three came to the tribe described by Mark again. At this time, the lively tribe was much quieter, because no matter whether it was a person or other chickens, ducks and geese in the tribe, they were in a state of sleep.

Sure enough, as Xuan Nv said, Mark's tribe was also full of countless spiritual butterflies at this moment.

Those spiritual butterflies fluttered in the tribe, colliding with people from time to time, and then immersed in people's bodies.

"It seems that Mark's memory problem is indeed related to the spiritual butterfly. Fortunately, we have not been touched by the spiritual butterfly. Otherwise, we may lose our memory?" Xuan Shui said in this scene.


At this moment, the whole island made a roar and trembled violently, but it stopped immediately, and then nothing seemed to happen.

But the change still happened, the countless spiritual butterflies began to dissipate slowly, and Mark and others also woke up one by one and started to live up to their own affairs as if nothing had happened.

The three of them looked at each other, and found Mark again, and asked Mark if he remembered what happened before and whether he remembered the glowing butterfly.

Mark said: "Butterfly, a glowing butterfly? How can there be such a butterfly in the world? Your eyes must be dazzled. I have lived on the island for so many years and have never seen it before?"

"Okay, maybe we're dazzled. Brother, do you know what is strange about the island? We want to see it! It's not easy to meet such an island on this sea, I want more Look. "Su Yu asked with a smile, shifting the question.

"A peculiar place? There is no particular place on the island. If anything, it is a stone mountain that rises from the sea every now and then, just south of the island." Mark said.

"Stone Mountain?" Su Yu's eyes lit up, and Su Yu continued: "Brother Mark, every once in awhile, how long is that time, when will the next Stone Mountain rise?"

"That can't be said precisely, the interval between Stone Mountain's rise is not necessarily, sometimes it will rise once a day or two, sometimes it will not rise once every few years, all depends on luck, maybe you will get there You can see it. It's all inaccurate! "Mark said.

"Thank you, Brother Mark, these are very useful to us!" Su Yu thanked them, and the three of them left and walked towards the south of the island. They didn't know what was there, and they didn't know whether Mark's words were true or false.

But this is the only clue at present. Whether it is true or not, whether there is a so-called Stone Mountain, you need to take a look. In case it is useful?

[ I'm so lonely and so boring, who can talk to me and chat? ]

Before reaching halfway, Su Yu heard a strange voice again. Su Yu asked again this time: "Did the two leaders really not hear anything?"

"Huh? What did you hear?" Xuan Nv stopped and stared at Su Yu: "Have you heard it before, did you hear the voice again?"

"Yes, this is the third time. I originally thought it was a hallucination, but it is impossible to have hallucinations three times in a row. The voice said that she was so lonely and bored and she wanted to talk to someone!"

Xuan Shui: "Nothing else? Can you talk to her?"

Su Yu shook his head: "No, I can only listen to her words, but I can't talk to her. Two leaders, is it possible that talking in my ears is the monster who releases the spirit butterfly?"

"It's very possible!" Xuan Nv said: "Can you tell where the sound came from?"

"No, the sound appeared directly in my ear, but it became clearer and clearer. The first time I heard the sound was when we first arrived on the island, the sound was not very clear.

The second time was when we entered the forest, and this is the third time, three times in total, the voices became clearer the third time. "Su Yu said the time and place where he heard the strange sound.

"Is it clearer and clearer?" Xuan Nv groaned slightly. "It seems that you are getting closer and closer to the real monster of the voice!"

Su Yu and Xuan Shui glanced at each other, Su Yu said: "Leader, you mean that monster is in the south?"

Xuan Nv nodded, and Su Yu said with joy: "That's right, what are we waiting for? Leaders, let's go, find the monster that might solve the memory problem of Mark and others, and take them home!"

Then Su Yu just after taking two steps, the abnormal changes suddenly occurred, and the earth shook violently as if a major earthquake had occurred.

However, Su Yu, who had the shock power, immediately discerned that it was not an earthquake. The next moment Su Yu looked at the sky, his face became horrible, his mouth widened, but he couldn't make any sound.