Chapter 239 Sniper

After some battle, Su Yu felt shocked by the speed of Niu Shuo's level increase, which was too fast.

However, that's all, because Su Yu knows that Niu Shuo cannot continue to improve at such a speed, and everything has a limit.

If there is no limit, the Serpent of Destruction will not be annihilated by other civilizations in the universe and can only flee continuously to survive.

So Su Yu was shocked and returned to normal.

Although the Black level Ren is very strong, that's all.

Su Yu is sure he can win Niu Shuo, not to mention Xuan Nv and Jarvis.

If you add Xuan Huo and others have hidden in the dark, you want to win Niu Shuo in an instant.

However, the three did not come up with real skills, deliberately giving Niu Shuo a chance, or Hu Lin and others.

Su Yu and the others seduced Hu Lin and others to take the initiative to expose them, but for a long time, Hu Lin and others were not hooked. The endurance of Hu Lin and others made Su Yu and others gaze and some teeth.

Hu Lin and others didn't hook up for a long time, which made Su Yu's patience almost the same.

Therefore, the three looked at each other, not ready to waste time, and went all out to take Niu Shuo down.

In fact, Su Yu didn't know it. Ma Dongdong and others tried to take shots many times, but Hu Lin secretly stopped them.

Hu Lin also wanted to take a shot, kill Su Yu and save Niu Shuo.

But Hu Lin's perception of the crisis was too keen, and every time he wanted to take a shot, he felt that the calamity would come.

To be honest, Hu Lin was not afraid of death, but he was afraid of meaningless death.

Hu Lin was afraid that their death here would not help the development of the ethnic group.

So he held back, holding back the urge to shoot many times.

‘Damn, professor, shall we take it? Just watching Niu Shuo killed? 'Ma Dongdong said in the induction network of the snake of destruction, his voice was unwilling.

Hu Lin pressed Ma Dongdong with one hand so that Ma Dongdong could not move at all. He looked at Niu Shuo and Su Yu in a calm face, and at the same time said in the induction network: 'No shot, we have no shot It's meaningless. The earth stars have an ambush. I can feel that they haven't won Niu Shuo for such a long time.

They are deliberately tempting us to take a shot. Once our door is shot, not only will we not be able to save Niu Shuo, but we will also get in. We can't just die like this. There is no point in not being dead.

Not reconciled? Unwilling to bear it, Niu Shuo was exposed to death, we can not let his mind go to waste. '

‘Abominable ~ 'Ma Dongdong roared in his heart, steel teeth biting, not letting himself growl.

Boom! boom! boom!

The three Su Yu broke out, no longer hiding, they all used their true skills to attack Niu Shuo. Niu Shuo, who could still circulate in the Su Yu three, was pressed by the three when the three broke out. Already.

After a while, Niu Shuo's steel body was sunk and cracked everywhere by the three men, and it could collapse at any time.

Of course, Su Yu and others did not intend to kill Niu Shuo directly. At the beginning of the battle, those words that Su Yu said were not jokes, but they really wanted to get useful news through Niu Shuo's brain.

Su Yu naturally does not have this ability, but Xuan Laogua can do it.

"Leader, Jarvis, you two trapped him, I'll seal him!" Su Yu shouted, a swipe around his waist, and a seal pestle appeared in his hands.

I heard that Xuan Nv and Jarvis both nodded. Jarvis took a shot. The flame bow in his hand continued to burst, and fire arrows shot at Niu Shuo. However, this time Jarvis's flame The arrows did not explode, but turned into a ring of flames and bound Niu Shuo tightly.

At the same time, Xuan Nv also shot, and the gravity broke out. The gravity pressed heavily on Niu Shuo's body. With a bang, Niu Shuo's steel body was pressed hard on the ground.

At the same time, Su Yu's figure burst out, and the seal pestle in his hand stabbed at Niu Shuo's steel body fiercely.

"Hahaha!" Niu Shuo laughed when he saw this: "Seal me, want to get information from my brain? There is no door, you will not succeed, I will not let you do as you wish, you follow Let me die together, I did well! "

Hum ~

Niu Shuo's voice did not fall, an extremely dangerous breath erupted from Niu Shuo's body, and a dazzling brilliance burst out from the seven tricks of Niu Shuo and the cracks in his body.


Seeing this, Su Yu and others immediately understood that Niu Shuo wanted to explode the extraordinary source, and wanted to drag them to death together, even if they couldn't, nothing would be left, and their abacus was lost.

"Huh!" Seeing that Su Yu did not retreat, he slammed his foot towards Niu Shuo at a faster speed, and said, "Want to explode? Have you asked us?"

Alas ... A ghost image appeared behind Su Yu, the distance between them was fleeting, and a punch was blown out.

With a bang, Su Yu's fist hit Niu Shuo's body, and shock power broke out immediately. The sound of cracking and cracking of the glass continued to sound, and cracks spread out in all directions around Su Yu's fist.

Kara, accompanied by a crisp sound, the air shattered, rumbled, the ground broke, and horrible cracks appeared on the ground. The sky and the ground shook violently at the same time as if a large earthquake had occurred.

At the same time, Niu Shuo directly flew out by Su Yu's shock boxing fist. There were many pieces in his body, but he died.

The process of self-explosion was also interrupted by a punch from Su Yu.

When he sang, Niu Shuo's broken body fell on, making a loud noise.

Su Yu stepped on Niu Shuo's cracked chest and said, "Self-explosion? You also need to be able to do it?"

As he said, the seal pestle in Su Yu's hand was raised high and went towards Niu Shuo's cracked thorn.

But just then, Su Yu felt a crisis coming, and Yu Guang saw a firelight on a tall building in the distance.

"Sniper?" Su Yu thought when he saw the fire.

The light flashed on, Su Yu's feet a little, and his body flew away.

Su Yu just bounced off, and the ignition light penetrated the residual image left by Su Yu and shot above the ground.

There was a loud noise, and a bowl-sized hole appeared on the ground.

However, Su Yu did not rejoice in avoiding the blow.

Because Su Yu saw a light again from the building far away.

Su Yu realized that he was fooled when he identified who the target of the sniper's shooting was!