Chapter 238 The Fight

"What is this place?" Niu Shuo asked. The moment he was included in the projection world, he felt that he was not on the real planet, but Niu Shuo didn't know where he was at the moment. Because of the distance, he didn't hear Hu Lin's words.

"This is a place where you can't run, and also a place where we can exert our ability!" Su Yu laughed, his eyes glanced at Hu Lin and others.

Hu Lin and others blinked slightly.

"Let's do it!" Xuan Nv whispered coldly.

With a short bang, the sword came out of the sheath, and a sword slashed away at Niu Shuo.

"You don't let me live, don't think about it, hahaha, if you want to kill me, you will have to pay the price, our snake alien species of destruction will eventually become the master of the earth star! I also want to die well!" Niu Shuojian This laughed, his body shaking for a while turned into a weird snakehead.

At the same time, Niu Shuo gave a vague glance at Hu Lin and others, the superpower broke out, and the whole body instantly became dark and bright, like black iron.

"Roar!" Niu Shuo roared, punching Xuan Nv's sword.

Dang ~ A sound of gold and iron clashes resounds, the fists and swords intersect, and a large spark is fired. Xuan Nv immediately feels that he has chopped on a piece of hard steel.

Bang ~ The ground under the feet of the two collapsed instantly.

"Ah ~ monster!" The scream came out from the population such as Hu Lin at the moment Niu Shuo revealed his body, looking at each other with fear and horror, but if you look closely, you can find and hide it Under the expression of fear is grief.

‘Oh, it ’s really acting! 'Su Yu couldn't help but yell at him. At the moment Xuan Nv started, Su Yu watched the reaction of Hu Lin and others. I thought that at the moment Niu Shuo was exposed, Hu Lin and others would also expose the body.

However, I did not expect that Hu Lin and others not only did not show up but just like ordinary people seeing the performance of monsters, they showed the expressions they should have, that was frightening.

If it hadn't been determined that Hu Lin and others would destroy the snake, maybe Su Yu would have been deceived by this performance by Hu Lin and others.

Then, Su Yu also moved, rushed towards Niu Shuo, and yelled, "Dead? Niu Shuo, you think too simple, we will catch you alive. The living you are more valuable than the dead you. We will start from You have the intelligence we want in your brain! "

Su Yu shouted loudly to ensure that everyone nearby could hear it. Su Yu said not only to Niu Shuo but also to Hu Lin and others.

Su Yu is using words to stimulate Hu Lin and others and to stimulate Hu Lin and others to take the initiative to expose.

At the same time, Su Yu smashed a punch, a blue arc jumped on his body, and a bang, Su Yu's fist banged on Niu Shuo's chest. Immediately, Niu Shuo flew out like a cannonball and crashed Buildings,

Bang Bang Bang ... All the way smoke and dust, the projected Hanwu University immediately destroyed one-tenth under the punch of Su Yu.

The bang-to-horror momentum soared into the ruins, rubble debris floating from the ground under strong force, the black shiny Niu Shuo came out of the ruins, and a clear fist print was printed on Niu Shuo's chest.

"Want to get information from my brain? Hahaha, then you have to see if you have this ability, let me die!" Niu Shuo laughed, the two arms changed instantly and became two giants The python bites towards Su Yu and Xuan Nv.

"Huh!" Su Yu snorted coldly and raised his fist towards the python, but then two flame arrows burst into the air and shot two steel pythons.

Boom! boom! The flame arrows exploded, smashing two steel pythons directly.

Jarvis' unpleasant voice sounded: "Hey, stink snake, don't always stare at the two of them. Uncle Ben is the protagonist. Okay, don't forget that I have hunted you down for years!"

Talking about Jarvis pulling the longbow of flames, another flame arrow blasted at Niu Shuo.

Booming, the arrow of fire hit Niu Shuo, a big explosion occurred, billowing smoke and fire shrouded Niu Shuo.

With a bang, Niu Shuo's figure burst out from the fire, and his clothes were burned into ashes under the flames, revealing a body like steel.

I saw Niu Shuo becoming more serpentine at this time, and the whole body was covered with dense black scales.

The blown-up arms were as good as ever, intact.

Seeing this, Su Yu frowned, and said, "Dual power? Steel body and high-speed regeneration?"

"No!" Jarvis shook his head in disapproval: "He just has the ability of a steel body, and their snake family of destruction, such as snake-tailed limbs, etc., will continue to regenerate, which is their instinct for the race."

Talking, the longbow of flames in Jarvis's hand disappeared, and a thundering spear appeared in his hand, a little under his foot, and the figure appeared in front of Niu Shuo like a flash of light, and the spear in his hand pierced.

With a loud bang, the battle spear struck Niu Shuo's eyebrows. Numerous sparks shot at this moment.

At the moment of cutting, a powerful current passed through Niu Shuo's body, as if the whole body of Niu Shuo was burnt red.

However, Niu Shuo didn't seem to be affected much. He grabbed Jarvis's spear and sneered: "Hunter, your current doesn't seem to be strong enough to hurt me at all, hahaha!"

"Damn!" Jarvis saw his face change and pulled back. He knew he had made a mistake.

Su Yu is also speechless. Now Niu Shuo is the body of steel and can conduct electricity. When he was attacked by the thundering spear of Jarvis, he introduced most of the power into the ground under his feet. The remaining power was basically done not cause much damage to Niu Shuo.

Of course, if the intensity of the electric current passing through Jarvis is strong enough, then even if Niusuo's steel body can direct the current to the ground, the heat generated by the current flowing through can also burn Jarvis into molten iron.

"Want to go? Hunter, isn't it a bit late for you to want to go now?" Niu Shuo sternly said, "You have hunted down our family of snakes for so long, and use your life to repay it today!"

Niu Shuo's palm was strong, and he shattered the Thundering Spear with a bang, while the other hand blasted toward Jarvis's chest.

Uh ~

Niu Shuo's palm blasted on a transparent light shield, and Jarvis used the light shield to defend Niu Shuo's blow.

At the same time, Jarvis retreated with the strength of Niu Shuo and opened a distance with Niu Shuo to join Su Yu and Xuan Nv.

"The Black level is waiting!" Su Yu whispered so softly. After fighting for a while, Su Yu had already distinguished Niu Shuo's current danger level. He was quite shocked in his heart, and further realized the horror of the snake of destruction.

It should be noted that Niu Shuo was originally just an ordinary person. After being transformed into a snake of destruction, he had such strength. How long did it last? Although it didn't happen overnight, the speed of this level increase is almost the same as that of overnight.