Chapter 237 The Fight

Just when Su Yu and others were in trouble, Xuan Dian transmitted a video that gave Su Yu and others a target for action.

This is a video depicting Niu Shuo transforming into a snake of destruction and devouring Xu Li.

Looking at this picture, Su Yu and other people's faces were sinking. Although it has been speculated that Xu Li's disappearance was caused by Niu Shuo, everyone saw the video and couldn't help getting angry.

Not to mention the other dangers of the snake of destruction, this scene in the video alone has given Su Yu and others enough reasons to kill them.

Xuan Nv sneered coldly: "Destroying the snake. Destroying the snake, although it has inherited everything from human beings, from the soul of the bone, the destroying snake is still cold and ruthless. There is no hesitation, the destroying snake should be destroyed!"

"Xuan Dian, where did you get the video?" Xuan Huo asked via a video call to Xuan Dian.

Xuan Dian said: "It was discovered by the local Shenlong County department when inspecting Xu Li's house. Xu Li didn't know when it was installed in the house. A video was found during the surveillance. With this video, you can Ready to go! "

"Yes, we are just tangled just now. Your video came at the right time. Okay, let's not talk more. We have to take action, but we can't let Niu Shuo run away!" Xuan Huo laughed.

"Okay, feel free to contact me!" Xuan Dian nodded, and then hung up the communication.

"How to act? Now only Niu Shuo has been exposed. Are we going to hit Hu Lin and others?" Xuan Shui asked.

Xuan Huo's eyes flashed coldly: "Hu Lin and others haven't been exposed, then force them to expose. I don't believe that they will be shot in front of Niu Shuo in the face of Hu Lin and others. They will be indifferent, as long as they dare to shoot, they will And win! "

Hearing that everyone looked at each other and nodded.

Xuan Nv said: "Then we will work in groups. Xuan Zhen and Jarvis will arrest Niu Shuo, and Xuan Huo will follow you secretly. Don't cause the vigilance of Hu Lin and others to make them feel that we are the only three of us. , Think that there are opportunities to take advantage of, and proactive exposure.

Once they are exposed, you shoot, and if they are not exposed, you continue to hide in the dark. "

"Okay, let's do it, we will cooperate with each other!" Xuan Huo nodded and agreed.

Then Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and Jarvis walked towards Hanwu University again. When Su Yu acted, Hu Lin and others also discussed what they should do next, and the group was walking outside the school. Come.

The two met unexpectedly on the central avenue of Hanwu University. Hu Lin and others immediately stunned, while Su Yu and the three laughed. It was a coincidence.

Although Hu Lin and others have already discussed what to do next, they definitely do not want to meet Su Yu and others again at this time.

Hu Lin Haha smiled: "Three comrades, haven't you left yet?"

"Well, the case is not over yet, how can we leave?" Su Yu smiled, then looked at Niu Shuo and said, "Student Niu Shuo, please take a walk with us. We have evidence that you and Ms. Xu Li are missing. For related, please come back to us to assist in the investigation! "

As soon as Su Yu said this, the faces of Hu Lin and others became extremely ugly.

Hu Lin shook his lips and said, "This comrade, I think you should have misunderstood it? How could Niu Shuo be related to the disappearance of Ms. Li? When Ms. Xu Li disappeared, Niu Shuo should be back in school. Are you on the train? "

"Yeah, how could I have something to do with my mother's disappearance, you guys are a slander!" Niu Shuo shouted.

"Good guy?" Su Yu heard sneer. "Haha, are you still a person? Isn't it?"

Hu Lin heard that his pupils shrunk sharply and then looked a little angry: "This comrade, some things can't arbitrarily speak. Be careful, I tell defamatory personal attacks. As a law enforcement officer, it is absolutely not allowed to frame good people."

Su Yu heard that, his heart rolled silently, and the earth's law became the umbrella of these monsters.

Xuan Huo and others watching this scene in the dark are also speechless. If they did not know the snake that Hu Lin and others destroyed, they would really regard Hu Lin as a human, because this guy now looks more human than humans.

Although she groaned in her heart, Su Yu was expressionless on the surface, saying: "Relax, Professor Hu, we will never frame a good person, but we will never let any bad guy go!"

Tut~ Su Yu feels like she's suddenly good. What he said is really cool!

Niu Shuo gritted his teeth: "Well, since you said that I was related to the disappearance of my mother, what is the evidence? As long as I can give evidence, I will go with you and cooperate with your investigation!"

"Evidence? Hey, classmate Niu Shuo, you don't know yet, Xu Li installed surveillance in your home. What happened at the time was clear and clear, including how you changed!" Su Yu said coldly.

Hearing Su Yu's words, Hu Lin and others were all shocking, and Niu Shuo's face turned wild. He glanced at Hu Lin and fled.

"Run? Where can you go?" Su Yu sighed coldly. Although he said this to Niu Shuo, when Su Yu said this, his eyes were staring at Hu Lin and others. Su Yu saw the moment before Niu Shuo escaped.

On the other side, at the moment Niu Shuo moved, Xuan Nv and Jarvis also moved. At ordinary people, it was difficult for them to feel the speed, and their bodies flickered, blocking Niu Shuo's direction to escape.

Niu Shuo's footsteps of escape stopped abruptly, and his expression was gloomy: "Damn woman, she even installed surveillance at home? It's a miscalculation! But, are you sure you want to do it here? I haven't found anything about it Your news must be exposed to ordinary people's eyes, right? "

Su Yu patted her hands and said, "Should I say that it is indeed a snake of destruction? It is also extremely incomprehensible in this respect? Yes, we are indeed concealing the existence of extraordinary life, but if you think so, you can It's a big mistake to hit us. "

Speaking of it, Su Yu took out the enchantment beads, which can lock the extraordinary life and forcibly incorporate them into the projection world. This is only a passive function of the enchantment beads. Under the activation of Su Yu, according to Su Yu Will will also be able to include ordinary people.

Su Yu didn't say anything else, immediately activated the enchantment beads, and soon included Hu Lin, Niu Shuo, and others, and hidden Xuan Huo and others into the projection world.

‘Oh! 'At the moment Su Yu activated the enchantment beads, Hu Lin felt and changed his face. At this moment, Hu Lin was able to prevent Su Yu from taking it into the projection world.

However, after thinking for a moment, he returned to normal, as if nothing was found, and he was forced to bring him into the world of Tao projection by Su Yu.

At the same time, Hu Lin also relied on the close-inductive communication of the Serpent of Destruction to inform Hu Simin and others in the projected world and let Hu Simin and others act according to his wishes, and do not do unnecessary things.

Hu Lin missed the telecom version and had already guessed the purpose of the three of Su Yu, and faintly felt the threat from all directions.