Chapter 236 Decision

"It can't be the first point," Xuan Shui's voice dropped, and Jarvis shook his head to deny: "Niu Xiangcheng is definitely not the first generation of snakes of destruction. Time is not right. If he was a snake of destruction, it would be seven days short. "

"Well, the first point is impossible, and the second point is impossible. Why did the detectors that boss made a break down as soon as they were made? And still, three of them are broken together? Even if our detector is broken Is Jarvis's detector broken?

So the second point is also impossible! "Su Yu said.

Xuan Shui heard the words and spread his hand, "The third point, a snake of destruction has awakened the ability to block the lock of the detector.

Didn't Jarvis say that they have been killed many times, how can they always ignore the problem of detectors?

We will definitely try to do everything to hinder the lock of the detector! "

I heard that everyone is silent. If this is the case, then it will be more difficult to find the snake of destruction!

"Let's do it directly. If it were on our planet, I would have done it!" Jarvis said.

Su Yu rolled her eyes and said, "You said that it was on your planet. You are now a planet, and you must act in accordance with the laws of the planet."

"Trouble!" Jarvis sighed and looked up.

"By the way, Xuan Zhen, when you met with Hu Lin and others, didn't you try it out? Hu Lin and others are ordinary people. If they have the ability, you should try it out!" Xuan Huo said.

"I tried it. I tried Niu Shuo, but Niu Shuo was just like an ordinary person. The temptation was useless!" Su Yu said.

Xuan Nv continued: "I have also tried with Enchanted Beads. The Enchanted Beads have no response to Hu Lin and others. Unlike some other cases, this time the response of Enchanted Beads to Hu Lin and others, and to ordinary people. Human reactions are the same! "


Xuan Huo and others laughed bitterly when they heard it.


Slap ~

A loud slap sounded in a remote corner of Hanwu University.

Niu Shuo's body was pumped high.

A bang hit the wall before stopping the stance of continuing to fly out.

Then Niu Shuo dropped to the ground, motionless.

Hu Lin came to Niu Shuo with a sullen expression, and yelled at Niu Shuo, "Damn idiot, I told you, don't start with the earth stars around you, not only does it mean not to transform them and breed them, but This includes not eating them as food.

Damn, I was still wondering why the Star Hunters came to you in such a short time.

The problem turned out to be you. Do you know that we all were almost killed by you?

If it wasn't for the consciousness of Amy's ability to wake up in time, we would have been there just now.

You idiot, when you were in the laboratory today, how dare you lie to me? "

Hu Simin and others looked indifferently, Niu Shuo was beaten by Hu Lin, in their opinion, they asked for it.

"Professor, I didn't hold back then, I was really hungry!" Niu Shuo stood up and said, the bruise on his face disappearing quickly.

"Not an example!" Hu Lin said coldly.

"Professor, what shall we do next?" Peng Meijia asked.

Hu Lin groaned a bit: "Although our ability to conceal our true identity has been concealed, but we can never hide them for too much time. Once they reflect it, there is evidence to prove our snake of destruction, The extraordinary of the interstellar hunter and the earth star or the earth star will shoot at us.

The earth star has a sentence that is different from ours. This sentence is very good. Even if we are harmless, they may not be able to tolerate us. Moreover, we want to grow and grow, and the earth star has our goal.

So we are bound to be endless with the Earth Star!

Therefore, while we are growing stronger, we must try to get rid of the powerful individuals on the planet as much as possible.

At the same time, it also provides enough time for our ethnic group to grow and grow, and blindly hiding does not bring enough time. "

Upon hearing Hu Lin's words, Ma Dongdong's eyes lit up: "Professor, do you mean we can kill?"

"Yeah, but you ca n’t kill people in a random way, nor is anyone qualified to do it. Those who can shoot must be people who have lost the ability to reproduce. Use our sacrifice to protect those who have the ability to reproduce and fight for them What do you think about this time? "Hu Lin nodded.

"Haha, it's all right, as long as I can kill people, earth stars and earthworms, destroy the environment of earth stars, I have long wanted to kill them!" Ma Dongdong laughed.

"I listen to the professor!" Niu Shuo climbed from the ground and choked the dust on his body.

"I can sacrifice everything for the sake of race!" Peng Jiamei smiled, but there was a glimmer of meaning in her eyes.

"I have no opinion. The professor's method is very good, and it can ensure that our race continues to expand. One day, this earth star will be our family of snakes of destruction." Kong Mingxuan said.

Hu Simin was about to open his mouth but was interrupted by Hu Lin's mouth.

Hu Lin said: "Simin, your ability is of great use. It will be of great use before we destroy a family without a firm foothold on Earth Star. For the time being, we don't need to fight with the strong planet star and interstellar hunters.

You will not sacrifice until one day when our destruction can truly stand on its feet! "

"Yes, the professor is right. Your abilities are too useful. Protecting the development of your people with your abilities is more useful than killing your enemies. Hey, rest assured, I will help you back with your share. "Ma Dongdong laughed.

Hu Lin replied: "Simin, your responsibility is greater than ours. Before we destroy the Snake family, those new generations will have to hide by your ability!"

Hu Simin bit his lip and said, "I know the professor, as long as the ethnic group needs me, I will not die!"

"Haha, very good, this kind of momentum!" Hu Lin haha ​​smiled, and then a bloody light came out from his eyes: "Let's talk about how to do it right?

Although you have decided to sacrifice yourself, you must not rashly and make no sense to sacrifice!

If possible, we have to kill the enemy without revealing ourselves! "

"Good professor!" Ma Dongdong and others whispered, and then Hu Lin and others began plotting.

When Hu Lin and others decided to take action, Su Yu and others still did not analyze a result, because everyone was not sure at this time whether Hu Lin and others were the snakes of destruction, and the Detective Bureau did not let you kill them. idea.

However, after Xuan Dian transmitted a short video, Su Yu and others immediately decided to start with Niu Shuo!