Chapter 235 True or False

"Yes, Professor Hu, we must not let the real murderer get away with it." Su Yu said, his face was not red.

As far as Jarvis heard, his mouth twitched and he was extremely speechless.

"That's good, that's good!" Hu Lin continued: "Three comrades, just ask whatever you want!"

"Okay, then it's better to be respectful." Su Yu smiled. "Professor Hu, did anything special happen when you were on the Shenlongjia inspection? For example, you were bitten by a snake."

"Bite by a snake? Yes, Brother Niu was bitten by a broken snake. Fortunately, the broken snake is non-toxic. Otherwise, things will be troublesome. Why? Is the bite related to the killing of Brother Niu?" Hu Lin was surprised.

"Haha, let's do it!" Su Yu typed a haha, and then started to ask Hu Simin and others casually. He didn't come here to ask questions at this moment, so he could only ask casually.

At last, Su Yu looked at Niu Shuo and said, "You Niu Shuo, right? I have a few questions for you, I hope you can answer them truthfully."

"Huh!" Niu Shuo nodded, looking very honest.

"Why did you come back to school so quickly? Why not stay with your mother at home?" Su Yu asked.

Niu Shuo smiled bitterly when he heard the words: "I thought, but my mother just rushed me back to school and hit me if I didn't come back to school. What can I do? I have to obey her meaning, if not you A few colleagues are here, and I have to be beaten! "

Su Yu nodded and said, "Well, do you know your mother is missing? Our colleagues haven't contacted your mother yet. Do you know where your mother will be?"

"What?" saying, Niu Shuo stood up from his seat and said, "My mother is missing. Is this impossible? How could my mother disappear? You lied to me, right?"

"Sit down, calm down, what's the use of being anxious after hearing this comrade?" Hu Lin screamed at this.

Ma Dongdong and others hurried up to appease the emotional Niu Shuo.

"Okay, professor!" Niu Shuo's eyes were red and panting.

"Don't be excited, don't be excited!" Su Yu held out his hand and pressed in a virtual press. "Although your mother has been out of contact for more than twenty hours, it can't be absolutely determined that she is missing. We come to you and want to ask you, Did you and Ms. Xu Li say anything and did anything special when you were apart? "

Niu Shuo frowned and said something for a while before he said, "No, when I left, my mother did nothing special and didn't say anything, just sitting on the sofa and crying silently. Comrade, my mother should Don’t you think about it? No, I'm going home, I'm going to find her! "

Speaking, Niu Shuo got up from the mount again and rushed out. Su Yu shot this time and pressed Niu Shuo down. He said, "Niu Shuo, you need to calm down now, where are you going to find Your mother? Our colleagues have launched an investigation and are looking for it. You just have to wait for the news! "

"Yes, Niu Shuo, I know you are anxious, but this comrade is right, you go out looking for things like this now, not to help the comrades, but to add chaos. What you need now is to wait quietly and listen to the professor OK? "Hu Lin said, holding Niu Shuo's shoulder.

Niu Shuo was silent for a while and said, "Okay, I listen to the professor!"

Then Niu Shuo looked at Su Yu again, "Comrade, please find my mother, my father is gone, I don't want to lose my mother again!"

"Relax, we will do our best!" Su Yu said.

"Three comrades, do you have anything else to ask? If not, I want to send Niu Shuo back to take a good rest. The two days have hurt him very much!" Hu Lin said.

Of course, there is! I just want to ask if you are the snake of destruction.

Su Yu yelled in his heart, but couldn't really express it, but said, "No, Professor Hu, we've all asked! You can leave with your students!"

"Then we will say goodbye!" Hu Lin heard and stood up, then shook hands with the three of Su Yu: "If several comrades still need us, just contact us!"

"Yes!" Su Yu said with a slight smile on his face, watching Hu Lin going away slowly, and then Su Yu's face sank.

Su Yu scolded: "Damn, why is this so?"

"Ah, why didn't the detector respond? Why? Damn, are they all broken? Impossible, or are they not snakes of destruction? Our analysis is wrong?" Jarvis Pulling his own hair.

Su Yu slowly exhaled: "What do you think of the leaders, do you think it is our analysis that is wrong or for other reasons?"

Xuan Nv heard the words indifferently and said, "This is a while later, Xuan Huo they have arrived, first see if there is any gain there, and then everyone analyzes together. One more person, one more idea."

"Okay!" Su Yu nodded, and soon Su Yu and Xuan Huo, Xuan Shui and others merged together.

When asked if there was any gain, Xuan Huo shook his head and said, "We have come all the way, without any gain, the detector has not given a single alarm, and I wonder if there is any extraordinary life like the snake of destruction."

Saying that Xuan Huo looked at Jarvis, Jarvis immediately blew his hair, and said, "Hey, what do you guys mean? Do you think I'm lying to you? By the way, I tell you the snake of destruction in good faith. Existence, not only are you not grateful, you caught me before, but now you doubt me, why do you really think I am bullying? "

"Okay, Jarvis, don't make a noise, Xuan Huo doesn't mean that!" Su Yu frowned, Xuan Huo snorted and said nothing.

"Oh!" Jarvis was a sneer, how could he not know what Xuan Huo meant? Don't trust him!

Su Yu rubbed his temples with a headache, and then explained the process of meeting with Hu Lin and others before, let Xuan Huo and others analyze together, why the detector did not respond.

Xuan Shui stretched out three fingers and said, "Your detectors did not respond to nothing more than a few points. The first Hu Lin and others are normal ordinary people. They are not snakes of destruction. The dead cows are the first generation of snakes of destruction Before he came and reproduced, he was killed by Jarvis.

Second, your detector is really broken.

The third doomed snake awakened by any means that could hinder the detection of the detector, even if it was zero-distance contact.

I hope it is the first reason or the second reason. If the third reason is, hey, the difficulty of this task will be geometrically improved. "