Chapter 234 contact

"Are you?" Teacher Wang, the teacher on duty, looked at the three Su Yu who came to him suddenly and asked a little shyly.

"Hello, may I ask, are you the teacher on duty? We are from the xxx bureau, and I hope you can help here!" Su Yu smiled, and at the same time showed out the relevant documents to Teacher Wang.

Teacher Wang was even more embarrassed at first glance, but she did not dare to neglect Su Yu. Teacher Wang even said: "It turned out to be comrades from related departments. Please come in and say, how can you help?"

"I want Mr. Wang to help us find some people, and we want to talk to these people!" Su Yu said at the same time, he took out a handwritten list with the names of Hu Lin and others and some basic information.

Teacher Wang glanced at the list and said, "It turned out that you were looking for Professor Hu and his students, okay, I'll contact you, but Professor Hu should come home from work. Can I be contacted? I don't know. The phones are all off. "

"It doesn't matter, teacher, you can just try to contact!" Su Yu said with a smile.

Teacher Wang smiled and nodded, picked up the phone in the duty room, and started to call Niu Shuo and others one by one.

Soon, Teacher Wang came to the three of Su Yu again and said, "Three comrades, Professor Hu and I have contacted you. Professor Hu and they all said they will come soon. Professor Hu just happened to be shut down from work. But this person named Ye Feng is not from our school and cannot be contacted! "

"Thank you very much, Teacher Wang. We will contact you personally at this time!" Su Yu said.

Then Su Yu and the three were chatting with Teacher Wang in the duty room while waiting for Hu Lin and others to arrive.

At the same time, after Hu Lin and others put down the phone, their faces were very gloomy. Although they knew their identity would be exposed sooner or later, they did not expect it to be so fast.

Hu Lin thought for a while and sent a message to Ma Dongdong and others: Meet first!


"I’m here!" Su Yu mocked up Dashan for nearly twenty minutes with the teacher Wang in the duty room of the Academic Affairs Office. Su Yu's ears moved slightly, his heart secretly said, Su Yu heard footsteps from the corridor.

Xuan Nv and Jarvis also heard and stood up from their seats, watching with detectors in their hands.

"Well, what's the matter with the two comrades?" Teacher Wang wondered when Xuan Nv suddenly stood up from his seat.

"Oh, nothing? Maybe I heard footsteps!" Su Yu laughed.

"Ah?" Teacher Wang heard a moment's silence. When he was about to say why he hadn't heard it, he heard footsteps in the corridor, and said, "Hey, the ears of the two comrades are really good. Let me see if they can. Professor Hu. "

Then, Mr. Wang walked towards the outside of the watch.

The three of Su Yu looked at each other, while silently calculating the distance between the two sides, ten meters, nine meters, eight meters, seven meters, and six meters.

When the two sides were at a straight distance of six meters, the footsteps outside stopped, and at the same time, I heard Teacher Wang's hearty laughter: "Hahaha, Professor Hu, you are counted, the three comrades have been waiting for you for a long time inside It's up! "

"I'm so sorry. When you called me, Mr. Wang, I was preparing to pack up and go home, so it took a while. Teacher Wang, please introduce me to three comrades in the relevant department now!" Hu Lin The voice sounded.

"Well, the three comrades are in the duty room!" Teacher Wang laughed.

The voice dropped and footsteps sounded. The next moment, the straight line distance between the two sides was five meters, and Hu Lin and others entered the detection range of the detector.

At the same time, Su Yu's hearts all lifted up, staring nervously at the detector, waiting for the response of the detector.

However, the three of them were a little bit embarrassed at the next moment, because the detector did not respond, and they did not understand why. The three had actually determined Professor Hu and others to destroy the snake, which was a final confirmation.

As long as the detector locks Hu Lin and others, the three are ready to clear them up at any time.

However, the result was beyond the expectation of the three. Obviously, the detector has entered the lock range of the detector, but the detector did not respond, and it felt quite uncomfortable with one punch.

"Don't this detector work well?" Jarvis said.

"Maybe!" Su Yu drew his lips. Although he didn't think it was a problem with the instrument, at this moment he could only hope that it was a problem with the instrument.

"It's okay, I've also taken my detector, and they will be able to confirm within two meters of me in a moment!" Jarvis said.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv nodded slightly.

Between the three of them, the door of the duty room was opened, and Mr. Wang led Hu Lin into the room with six people.

Mr. Wang led several people from Hu Lin to the three of Su Yu and also introduced: "Professor Hu, this is the three comrades of the relevant department you talked to. If you have something to talk about, I'll go for a walk!"

After all, Teacher Wang turned and left without any trace of muddling. He knew something he could not hear, and he went out and closed the door.

There were only two groups of nine in the duty room, and the two sides were a little silent at first.

Hu Lin broke the silence, and he stretched out a hand with a smile: "Three comrades in related departments? I don't know what the three comrades have to ask Hu to ask? I must know everything."

Su Yu looked at the hand that Hu Lin stretched out, and then he came back to him. There was nothing unusual on the surface and he shook hands with the other side: "Professor Hu, I'm really sorry, I heard that you have already finished work and asked you to come over, it's really sad. "

"Where, where, ask me on the organization to ask questions, don't say it's off work, Hu Lin has to come quickly, sit down, let's sit down and talk!" Hu Lin laughed, and then he and Xuan Nv And Jarvis shook hands.

"Haha, Professor Hu is kind of funny, totally without the stereotype I think!" Su Yu laughed, then looked at Niu Shuo and others: "Professor Hu, are they all your students?"

"Yes, Simin and Meijia, they are all my students. I am their teacher ." Hu Lin said.

"That's good!" Su Yu nodded, and then said, "Professor Nahu, we won't turn corners, do you know Niu Xiangcheng?"

"How can you not know?" Hu Lin sighed after hearing the words, "He is the father of my student, and he used to be a guide for us some days, but I didn't expect that ..."

Talking about Hu Lin also patted Niu Shuo's shoulder, Niu Shuo's eyes were red, and his tears seemed to be able to fall at any time!

"Sorry, Brother Niu is a very good person. I didn't expect he would be a disaster. Please be sure to catch the murderer as soon as possible!" Professor Hu choked and continued.